Affiliate Agreement


This agreement is between PowerKeys Publishing (Merchant) and Affiliate, and will define the nature and substance of the relationship between parties.

This agreement may be amended and changed from time to time, and it is the responsibility of PowerKeys Publishing to make sure that Affiliate is informed of any changes made. Furthermore, if any changes require a response from the Affiliate, PowerKeys Publishing is responsible for giving the Affiliate a reasonable amount of time to respond, which is hereby defined as a 30-day time period.

Affiliate is welcome to suggest amendments or changes to this agreement and Merchant agrees to give each suggestion due consideration.

Terms of Use

The PowerKeys Publishing Affiliate Program (which will hereby be referred to as ‘The Program’) is intended to be used by the Affiliate to promote the Merchant’s products in exchange for a commission. It is not intended to be used as a personal discount program, and therefore Affiliate may not earn commissions on personal purchases.

It is expected that the Affiliate will actively promote the Merchant’s products. This means that promotional materials will be posted to Affiliate’s website within 2 weeks of joining The Program and/or one or more emails sent to Affiliate’s mailing list within the first month. Further, Affiliate is required to maintain promotional materials on his/her website and/or promotional emails sent to his/her mailing list at least twice a year. Failure to meet any of these requirements may result in the termination of Affiliate’s account.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

In order to earn commissions with The Program, Affiliate agrees to the following:

  • To maintain a website that appears to be professionally designed. This enhances the visitor experience and increases trust and respect, thus leading to increased profitability for both Affiliate and Merchant.
  • Your site must be focused on our primary niche, which is personal development. Your site may focus on any aspect (or sub-niche) of personal development. Our definition for personal development is “information and tools to effect personal change”. In other words, your site must focus on helping people change themselves, not the world around them. This means that a site focused on Internet Marketing or “how to make money” does not qualify.
  • Above website must be located on a domain registered by the Affiliate or an agent acting on behalf of the Affiliate. Thus, BlogSpot, Facebook, and MySpace pages do not qualify.
  • Affiliate’s site needs to offer visitors a reason to spend time there. Most web surfers quickly scan a site and decide in 2 seconds whether they will spend any time there or move on to something else. If Affiliate’s site is unable to capture the visitor’s attention, any promotion done on that site will fail. This goal can accomplished by posting articles or product reviews, offering free ebooks, creating a web directory that offers at least SOME information on the sites listed there, or maintaining a blog or discussion forum.
  • Affiliate’s site must focus on real benefits to visitors and not be a platform for marketing hype. For the same reasons, Affiliate’s site must not contain any content that could be construed as hateful, vengeful, sinister, illegal, or morally questionable.
  • Affiliate’s site may be brand new or a site that Affiliate has owned for years. Quality is more important than longevity.
  • It is preferable, but not required, that Affiliate’s site focus on building a mailing list where Affiliate can build a relationship with his/her audience. This helps to make promotions more effective for both Affiliate and Merchant.
  • In order for Affiliate to maintain eligibility, Affiliate must actively promote Merchant’s products in 2 ways. By maintaining promotional content on Affiliate’s site (banners, text ads, articles, product review, branded ebooks, etc.) AND by email broadcasts to Affiliate’s mailing list at least twice a year.

Agreement Termination Conditions

Affiliate may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason. No action is required on the part of the Affiliate to effect this termination other than to stop promoting the Merchant’s products. However, the Affiliate may contact the Merchant to express a desire to have the agreement terminated, which will be immediately acted upon.

If and when the agreement is terminated, any commissions owed to the Affiliate will be paid if they meet the minimum payout requirement ($50). If this minimum requirement is not met, then any commissions owed to the Affiliate become forfeit.

Merchant may terminate this agreement only under the following conditions:

  • The Affiliate is caught spamming.
  • The Affiliate posts material to their site which may be considered hateful, vengeful, spiteful, illegal, or morally questionable. This includes mis-representing, or giving a false description of, Merchant’s products or Merchant’s policies.
  • The Affiliate’s website fails to meet the minimum eligibility requirements and Affiliate fails to rectify the situation within a reasonable period of time after being contacted by the Merchant. (30 days)
  • The Affiliate posts any suggestion that the general public should not buy the Merchant’s products.  Recommending that a specific individual may see better results using a competitor’s product is perfectly acceptable.
  • The Affiliate fails to actively promote the Merchant’s products within any given 6-month time frame. This includes promotional material posted to Affiliate’s website and/or email broadcasts to Affiliate’s mailing list.

Marketing Materials

Merchant will provide Affiliate with sample marketing materials that Affiliate may copy and paste into their website and email broadcasts. These marketing materials may take several forms and may include banners, articles, text ads, sponsor ads, solo ads, and/or other ads.

Merchant will make a good faith effort to insure that all marketing materials provided to Affiliate are effective. Affiliate is expected to personalized any provided text copy to better match their audience and present a true and accurate representation of Affiliate’s experience with the Merchant’s products.

Merchant cannot guarantee any specific measure of response to the provided marketing materials, as the Merchant cannot control the whims of the public at large. Further, it is recognized that the relationship the Affiliate has with their audience (website visitors and mailing list subscribers) has a significant impact on promotional results.

Referral Tracking

Affiliate referrals are tracked in multiple ways. Cookies are the standard tracking mechanism and used wherever possible. Cookie lifetimes are set at 60 days and all sales made during that time frame earn a commission for the referring Affiliate. Merchant has also implemented a Compact Privacy Policy, which allows cookies to be set even when the referral’s browser is set to a ‘High’ privacy setting.

In addition to tracking via cookies, Merchant’s software records the referral’s IP address in a database for tracking. When a sale is made and no cookie is found on the referral’s computer, the referral’s IP address is checked against the database for a possible match. If matched, the referring Affiliate is awarded credit for the sale and a commission is recorded into that Affiliate’s account.

Multiple sales resulting from a single referral are all tracked and the referring Affiliate earns commission on all of them during the tracking period.

In a case where the same website visitor is referred by multiple affiliates, credit is assigned to the last affiliate referring the customer. This is an industry standard policy, and rewards affiliates who are able to be more persuasive with their referrals. If Affiliate A makes a weak referral and the visitor is not convinced to purchase, Affiliate B may be more persuasive and get the sale.


Commissions are earned on all completed sales referred to the Merchant by the Affiliate. By definition, this is a Pay-Per-Sale affiliate arrangement. The commission percentage earned by the Affiliate is 50% of the product total for all orders placed by the Affiliate’s referrals.

Commissions are not paid on shipping fees nor taxes.  If a discount is applied to the order, commissions will be calculated on the discounted amount.

Commission Payments

Commissions are paid on or before the 15th of each month for commissions earned through the end of the previous month. This means that commissions earned at the end of one month are paid to Affiliate a few days later if Affiliate’s commissions are equal to or greater than the minimum payout amount specified in their account profile.

The minimum payout amount is $50. Only when the Affiliate has earned commissions equal to or greater than this number will commissions be paid.  This is done for 2 reasons.  First, to motivate the affiliate to continue promoting if their first promotion gets little results, and second, to minimize our accounting expenses so we can pay higher-than-average commissions to our affiliates.

Commission will be paid by PayPal only. Affiliate is responsible for setting his/her PayPal email address in his/her member account. If this information is not made available, Merchant will be unable to pay commissions.

No “processing fees” are taken out of Affiliate’s payment, as Merchant considers this a cost of doing business. Merchant also does not hold back any amount of Affiliate’s commissions to cover possible refunds on sales referred by Affiliate. If Affiliate refers customers with an abnormally high refund rate, the Merchant may choose to make an exception to this general rule.