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New Course for 2022 with supporting meditations and hypnosis sessions

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During 2020, I started working on a course called Divine Dynamics.  The course was planned to have 4 modules, spanning basic and advanced manifestation, general self-improvement (covering all topics from the EmBRACES system), and leadership through business and community.  Essentially replacing everything I had created before.

I had released the first 2 modules as a free email course, got a lot of great feedback, and eventually decided that I wanted to rework the material before formally releasing a finished product.

To be honest, I never did go back to that project, and it's been sitting on a virtual shelf this whole time.

Now that the PowerKeys Publishing website has been converted to a membership format with 1-year cycles, revisiting what was planned to be a 52-week course makes a lot of sense.  Especially if it can be the center focus of the whole site.

So, I'm making this announcement to proclaim my commitment to this project.  Feel free to hold me accountable for posting lessons for this new course on a regular basis.

The first lesson will most likely be posted mid-February, with new lessons posted weekly if not more often.  Actually, the first 13-week module should be completed before the end of February.

Before that point, I highly recommend using the Symbolic Solutions recordings, both from the 1.0 collection and the 2.0 system.  I also recommend you go through any and all of the previous courses, as they all help in different ways.  The Awaken the Avatar Within course is probably the most advanced course written to date, although as just mentioned, they all have their purpose and value.

Posted : January 21, 2022 12:10 pm
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In the weeks since this announcement, I've been busy mapping out what a new course should contain and how it should be presented.

Where I originally thought I would be able to use a majority of what was written 2 years ago, I'm now seeing that I will be creating everything from scratch.  Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.  I'm sure there will be some pieces here and there that can be included with minimal changes.

I'll also include much of the material from the various support systems, including both sets of Symbolic Solutions and the EmBRACES program.

This is, without a doubt, the most ambitious project I've ever started.

In any case, here is a basic outline of what the new course will contain, week by week.  (Two exceptions -- the first line under Module 1 is a "pre-course" lesson to be included with the first week's material.  Also, the last 2 modules don't list the week by week material, just the overall flow.  I have week-by-week items on my outline, but felt this would be more clear for more people.)

Module 1: Harmonic Prayer

  1. Foundation (principles, process, models, anchors, triggers, resources for increased relaxation, focus, and trust, etc.)
  2. 7-Day Kickstart (featuring hypnosis sessions to develop abilities to relax, imagine in detail, and trust the manifestation process)
  3. Guided Meditations to further development of key skills
  4. Self-Guided training on mastering the key manifesting skills (relax, imagine, trust)
  5. Sessions to enhance self-esteem, focusing on the concepts of Divine Love
  6. Sessions to enhance self-sufficiency, focusing on the concepts of Divine Power
  7. Sessions to enhance self-confidence, focusing on the concepts of Divine Wisdom
  8. Sessions to enhance self-motivation, focusing on the concepts of Divine Action
  9. Revisiting Divine Love and taking it to a higher level
  10. Revisiting Divine Power and taking it to a higher level
  11. Revisiting Divine Wisdom and taking it to a higher level
  12. Revisiting Divine Action and taking it to a higher level
  13. Pattern-based Manifesting, using Symbols
  14. Review and Test (Students must demonstrate ability to manifest on a basic level before starting Module 2.)

Module 2: Harmonic Intent

  1. 7-Day Kickstart (featuring new hypnosis sessions to develop abilities to perform manifestation at a higher level)
  2. Mental Exercises (1/day for perception, creativity, memory, etc.)
  3. Controlled Imagination (carefully controlled images, sounds, feelings, etc. for more controlled manifestations)
  4. Emotional Control (probably one of the most difficult things to teach and learn, also important for controlling manifestations)
  5. Manifesting Good Luck (Reducing the amount of work involved in creating the life you desire)
  6. Sessions for Power & Control (Creating a self-image that supports high-level manifesting)
  7. Sessions for Absolute Truth & Reality (Mastering the ability to change beliefs in a moment)
  8. Sessions for Universal Connectedness (Strengthening the beliefs required to perform miracles)
  9. Harmonic Intent (Bringing together everything into a well-understood 10-second process)
  10. Developing Intuition and Psychic Abilities (easy once you have all of the above in place)
  11. Practical Magick (Tips for using Harmonic Intent to create enjoyable changes without consequences)
  12. Responding to Delays (What to do when your miracles don't happen right away)
  13. Review and Test

Module 3: Harmonic Living

  1. Mastering Habits & Health (8 weeks)
  2. Mastering Relationships (3 weeks)
  3. Mastering Financial Prosperity (2 weeks)

Module 4: Harmonic Leadership

  1. Starting at Home (3 weeks)
  2. 1-on-1 Leadership (3 weeks)
  3. Leading Small Groups (3 weeks)
  4. Leading on a Global Scale (4 weeks)


Posted : February 9, 2022 12:22 pm
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The first few lessons of the new course have been posted.

Members are welcome to take a look and work with the new course as I'm developing it.

Posted : February 22, 2022 4:09 pm
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Just posting an update to say the first module of the new course is nearly complete.  Just 2 more lessons to post, and I have the text for one of them mostly done.

Before starting module 2, I'm thinking of going back and recreating some of the recordings that go along with the lessons.

I'm also thinking of adding some quizzes to help those going through the course to gauge their own progress and absorption of the concepts.

If you've gone through any part of the new course, feel free to post your comments regarding the aspects you felt were most challenging.

Posted : June 10, 2022 12:19 pm