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New Front-End Offer for New Members

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With the new Divine Dynamics course bringing most of the courses and support systems together into a single organized training program, the time is right to create a new offer for first-time members.

I just posted a video on the homepage to introduce new folks to the key concepts I teach here and present the new offer.

Since the video references an "Avatar Power System" package, current members may be curious to know how this package may be different from what they can currently access as a member.  Essentially, there is no difference.  This is just a new name for the Premium Membership you already have access to, including the courses (primarily, Awaken the Avatar Within and Divine Dynamics), support systems (featuring Symbolic Solutions 2.0, Symbolic Solutions 1.0, and the EmBRACES system), and personalized support available through the community discussion forums.

Of course, all new members will get access to everything.

Other than the name, the only thing that is changing is the price of entry.  Whereas for my long-term subscribers, I priced a 1-year membership at $97, now that I'm promoting the site to new people, that price has gone up to $195.  Lifetime memberships are still $397, although this will eventually go up as well.

Current members will still be able to extend their membership at $97/year, or upgrade to a lifetime membership for $300.  I haven't yet implemented an upgrade path, so if anyone wants to do this, let me know and I'll arrange it.

Posted : April 6, 2022 11:31 am
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