Recent posts have focused on starting a business doing something you enjoy.

But what if you want more wealth, but don't want to start a business?

Fair question, especially since many folks are completely happy working a regular job, and not everyone wants to venture out into the unknown in pursuit of greater wealth.

But I do have to make one point.  Even if you're an employee working for someone else, you're still in business.  As an employee, you sell your time to a single customer, the company you work for.  And if you ever find yourself looking to move to another company, that process is akin to marketing and sales, in which you "sell" the new company on hiring you and paying you the salary you want.

So, back to the topic of generating greater wealth without starting a business.

The classic example most people used to follow was to pick up odd jobs here and there, like mowing someone's lawn, shoveling driveways, or selling craftwork created as a hobby.

Not too hard to pick up a few bucks like this, but far from a viable plan for creating true wealth.

Creating true wealth as a sideline venture used to mean investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, and the like.  And this can work well if you already have a tidy sum of money to start with, and the 5 to 10% you're likely to make these days is more than you spend on living expenses.

For most of the folks I know, this won't work quickly enough to be of any real value.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the possibility of writing a great story, which may be licensed by Hollywood with merchandising rights, or creating music, which may be used for a TV show, commercial, or even a movie.

I even shared the story of how one guy found a way to make money playing Frisbee.

The possibilities are positively endless.

And, of course, there are thousands of folks who set up little income streams on the Internet, where they can spend as much or as little time as they want.

Honestly, for those without a lot of cash to invest, not a lot of creative talent, and who need to see a positive return quickly, I don't know of any better way to generate a respectable income than using the Internet.

Of course, even here, you don't HAVE to start a business, although the time investment can be so low, I don't really see where it would be a problem.

In a report / ebook I wrote a few years ago, titled "Treasure Map to Online Riches," I outlined a few ways to make money without a website, which is the Internet version of "without a business".

It does take work, because let's face it, unless you win a lottery or some other game of chance, the only way to make money is to do SOME work for it.

If you learn the basics of marketing and persuasion (topics I taught in the ebook above), even a beginner can make $1000 and up by writing a single webpage to sell a product.  A bonafide expert can get $5000 and more.  All you have to do is connect with someone who has a product to sell, and offer to write the sales page for them.  Even if they already have a webpage selling their product, if you can do better, you can still get paid for it.

Personally, I can write an effective sales page in a day, although I prefer to spend several days on it.  With a full-time job, this equates to one or two weekends.

If you're good with numbers (or willing to learn), you can make money by simply placing ads for products other people have created, and even using ads they've created.  The trick here is to use tracking software to test various ad sources, and roll out a larger campaign only when a particular ad source has proven itself profitable.  In this, you earn a percentage of the profits through what is known as an "affiliate program".

As an affiliate, you can even make money by taking ads created by a merchant, and posting them wherever you can, even outside the ad networks, in places where it doesn't cost any money to post.  This does work better when the material available to post is in the form of articles and other useful content, but can also work with banner ads and text ads.

Before I go any further, let me explain what it means to be an affiliate.

An affiliate is essentially a commissioned sales rep.  You're not an employee, but you're not a full business either.  Unless you build a business around the products you represent.

As an affiliate, you set your own hours, so if you want to work only 2 hours a week, you can.

Most of the work is in the setup, but once things are set up well, you can sit back and relax while income comes in without you having to work for it.  This is what's known as "passive income".  Get enough things in place, and your passive income can take care of you for life.

As they say, "Once on the Internet, always on the Internet".  Nothing ever really goes away online.  That's why you have to be careful what you post to social media.

To become an affiliate, all that's usually required is to fill out a form to open an affiliate account.  This way, the merchant has a way to pay you, and give you access to the marketing materials they've created.

Once you have access to the marketing materials, — and in particular, your special "affiliate link" which tracks your referrals — you can start to promote that merchant's products and earn commissions when people buy that product after clicking your affiliate link.

Being an affiliate doesn't interfere with whatever else you want to do.  For instance, as a content creator and business owner, I'm also an affiliate for a few companies, and periodically promote their products when it makes sense to do so.

Some of the products I represent as an affiliate include Terry Dean's Internet Lifestyle System, which I feel is a great way for folks to learn how to make money online.  I also represent Transparent Corp's Neuro-Programmer software, which is a great tool for using BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) to manage mind states and physical health.

I also represent Rosalind Gardner's book, The Super Affiliate Handbook, which is the best resource I've ever found on making money as an affiliate.

There are others, such as the software I use to run my business.  As an affiliate, I can refer others to the same tools I use and earn a commission if they decide to purchase the same tools for themselves.

So, if you want to increase your income and generate wealth quickly, I highly recommend you consider becoming an affiliate.

When I first started online in 2003, I was making money within the first couple of weeks by promoting affiliate offers, and I was working a full-time job at the time.  I see people doing this even today, so it's an opportunity that never goes away.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

It's been a few months since I last wrote, and I apologize for being away for so long.

The time has been invested in doing a fresh round of testing of various manifestation methods to make sure I'm giving you the BEST info possible.

If you recall from the last batch of posts, I had started a project of manifesting a much larger degree of financial prosperity.

While I COULD have spent the last few months mailing out one promotion after another, I took a different path.

I did what most folks do.

I sat on the couch visualizing prosperity, and virtually dared the Universe to do it for me.

Believe it or not, I actually DID get some results from this.

A $20,000 gift came my way, as well as a host of new clients asking me to produce videos, and one client asking for a new website to be developed.

That's one reason I've been away so long.

Obviously, I'll get better results once I start implementing some of the many ideas that came to me while I was meditating.

One idea that hit me really took me by surprise, but a bit of thinking revealed the perfect logic behind it.

You see, I've always thought of myself as an educator, helping people learn the specific things they need to know in order to accomplish their goals, whatever those goals might be.

To my mind, I did not want to be thought of as a "motivational speaker".

Yet, that's exactly what I was told to do.

Now, you may see the perfect logic right away.

It took me a while to get it, but I finally understand that education without motivation is useless.

What good is it to know what to do if you never feel like actually doing it?

One of my biggest disappointments has been the many folks who have purchased my courses and audio programs, and never got around to using them.

I remember one free email series like that.  Most of the folks I talked to said they loved it and planned to start doing it when they had the time.

I wonder if any of them actually did.

Anyways, I've got some ideas of things to write about to help you get all fired up and ready to do something, as well as giving you a specific plan for what to do.

And since this January 10th marks the 15th anniversary of starting my online business, it's a perfect time to start something new.

I hope you join me on this new journey and make 2018 your best year ever!

Wishing you the best of all good things.

I have something new for you today.

For the last couple of months, I've been referring to Terry Dean's Internet Lifestyle System as the best way to learn how to make money online.

Obviously, it's not the only way.

While Terry focuses on creating your own products to sell, it's a lot easier to promote products already created by other people.

You still have to pick a niche in which to work, and you still have to find out what folks in that niche want to buy, but once you do this, you can jump right in to marketing products.

Now, marketing products is not about 'making' anyone buy something they don't want.

It's about helping them identify a problem they have, and showing them how to solve it.

There are many ways to do this.

Personally, I like a marketing style I refer to as "educational marketing".

This is when you show people how to solve a problem or reach an objective, and where it makes sense, you introduce them to a product or service that can make it easier.

It's what I'm doing right now.

You don't even need a website or mailing list to do this.

You can post advice to discussion forums and social media sites, and include a link to a helpful product or service.

Purchases associated with your special affiliate link are how you make money.

Most affiliate programs online will pay you 50% of all digital sales coming from your referrals.

Some programs will even pay 100% or more, because they know how to make sales after the first one.

And some programs will pay you for every referral, whether or not they result in a sale.

Now, if you're not sure of your ability to write informative articles that help people and give them a reason to buy a product, many affiliate programs will give you pre-written articles.

You can use these articles just as you would use articles you write yourself.

Post them to forums, social media sites, or email them to folks you know.

You could take the information in these articles and make audio or video clips to post on YouTube and other places that have a lot of people in your target niche.

You could print business cards with a brief blurb about the product and your affiliate link, and pass them out to people you meet.

I've seen signs posted by the side of the road with shortened affiliate links.

If you're really creative, there are 1000s of things you can do with basic information provided by others to help sell their products.

Of course, you don't HAVE to be creative to make money as an affiliate promoting other people's products.

It's actually quite easy to make a few hundred to a few thousand per month with just the basics.

You can do it in your spare time, outside of your regular job.

And if you want to grow your business, it's not that hard to build a mailing list as I have, and help 1000s of folks at the same time.

Or, if you're more of a numbers-person, you can use a tracking system like CPV Labs (a great program, btw) and place ads in various ad networks to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

Okay, I can't teach you everything about affiliate marketing in one post.

Today's post was all about introducing you to the idea.

I'll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you want to learn everything you need to know to be profitable quickly, there's a low-cost resource that's widely considered the gold standard.

Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook

It's only $27, and is written by someone who lost her job as an air traffic controller and found she could make more money promoting online dating services.

Obviously, she's expanded her business since then.

I've bought her book 3 times so far, as she updates it from time to time.

If you're interested in making money promoting products created by others, and your time is worth more than $1/hour, you really should invest in this book.

The day after I did the Symbolic Solutions workshop last month, I used the core process to help myself reach higher levels of financial abundance.

In this variation of the process, I relaxed into a light alpha level, and asked my subconscious mind to show me a memory which was preventing me from attracting greater financial abundance.

To my surprise, I saw a picture of the house I grew up in.  Now, I knew that I had grown up in humble surroundings, but I never associated the house itself with any issues.  Apparently, my subconscious did.

So, I made a conscious choice to change that.  Within my mind, I set an intention to alter the memories stored there.

Instead of a humble home, I decided to repaint the scene as if I had grown up in a mansion, complete with in-ground pool, fancy cars, and all the money that is generally associated with that lifestyle.

For a few minutes (no more than 10 minutes), I imagined what my life would have been like had I grown up in that type of house, with that type of lifestyle, and the self-image I would expect to come out of it.

Right away, I noticed that I felt different.

(Remember, I'm the guy who has been teaching how to change your beliefs about yourself, your life, and what you can expect.)

As I searched for a key difference, I noticed that I saw life from a different perspective.  While I had suspected before that Life could be viewed as a game, I also felt that in many ways, Life was a school in which we were to learn how to master our belief systems.

After going through this process, I came out of it with a firm conviction that Life really is nothing more than a game, and our objective here is simply to have the experience.

Closely related to this, I also found that I understood a few things that had eluded me before.

For instance, there are quite a few folks online who claim what I would have called ridiculous values for the things they offer.  The classic example (for me) was a series of 4 brief emails that John Assaraf claimed was worth $97.  Before, I compared them to any $15 book, which contains much more information, and would help a lot more people.

I completely understand that now.

Did you ever play "Store" as a child?  The game is simple.  You collect a bunch of items around the house, and you sell them to the other kids, for whatever price you want to claim.  A can of beans might sell for $1000, or a t-shirt might be priced at $10,000.

The prices don't matter, because it's just a game.

If the other kids want to play with you, they'll pay the price, because after all, the money isn't real either.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author, Robert Kiyosaki, talks about this idea in his books, that rich folks see money differently than poor folks.

This is why purses can be sold for $500 or more, when they aren't much different from the $50 purses sold at "normal" department stores.

It's why certain brands are worth paying extra for, because they are the kids folks with money want to play with.

To be a brand that attracts folks with money, do whatever you can to create a fun experience for your customers, and feel free to claim whatever price you want for what you sell.

If they want to play with you, they'll pay your prices.

If you're still looking for a plan to start and run an online business, where it's easy to set your own prices for products that are easily made, grab a copy of Terry Dean's Internet Lifestyle System.

Terry has included over 14 HOURS of video instruction, showing you how to pick a niche where folks love to spend money, how to create products they love to buy, and how to use your customers' language so they respond to your ads.

It's like hiring a top-notch coach for $15/hour.  You also get a variety of cheat-sheets and other resources to help you get to profit quickly.

This is literally the BEST place to start.

I'd love to have you come play with me in Egypt this November.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida this month to visit her cousin, and we're sure to spend a day at one of the Disney theme parks.

Linda's cousin, Nancy, LOVES Disney.  In fact, you could say she's HOOKED!  Of course, she isn't the only one.  Every year, more than 130 MILLION people visit DisneyWorld.

So, what brings so many people to a Disney theme park?  Especially since their ticket prices are somewhat higher than the average.

Answering this question might help you understand how you could get more customers willing to pay what you're actually worth, right?  It would also help you develop stronger relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and all the other important people in your life.

It really boils down to ONE thing.  And this one thing is why no one at Disney has to write a 20-page sales letter to bring folks in.  It's why they never have to rely on psychological "tricks" to get people to buy tickets.

This one thing is also why the "bad boys" often get the girl, even when the girl knows she's likely to get hurt or disappointed.

Without it, you'll have to do a LOT more work to reach your goals, whatever they may be.  Not understanding this point is what kept me in lack and limitation for far too many years.

Are you ready to know that it is?

Okay, I'm just playing with you.  😉

What attracts so many MORE people to Disney theme parks than any of the others is because Disney theme parks are MORE FUN!  They're a lot more than just a bunch of roller coasters, water slides, and food stands.

Disney parks have CHARACTER.  And not just the mice, ducks, dogs, and other cartoon characters brought to life.  An employee at a Disney park is referred to as a "cast member".  Engineers who design new attractions are called "Imagineers".  Park visitors are referred to as "guests".

Disney takes every step possible to weave a web of magic to make every guest's stay memorable.

When someone makes you feel good, and you enjoy being with them, you naturally want to spend more time with them.

The basic rule of relationships, right?

Now, flip this around.  Is there someone you'd like to spend more time with?  Are there potential customers you'd like to get into your business more often?  The solution to both is simple.

Make it more fun for them to be there with you.

Now, it may take a while before they recognize that being with you is going to be more fun.  Especially if their previous experience with you has been "less than ideal".  The more history you have to overcome, the longer it's going to take to start over again.

Be patient.   Be persistent.  Be positive.  Be pro-active.

Follow this one basic rule, and all of your relationships will grow into sources of joy.

And if they don't, move on.  There's always someone who will appreciate the effort you put into making a relationship enjoyable for all involved.

Before I met my wife, Linda, I got frustrated at never having a solid relationship, and bought a book that radically changed my life.  It's less than $15 on Amazon.

How to Get Your Lover Back: Successful Strategies for Starting Over (& Making It Better Than It Was Before)

After reading this book, I decided that the relationships which had just ended wasn't worth the effort.  But the book still helped me when I met Linda.

Because of what I learned in the book above, I was able to be more understanding when Linda told me that she wasn't ready for a relationship.    It guided me to do the right things at the right time to keep her interested, keep her respect, and draw her closer and closer to me until she was finally ready to make the relationship permanent.

We've been together for 18 years, and we're still having fun together.  BTW, our 11th anniversary is coming up Saturday.

Okay, time to wrap this up.  The big lesson today is simple.

Make everything you do fun, and you'll draw more people to you in everything you do.

Remember when I said that cash coming out of thin air probably wasn't going to happen?

Sometimes it actually does happen that way.

Throughout my life, I've experienced little bits of money coming out of nowhere.  $5 here.  $10 there.  Even $20 from time to time.

The problem was .... it wasn't predictable.  I couldn't MAKE it happen when I wanted to.

Not until that day in the bookstore.

My regular readers already know this story.  It's in my books, "Choose To Believe" and "Harmonic Prayer", both of which may be found on

I was in Indianapolis, and had ended up homeless and walking the streets all night.

One morning, I stumbled into a bookstore to get warm and hopefully find an solution to my problem.

That's when it first happened.

Flipping through a book by Joseph Murphy, I was introduced to the concept of trusting the Universe to fulfill my requests (often called prayers) and to simply imagine what I wanted as if it were actually happening.

As I followed the steps in my mind, I felt myself relax, as if a heavy weight were dropped from my shoulders.

I also felt an incredible sensation of joy spring up from within me, as if a fountain had been turned on.

Although nothing actually happened in the space around me, it was like the clouds parted and angels started singing.

Later that same day, I found $70 on the sidewalk, which allowed me to rent a room for a week and get some food.

Even after that experience, it still took me a few years to figure out exactly what happened so I could repeat it whenever I wanted.

As you've already seen in these posts, the key concepts are relaxation, imagination, and trust.

You have to relax to make contact with your deeper mind, which is the part of you that makes all this happen.

When I was in that bookstore, I hadn't slept, and was in a semi-trance state.

You have to imagine what you want in enough detail so your deeper mind understands what to manifest.  The more detailed your visualization, the easier the next step becomes.

I've already shared how you can improve your visualization ability.

And the final step is, you have to trust the process.

Trusting the process is actually the most important part, and the other 2 steps are mostly to help you get there.

In tomorrow's post, I'll start covering some of the things you can do to increase your level of trust in manifesting.

For now, know that you can manifest anything you want using the simple steps I've already shared with you.

Today, I'm giving you something a little different.

Instead of answering another question, I'm going to share with you a story I just heard last night.

A friend of mine, Alix, was telling me about her most recent experience with manifesting money.

She started by imagining a lot of money, and used her willpower to focus her mind on her "mental template" with a firm belief that it would manifest.

Of course, this isn't how she said it. I'm giving you the short version.

The first result, which happened in just a couple of days, was that she found $10 on the ground.

Next, Alix took a moment to allow herself to be excited about this result. This is important. When you allow yourself to feel good about small results, you make it easier for larger results to come into your experience.

Most folks call this the power of gratitude.

Having done this, she then imagined an extra '0' so the $10 bill was perceived as a $100 bill.

This is something I mention often. 'See' the image of what you want in the physical space outside of yourself. This creates a more vivid memory, which supports a belief that you will experience the results you want, which in turn helps the manifestation to happen.

Alix's next result came about as she ran into an old friend, who had recently gained a bunch of money. When she mentioned what she was doing, and how she had already seen positive results, he handed her a $100 bill.

Again, she allowed herself to be excited about the result, and again she imagined another '0' to make the $100 bill appear to be $1000.

A couple of days later, Alix got a call from her mom, who she had not talked to for years. Her mom said that even though Alix's birthday wasn't for a couple of months, she was going to send a card and a check.

As of this moment, Alix has not yet received it, but we fully expect the check to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000.

All through this story, I kept hearing how she was using the principles I've been writing about -- imagination to 'see' what she wanted to manifest, willpower to focus her mind on the image, and a firm belief that what happens inside her mind affects the course of physical events.

When you get good at using these principles, and you allow yourself to celebrate the small victories, you grow in your ability to manifest larger and larger results to the point where nothing is impossible.

To get there, you have to keep practicing.

It's like exercising. One 20-minute session won't make you an Olympic champion.

You have to follow a plan of action and exercise on a regular basis. It could be short sessions every day, or longer sessions 2 or 3 times per week. It's your choice.

And you'll be able to manifest money as easily as Alix did.

One thing that I’ve found to work wonderfully in shaping my thoughts for prosperity is to imagine what life will be like when I have the level of prosperity that I desire. Spending time thinking about prosperity helps to guide your mind along the proper pathways to attract true prosperity into your life.

Here is a little something that should help you imagine your life filled with prosperity.

There's something magical about being able to get up in the morning, without a schedule to get out into the world and get to work right away. Waking up to a peaceful home, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, doing some stretches and light exercise to free up the internal energy, and bringing myself in for a centering meditation all come together to form the perfect morning routine.

Now that I've set up my income sources, I can look forward to this kind of routine more often. After so many years of struggling along, barely able to get by with a full workload, and working on jobs that I really didn't want to, the present reality still seems a little 'unreal'. Of course, knowing the nature of Power and the mind that directs it, I realize that this feeling comes from a concept of myself that is not appropriate, and I will spend some time readjusting my thoughts so that I don't slip back into old patterns.

I focus my mind on the concept of owning income sources, which is quite different from working for money. I do not need to work for my money, it comes in on it's own since I have investments that are paying off well. In my case, my investments are investments of time, not of money. I invested my time to create income sources. Investment sources can also be purchased, and I'm sure that some day I will have enough money to purchase additional income sources as well. This will come in time, and I know that it will happen as surely as the sun rises each new day.

I am pleased with myself for having learned how to create income sources, and I am grateful that this kind of reality is possible in this world. I am full of pleasure now, thinking of how this line of reality will progress into greater realms of freedom and possibility. As the images within my mind blossom and expand, new visions of wonder and insight burst forth. My vision shows me new things that I was not previously aware of, and that will lead me to greater experiences of prosperity. The wisdom of my inner mind guides me unerringly to the pinnacle of success, showing me the next step I need to take.

And as I take each new step, I find myself becoming more and more my real self, that image of me that I always wanted to see. I hear myself saying the kinds of things that I feel are coming from my best self. I have a sense that everything is moving in the right direction.

I feel good where I am now, and I anticipate feeling even better as I move forward into the future. There is no rush, yet I feel that I want to get started with my day, so that I may do some good for the world. Thank you, Infinite Creator, for making me who I am and giving me the talents I express in my work.

Thank you.

Sometimes it seems there's just too much to do, and all you want is to push a button and have everything you ever wanted fall into your lap.

Of course, we 'know' it just isn't practical, is it?

One of the core principles behind my Choose To Believe material, as well as any good system for using what is sometimes known as the Law of Attraction (aka - the Power of Prayer), is that our beliefs become our reality.

The 'Law' of Attraction is that our beliefs act as a magnet, drawing into our experience the essence of what we believe.

As a great sage once said -- "according to your faith is it done unto you."

Whether you look at this principle as a religious idea or a scientific idea doesn't really matter, as long as you understand that your beliefs become your reality.

The other thing to realize is that when we 'know' something, that's just another way of saying we believe it 100%.

I 'know' that 2+2=4.
I 'believe' that 2+2=4.

Same idea, just using different words.

So when we 'know' it isn't practical to look for instant solutions, like pressing a button to solve all our problems, the belief behind that 'knowing' creates our experiences to reinforce that which we believe so strongly.

Guess what would happen if we truly believed that we could actually push a button and have everything we wanted suddenly appear in front of us?

This concept is what I discuss in the Choose To Believe material under the heading of "Master Beliefs". A Master Belief is a core belief that affects all other beliefs in such a way that the normal laws of the universe no longer apply.

Okay, I understand this may be too much to accept right now, so let's just move on to today's story.

There was once a man who owned a chain of drug stores, much like Walgreens or CVS. He lived with a very special Master Belief, that there is a Divine presence which guides him in everything he does, and thus making him successful.

One day, he encapsulated his Master Belief into a little prayer and started giving this prayer to other men, who used it to become successful in their own careers. In fact, everyone who used this prayer either became millionaires, or created all the wealth they wanted in their lives.

After a while, the creator of this prayer started calling it his "Multi-million Dollar Formula" since it had been responsible for creating so many millions for those who used it.

Those who receive this miracle-working prayer are instructed to say it aloud with a feeling of confidence and serenity, knowing the ideas expressed by the prayer will become real and take form in the world around them. They are also instructed to do this twice a day -- once after awakening, and again right before going to bed.

Here's that Million Dollar prayer:

I recognize the eternal source of all riches which never fails. I am Divinely guided in all my ways, and I adapt myself to all new ideas. Infinite Intelligence is constantly revealing to me better ways to serve my fellow man. I am guided and directed to create products that will bless and help humanity.

I attract men and women who are spiritual, loyal, faithful, and talented, and who contribute to the peace, prosperity, and progress of our business. I am an irresistible magnet and attract fabulous wealth by giving the best possible quality of products and services.

I am constantly in tune with the Infinite and the substance of wealth. Infinite Intelligence governs all my plans and purposes, and governs me in all my undertakings. I am at peace inwardly and outwardly at all times. I am a tremendous success. I am one with God, and God is always successful. I must succeed. I am succeeding now. I grasp the essentials of all details of my business.

I radiate love and goodwill to all those around me and to all my employees. I fill my mind and heart with God's love, power, and energy. All those connected with me are spiritual links in my growth, welfare, and prosperity. I give all honor and glory to God.

I can tell you from my own experience that this prayer works miracles, and the concepts involved are the same concepts which make my own business successful.

Whenever I'm stumped for an idea, I remind myself that there is an Infinite Intelligence guiding me to do the right thing, and every time, ideas come from nowhere to solve the problem.

Again, you don't have to believe in God or anything spiritual. You just have to believe that what you want IS COMING to you through one source or another.

In Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think and Grow Rich", he tells a story about a minister who had spent YEARS thinking of all the good he could do if he only had more money. In his mind, he needed a million dollars to get started.

Eventually, he realized that in all that time, he had never really DECIDED to take action and get the ball rolling so he could make his dream a reality.

So, one Saturday afternoon, he made a firm decision, to get a million dollars, and to do it within ONE WEEK.

Immediately, a flood of fresh ideas came to mind. He had a sermon to give the next day, and he'd call his talk, "What I would do if I had a million dollars."

He notified the news media about his talk, and started working on jotting down notes for his speech the following day.

Sunday morning came, and as he was preparing to start the service, he realized he had left his notes at home. This turned out to be a good thing, because he didn't really need them, and speaking without notes forced him to speak from his heart.

And it was a stirring speech. So much so, that when he has done, a man from the back row got up, walked to the front, and said, in essence,

"I believe you could do everything you said you could do if you had a million dollars. In fact, I believe in you so much, come to my office tomorrow and I'll GIVE you that million dollars."

True story. This minister's dream became the "Armour Institute of Technology", a very famous school.

Since Napoleon Hill published his book, countless others have stepped out on faith and made a firm decision to live their dreams and become wealthy in the process.

Some say that Napoleon Hill was responsible for creating more millionaires than anyone else in history.

Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing --

Money may not be everything, but it sure helps to ease the burdens of life, doesn't it?

Well, I'm certainly not going to tell you it's wrong to want money, and I'm not going to preach about the poor and meek inheriting the earth. Personally, I think all that is BS.

We are here on this Earth to ENJOY LIFE! Being poor isn't exactly enjoyable, is it?

And if you really get into the stories in the Bible, you see that those who were considered "good" were also generally rich, and their riches were generally considered to be "gifts from God".

So God WANTS us to be rich. Or at least God wants to reward us with riches for doing the right things.

And what are the right things?

As Christ says, the highest 'commandment' is to, "love God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all thy spirit."

Pretty easy to do, right?

According to Christ, the 2nd highest 'commandment' is like the first, "to also love thy neighbor AS THYSELF."

In other words, "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

Okay, enough biblical references. This isn't a sermon.

The idea here is that you don't have to follow a strict set of guidelines to 'earn' riches. You just have to appreciate the giver of Life, and the expressions of Life you see every day.


I'm sure you've heard people talk about the power of gratitude and how it can attract wonderful things into your life. If not, just do a search online and you'll see thousands of references.

Here's something you may not heard. The power of gratitude is based on the power of belief.

To be grateful for something is an emotional response to believing that the thing you're grateful for, is good.

It also comes (at least in it's natural form) when we believe that more good things will come into our life. It's easy to be grateful for a paycheck if you believe that others will be received on a regular basis. It isn't so easy to be grateful for the same paycheck if it's the last one you'll ever get.

And this leads us into today's story. A real estate agent had run into hard times. Despite doing everything he was supposed to do, it seemed he just couldn't sell any property.

Upon close introspection, he found that the source of his problem was that he believed the money supply was limited and controlled by a small group of people. He believed that there was only so much money in the world, and he had to take money away from others in order to have it for himself.

Here's what he had to say about his transformation:

"I erased from my mind the idea of competition. I decided I am here to create, and that there are countless billions of dollars worth of gold in the soil of the world, not yet discovered. I know that the day will come when scientists will synthetically create gold and any other metal. I ceased driving sharp bargains, cutting corners, and taking advantage of others because of their ignorance or lack of awareness. I stopped coveting the promotions and riches of others. I decided that I could have anything without taking anything away from others. I have become a producer and a cooperator, instead of a competitor.

"My prayer has been as follows for 3 months, 'The limitless riches of God are flowing to me as fast as I can receive and use them, and every other man gets richer day by day.' This new attitude has worked miracles in my life, and my income has trebled in 3 months!"

As you can see, once he chose to believe in an unlimited money supply and abundant riches for all, his own income increased dramatically.

My wife, Linda, was instrumental in helping me see more clearly the power of belief at work. She did it through her uncanny ability to attract a continual flow of business without doing a shred of marketing.

And she doesn't spend any significant time meditating, visualizing, affirming, or any of the other traditional methods of using the Law of Attraction.

In fact, from an external viewpoint, it doesn't look like she does ANY of those things at all.

I recently interviewed her for our members, and here is the essence of what she had to say:

First, and foremost, she firmly believes that God will take care of her and meet all of her needs. She also believes that God will guide her to do whatever she needs to do to facilitate business to come to her.

As she follows her inner guidance, she stays flexible to doing things that may not make sense to her conscious, reasoning mind. Doing so tends to open up new possibilities she would have never known about on her own.

She also points out that she's been doing what she does (various music related services) for a while, and in doing so, has built up a lot of relationships with people who refer others to her.

The point of this last statement is that by focusing on being an expression of the Divine, she acts accordingly, and becomes a blessing to her clients, thus inspiring them to WANT to give her more business.

You can interpret this however you want, but I interpret it as, "the better we treat other people, the better they treat us."

When asked what specific processes she uses, her response was that there really isn't any. She lives in a state many of us would call meditation and/or prayer. As she does her daily activities -- driving, washing dishes, etc. -- she is constantly talking with God and communicating her needs and wishes, and expressing gratitude for the things she has received.

Somehow I just KNEW I had married a saint.

Not everyone is able to live in a constant state of prayer, although I think the basic attitude is one we can all live with more regularly.

By trusting God (or the Universe, Life, Mother Nature, .... whatever you want to call your higher wisdom), and expecting things to work out for the best, the best generally comes to you.

With so many people talking 'recession', I find the majority of folks need help manifesting greater financial abundance.

I hear that jobs are scarce, no-one is hiring. Investment funds have bottomed out and are still shaky. Everyone is saving their money and not buying anything except necessities. Banks don't want to lend money. On and on and on it goes.

So where's the problem?

The real problem comes down to belief. (Saw that one coming, didn't you?)

First of all, the above statements may be true in a general sense, but not in an absolute sense.

For example, I still see "help wanted" ads in the paper. The idea that NO ONE is hiring is absolutely false.

I know of several people who were able to get hired in companies which had "hiring freezes", with no intention of hiring anyone. In some cases, they effectively created a position for themselves.

Some investments are still shaky, but others are solid and growing nicely. Actually, since many banks are reluctant to loan money, they have created great investment opportunities for those people willing to work directly with businesses.

And since banks are in the business of loaning money, loans haven't disappeared entirely. You just have to be more prepared to get them.

Finally, go into any luxury car dealership. You'll find people buying non-necessities every day, including expensive ones.

By the way, this is a great example of one way to change your beliefs. Gather physical evidence that supports your desired belief. If you desire greater financial abundance, then find examples showing great financial abundance.

If you believe there is no hope, you won't take action that could lead to your desired objective.

On the other hand, if you believe that financial prosperity is not only possible, but easy to obtain, you'll find yourself making decisions and taking action you wouldn't have done otherwise.

So how does all this relate to how I produced "free money"?

At one time in my life, I had hit bottom. Homeless. No job, no car, no place to go, no friends to help.

It was during that time when I discovered the power of belief.

I had just spend a whole night walking the streets in late Fall, early Winter. It was cold. And I was very, very tired.

I've always loved books, so when I came to a shopping mall, I went into the bookstore to browse and look for answers. That's when I discovered the writings of Joseph Murphy.

As I stood there reading the words in his book, "The Miracle of Mind Dynamics", I learned that I needed to release my conscious hold on the world around me, relax, and trust that all would be well. Rationally, it didn't make any sense, but I wasn't exactly rational at that moment.

The book instructed me to believe in a single power of the universe, which Dr. Murphy and most of the world call God, and that this one power would provide for all my needs. It told me to visualize what I wanted and to accept it as a current reality.

Being so weak from no sleep and no food, I didn't have the conscious energy to debate the point, and simply accepted it as a new truth I had not known before.

Within hours, as I was walking along another sidewalk, I found $70 on the ground, right in my path. I looked around to see if there was anyone who may have dropped it and saw no one. I looked to see if there might be a store where I might find the missing person. No stores around, just houses.

So I stood there for a couple of minutes to see if anyone came out to claim the money. No one did. Eventually, I accepted this as the answer to my earlier "prayer" which was nothing more than an acceptance that my needs would be taken care of.

Later that week, after I had some sleep and a few meals, I tried to duplicate the experiment. I consciously attempted to believe I'd find more money. However, my inner dialogue got in the way, and I couldn't fully accept that it would actually happen.

My inner beliefs told me that it was just coincidence, and that it wouldn't happen again. My deeper beliefs were more powerful than the newly formed surface beliefs, and I didn't find any more money that week, or the week after.

At that time, I had a lot of negative beliefs, and really didn't know how to address the deeper ones.

It was many years later, after reading a lot of other books and doing a lot of personal experimentation, when I learned how to discover and change our deeper beliefs so they support our desired manifestations.

Here is a formula for quickly getting out of debt that I've seen from a couple of different sources.  It takes a little discipline to follow to the end, but it's well worthwhile.  Just imagine not having to pay out all that interest every month!  How much more could you afford to do if you didn't have to pay interest any more?


This is perhaps the most influential part of the process.  If you can't afford to live on what you earn, you're spending too much!  And the only thing you accomplish is to dig yourself into a hole that just gets deeper and deeper.  If you want to get out of the hole, the first step is to stop digging.


What you are working for at this step is to assign your monthly earnings to paying off your credit debts and a little more.  The more you can add to the payoff payment, the quicker you can get out of debt completely.

Make sure your budget allows for your living expenses such as food, utilities, gas for your car, and between 5% and 10% of your monthly earnings for entertainment.  Anything left over after these should be applied towards debt payoff.

What you want to do is arrange to have at least $150 per month that you can apply towards eliminating your debt beyond the minimum monthly payments.  You may have to make some sacrifices to make it happen, but the freedom at the end of this will be phenomenal!  Of course, the other way to make this happen is to start earning more money.  Either way, find some extra money to pay off your debts with.


Start making minimum monthly payments to all credit accounts except one.  On this one account, make the largest payment you can (minimum monthly plus the $150+ payoff amount).  Continue this until this one account is paid off.

Here's an example.  Let's say you have 2 credit cards to be paid off, a car payment, and a house payment.  Start paying off one of the 2 credit cards first.  By eliminating a smaller debt, you'll soon have more money each month to apply toward the next larger debt.

To understand this further,  let's look at some numbers.

Credit Card #1:  $100/month minimum
Credit Card #2:  $250/month minimum
Car Payment:     $250/month minimum
House Payment:   $800/month minimum

Total Minimums: $1400/month minimum
Extra Payoff $$: $150/month

From this, you can see that we're going to be making $1550 per month payments until everything is paid off.  The first credit card will get $250 a month payments until it is paid off.


Now that you have one debt paid off, start applying everything you were paying on the smaller debt toward the next larger one.  Now you're paying the minimum payment on this debt plus the total amount you were paying on the freshly eliminated debt.

For example, if you just paid off the first of 2 credit cards, you will now be making minimum payments on both the house and the car, with the rest of your monthly debt payments (equal to the amount you have already been paying) being applied towards the second credit card.  In this example, the second credit card will receive the original $250/month payment plus the $250/month that we were paying on the first card, for a total of $500/month until it is paid off.


Once the second debt is paid off, just move on to the next larger debt and pay that one off.  In the above example, the car debt will start to receive $750/month until it is paid off, after which the house debt will get $1550 a month until it's paid off.

Most people can eliminate all of their debts in 5 to 7 years using this plan, and that includes their house!  Imagine owning your house free and clear in 7 years or less!


Now that you have $1550 a month extra income that you weren't using for living expenses, redirect that cash flow into investments that will grow and pay you a passive income.  Do this first before you start spending it on luxuries and whatnot.  A couple of years of this and you will have a huge investment portfolio that will give you a solid income that you won't have to work for!  How much fun will you have receiving an income while you get to go play?

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