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Whenever we start something new, there are choices to be made, and sometimes, we find ourselves wanting to make different choices as we go along.

As a typical Gemini interested in variety, I like offering choices.  Basic and Premium Memberships.  Annual and Lifetime Terms.

In creating the marketing materials to describe the memberships to new folks, I'm recognizing that I like the idea of offering a simple "yes or no" decision.  This resonates with my current focus in the manifestation process itself.

The simplest "yes or no" decision I can offer would be an "all or nothing" choice.  Premium Memberships only.  Historically, most folks tend to choose the premium packages when available.

And while I COULD offer this single choice as a lifetime membership, I believe that offering this on an annual basis is the more appropriate choice.  This allows a lower price for those who need a more affordable option, and also means I'll earn more when I continue to serve folks over the years.

Currently, the Basic Annual Membership is priced at $49, and the Premium Annual Membership is priced at $149.  When I switch to a single membership choice, I feel that splitting the difference would be fair for everyone, so moving forward, PKP Memberships (Premium only) will be priced at $97/year.

Everyone who got in with a Lifetime Membership will get Lifetime access.  These changes are for new members and renewals only.