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When I first decided to add membership options to the PowerKeys Publishing website, Life was flowing fairly smoothly, continuing at a nice easy pace as it usually does.

Soon after I implemented the changes and invited previous customers to join the new memberships, I received a number of responses saying that they planned to participate, but had too many things happening at the moment.  While I understood that some folks are more busy than others, a part of me wanted to have a better understanding of that experience so I could provide better assistance.

You know the old saying, "Be careful of what you ask for."

Very quickly, I was asked to help with a couple of major projects from folks I have strong connections with.  I soon found myself with 3 different projects which required a significant amount of work, and relatively short deadlines, and while none of them are done at this point, I finally feel like I have some breathing room to at least post something here.

So, you could say I now have more experience with the "I'm too busy" mindset.

Last night, as I was meditating before bed, a realization made itself known to me, and I think I have a way of approaching this situation that could work for everyone.

I'll write more about this separately, but the whole idea can be summed up with the phrase, "Evolution, not revolution."

Rather than seek MASSIVE changes quickly, if we turn our focus on making incremental changes on a regular basis, we can get better long-term results no matter what else is happening in our lives.  Think about the power of compound interest with investing, and apply the same concept to the development of manifesting skills, and you have a good grasp on what I'm talking about.

In this situation, the best time to start is 10 years ago.  The next best time to start is right now.

This is something that has helped me during the last several weeks, as I take a few minutes here and there throughout the day to tune into the Divine, reconnect with the Source of Power, and allow it to carry me through the tasks that need to be done.

Not only have I been able to keep on task during the day, but I've also found myself waking up earlier with more energy than usual.

The next step for me here is to organize my thoughts on how best to implement this idea for my members so they can find it easier to include the development of manifestation skills into their daily routine, and still get significant results in both the short-term and long-term.

It's likely to become a new course to be posted to the members' area.  Something that focuses on small things that can be done daily in just a few minutes at a time.

In any event, America will be celebrating it's Thanksgiving Day next week, so I wish everyone the best of times, with many things to be grateful for in your life.

As I found in my own past, we can be grateful for even the tough times, as they help us develop strength of character, willpower, and compassion, which are valuable in their own right.

Many blessing!

Posted : November 20, 2021 12:07 pm