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Okay, so here's the script for the 3rd in the new series.  This is just the first draft and I do plan to go back over it again.  However, the next couple of days are booked, so it will be Monday before I get back to this.

All of which means you have a few days to look it over and make any suggestions you feel are appropriate before I do the recording.

As with the other 2, we're speaking to both conscious and subconscious minds here, with a structured flow to elicit specific feelings and conditions as we go.

EDIT: Aug. 29, 2022 (Updated script) -- several additions, including a few additional phrases here and there and a whole new section on the feeling of faith.

EDIT: Aug. 30, 2022 (Updated script) -- a few more modifications to improve the overall flow.

Symbolic Solution for Feeling

Hi, I’m Alan Tutt, and in this recording, I’ll help you improve your imagination skills so you can get better and better results from your manifesting efforts by increasing the realism and impact of your inner experiences.

Manifesting our goals into physical reality is based on 3 key factors – Faith, Focus, and Feeling. The more you believe you’ll get the results you want, and the more you are focused on a single idea during your manifesting efforts, and the more you can imagine your desired outcome in rich, vivid detail, the quicker and more consistent your results will be.

When done right, the manifestation process can be compared to indulging in a daydream, in which you can completely forget about the world around you, and simply enjoy yourself for a short while.

Right now, before we begin, imagine what it would feel like to be so focused on what you’re doing that the world around you begins to fade away, allowing you to be even more focused on your inner experience.

Feel yourself getting drawn in to the object of your focus, the way light is pulled into a black hole with no chance of escape. All of your attention is focused on this one thing, to the point where it completely fills your awareness and you start to notice more and more details and subtle variations. It’s like how a blind person finds themselves with better hearing. The more you focus your senses in a single direction, the more powerful they become. What used to appear to be a single shade of color is now a rich field of hundreds of subtle hues, each with their own degree of brightness, saturation, and feeling. What used to sound like buzzing can now be perceived as a rich symphony of sounds cascading across your eardrums. What used to feel smooth is now covered with hundreds of tiny variations of texture.

This recording will help you improve your ability to imagine such things, to the point where your imagined experiences become more real than the physical world around you. When you can do this, and combine your vivid imagination with true faith and focus, you can manifest anything into your life.

Induction – Feeling of Relaxation

Okay, so, let’s start by relaxing as much as you can. You will want to sit or lie down for this session, where you won’t be disturbed. If you need to silence your phone, lock the door, or adjust your clothing, go ahead and do that now. The idea here is to minimize distractions so you can be more focused on what we’re doing now.

One good way to relax and focus your mind, is to simply focus on your breathing. Notice the inflow and outflow of your breath. Notice how your chest rises and falls with each breath you take, and how you can easily slow the process down to be even more relaxing. Good.

Also notice that your subconscious mind normally handles this completely without your conscious awareness. And this is just one of thousands of tasks your subconscious does for you, day after day, week after week, year after year. How comforting it can be to know that all this is being done for you, and you don’t even have to think about it.

To take this process of relaxation further, and also start to work on developing your imagination skills, let’s focus on each part of your body in turn, and imagine it feeling more and more relaxed.

Start by focusing on your feet. Notice how they feel now, and imagine what they would feel like if they were more and more relaxed. I wonder what feet feel like when you’re asleep? Would there be a tingling sensation? Would they feel warm or cool? Heavy or light? Strong or weak? Imagine your feet as if they felt completely unresponsive to any and all sensation.

Now, focus your attention on your lower legs, from your ankles to your knees. Notice how they feel now, and imagine what it would feel like if they were completely relaxed, sinking deeper into the surface beneath them. If this part of your body were to simply go to sleep, would you feel a tingling sensation? Any warmth? Would they start to feel heavy and weak? What would it feel like if your lower legs and feet were so relaxed, they are completely unresponsive to any and all sensation?

Good. Now bring this feeling of deep relaxation up to your thighs. Just allow them to go completely limp and loose, joining the rest of your legs in complete and total relaxation. That’s it. At this point, both of your legs are relaxed, from your feet up to your hips, and will continue to become even more relaxed as we continue this process, with each breath you take, you can imagine your entire body relaxing more and more.

For the time being, imagine that this is your entire reality. Nothing else exists, except for this feeling of deep relaxation spreading through your body.

Here’s an interesting little trick. If this feeling of deep relaxation were a color, what color would it be? As you imagine this color of relaxation spreading through your body, starting at your feet and moving up through your legs, past your hips and waist, into your chest, down your arms, and even filling your head, do you feel every part of your body relaxing almost instantaneously? Maybe you feel it happening all at once, or maybe you feel it happening more slowly. The more richly you can imagine the feeling of relaxation spreading through your body, the quicker you see the results you want.

It’s okay if you need a little time to produce the degree of relaxation you want to experience now. You have all the time you need.

Isn’t it amazing how much your mind can influence your body? The more you practice these skills, the further your influence extends, to the point where you can influence anything and anyone, no matter where they might be.

You’ve done well. Let’s practice another imagination exercise.

Imagine that you are at the top of a staircase. I like to imagine a grand staircase made of marble as might be found in a multi-million dollar mansion, but you can imagine any kind of staircase you prefer.

There are 21 steps going down to the private floor below. There is plenty of light to see the steps and the floor below. As I count down, imagine yourself taking each step, feeling yourself descending little by little, moving further away from the noise and distractions above into a quieter space where you can engage in more interesting activities.

Okay, so we’re starting out on step number 21. Take one step down, feel yourself moving down as you do this, and feel your feet come in contact with that next step. Bring your other foot down, and now both feet are firmly planted on step number 20.

Repeat this process. Take a step down, feeling your feet lifting off the step you’re leaving and coming in contact with the next step on the staircase. Feel yourself moving down, closer to the next level below.

You’re now on step 19. Repeat the process again, down to step 18. Feel every little detail of moving from one step to the next. Maybe you can even feel the temperature of the air, or the clothes against your skin. With each step, you may notice more and more details about the environment you’re in.

So, let’s continue down to step 17, then step 16, feeling yourself moving deeper and deeper into your inner world, and closer to a wondrous discovery to be found in the depths of your being.

Moving on to step 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8. Gaining more awareness of the finer and finer details of the environment in which this staircase exists as you go deeper and deeper into the inner recesses of your mind.

Step 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and step 1. Go ahead and take one more step onto the floor in front of you, and notice a hallway leading to a single door.

Feeling of Things

Walk up to this door, and notice its size and shape, as well as the materials this door is made from. What color or colors do you see? Is it all one piece, or is there a pattern in its construction? Is it a solid door, or is there a window or other opening? What type of handle does this door have, and is there a key in a keyhole?

Before opening this door, I want you to know that when you go through this doorway, you will enter a magical place where all of the power of your inner mind may be accessed and directed to manifest whatever you want in life.

Different people see different things, so I cannot describe the environment to you. You might see a landscape, with a garden, hills, waterfalls, a beach, or even a desert. You could see an indoor location, such as a laboratory, library, conference room, or sanctuary. You may meet various people and beings who are there to help you, or you might have the freedom to be completely on your own until you call for someone. This is your special place, and only you will know what you find once you go through this doorway.

So, go ahead, and open your door, and step through to the other side.

I’ll be quiet for a minute as you explore this private space of your inner mind. As you do, focus on the details – colors, shapes, textures, sounds, smells, and most importantly, the emotions you feel as you connect with your own deeper essence. As you do this, notice how all of these details become clearer, richer, more vivid and real as you focus your mind upon them. Focused imagination is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.


So many details to explore. You’ve done well so far. Go ahead and relax again, and allow yourself to become even more immersed in your inner world. As we continue this session, you may find the environment around you changing and adapting to whatever you intend to do within this space.

At this time, we’re going to explore a few different concepts, and as we do, notice how the magic of your deeper mind automatically changes and adapts to better handle the tasks involved.

Feeling of Focus

Let’s start by focusing on the concept of focus itself. Imagine yourself being intensely focused on a single thing. It could be reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, or solving a problem. Imagine that you are completely absorbed by this activity, and your focus is 100% on what you’re doing. Nothing can distract you away from it. Someone could be calling your name and you wouldn’t hear them at all. Random and unrelated thoughts do not enter your mind, because all aspects of your mind are focused on the single activity you have chosen to focus upon.

This state of maximum focus yields many benefits. Your senses become sharper. You notice smaller and more subtle details. Your memory improves, because the sharper degree of focus creates a stronger impact on your mind. Time seems to slow down, because you are noticing so many more details than ever before.

Imagine what it would be like to bring this intense degree of focus into your daily life. Notice how you are able to perform your work with greater speed and efficiency, moving smoothly from one thing to the next without losing any time on distractions. Once you have locked your focus on a task, it becomes easy to stick with this task until it is completed. You never need to struggle to motivate yourself, because the work just seems so easy and fun, it’s a source of joy in it’s own right. Especially when you specialize and focus your attention on an incredibly valuable aspect of your work. You look forward to getting things done, and this natural tendency means you become better and better at what you do, to the point where you are the expert, someone that others seek out because you’re better at what you do than anyone else.

And when you are better at what you do, it obviously follows that you are worth more. You are not easily replaced, and can justify asking for more money for your work, and this leads to greater financial abundance. When you are more focused on your work, you notice little things that can dramatically improve the value of what you do, and this also leads to greater financial abundance.

Now, notice how an improved degree of focus helps your relationships improve because you are fully engaged with each person you interact with, as if they are the only person in the whole wide world. You are able to notice when someone seems to be holding something back, and are able to find just the right way to bring up the topic so they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with you, and this leads to a stronger relationship in which both parties feel bonded to the other. All relationships, personal and professional, benefit from this higher degree of focus you have developed.

Imagine how much your confidence improves because you are suddenly so much more capable than ever before, in both your work and your relationships. When you KNOW that you’re good at what you do, and you KNOW that people respond well to you, you realize that life doesn’t have to be a struggle, and Life can actually be easy. And when Life is easy, it can also be FUN. And when Life is FUN, it’s all just a game, a game you always win, because you’re that good.

Being so incredibly focused and able to get more done in less time means you have more time available for fun and enjoyable activities. It also means you have more time to relax, avoid stress and burnout, and maintain a higher level of health and vitality.

This zone of maximum focus may be called upon at any time, under any circumstance, for any purpose. This intense focus is a part of who you are, and as such, will always be with you. It just comes naturally, like breathing. Something you don’t even have to think about. And as with all natural things, it grows and matures on it’s own, each time you use it, getting stronger and stronger, more and more capable, without your conscious involvement.

And when you need to be aware of everything around you, your deeper mind knows how to direct this focus so you can instantly respond to new things as they come up.

Now, most importantly, what does this intense degree of focus FEEL like? Is it located in a particular area of your body? Does it move as you focus on different things? If this feeling were a color, what color would it be? If it could be represented by a sound, what would you hear? Would it be a single clear tone, or a piece of music? What other qualities do you notice as you focus on the feeling of focus?

Good. Good.

Now, let all of that go, and allow your mind to clear. Remember that feeling of deep relaxation we played with earlier. What was that color which represents deep relaxation? See your color of relaxation flowing through your entire body and mind again, and allow yourself to sink into this feeling even deeper.

Notice how this color of deep relaxation grows richer and more vibrant as you relax deeper and deeper. And also notice that when you intentionally make this color richer and more vibrant, your relaxation becomes even more profound than it was just a moment ago.

Feeling of Faith

Okay, so let’s play with something else. Let’s focus on the feeling of faith. Think of something you know to be an absolute fact of reality. It could be as simple as the fact that 2+2=4, the sky is blue, or the feeling of solid ground beneath your feet. You could choose to focus on the fact that the sun rises every morning, and sets every evening, day after day without fail, even when the sky is filled with clouds, all this happens in the background even when you’re not consciously aware of it.

Allow this feeling of absolute certainty to fill your entire mind and body. THIS IS REAL. THIS IS TRUTH with a capital ‘T’. These things have always been true, and always will be true. You can take comfort in the fact that some things never change and can be counted on whenever you need them.

That feeling of confidence we talked about is directly connected to this feeling of absolute faith, with the only difference being that when you are confident, you have faith in yourself and what you can do. You believe in your abilities, and the positive results you can achieve when you focus your mind to get things done.

The more faith you have, the more you experience positive results in your life. There have been many throughout history who have said that faith is the power behind miracles, and anyone can perform miracles when they have enough faith in themselves, as well as faith in the invisible power which makes miracles possible.

Sometimes this happens when you want someone to do something out of character, and they just do it without being asked. Sometimes you see a miracle when you happen to find something of incredible value, which proves to be exactly what you needed at this time.

Miracles happen every day when you beat all the odds and succeed when others would fail. When luck is on your side, the force is with you, and it seems you have a personal genii or guardian angel looking out for you. And all this happens because of your faith, because you believe in good things, and because you fully EXPECT to see positive results and have an easy time even in situations where others would struggle and fail.

Imagine how it must feel to know that everything works out for your benefit, that you’re special, and that you always get what you want in any situation. How does this feel in your body? Is this feeling of faith, confidence, and expectation located in one particular place, or does it exist everywhere, as if it were contained in the air you breathe?

If this feeling of absolute faith were a color, what color would it be? If it were a sound, what would you hear? If you could represent this faith with a symbol, an image, an object, or something else, what symbol best represents this feeling of absolute faith?

Whatever symbol you have now, imagine this symbol growing bigger, becoming more vibrant, more clear, more solid, more powerful, more of everything it is. Notice how this feeling of faith also becomes more powerful, and fills your entire focus and awareness. Allow this feeling of absolute faith to change the way your body and mind vibrate so you are more attuned to this special frequency, this magical vibration, this fundamental character of reality.

Faith produces miracles when we mentally associate the ideas of absolute truth and reality to the idea of what we would like to see manifest into our lives. When we would like to experience a different type of weather than what is predicted, we merely have to imagine the weather we would like to have and link it to the ideas of absolute truth and reality, merging the feeling of what we want with the feeling of faith.

When you can think of what you want, while experiencing the feeling of faith, you will see your intentions manifest into physical reality. No one may know WHY this works, but at least it does work.

So, again, I’ll ask you to imagine what it must feel like to know that anything and everything you’ll ever want will in fact manifest into your life. Since you have the power to make this happen, all you have to do is decide what you want, and trust that it will happen.

And now that you know this, you can easily expect things to work out for your benefit, knowing that sooner or later, events will take place to bring your desires to fruition.

This is now your normal operating process, and you may find more and more people calling you an optimist, even when you feel you’re just being realistic, because it is realistic to expect the best when the best just keeps happening for you.

Feeling of Pleasure

Now, let that go, and allow your mind to clear. Next, let’s focus on the feeling of pleasure. Imagine something that feels great. It could be anything, whatever you enjoy.

As you imagine yourself in a situation that gives you an incredible feeling of pleasure, notice the feeling of the various aspects of the experience. Notice the feeling of the air around you, the feeling of various objects you come in contact with, the feeling of movement, and the feeling of pleasure itself.


How is the feeling of pleasure different from the feeling of focus or the feeling of faith? In what way are the feelings the same? Is the feeling of pleasure centered in a particular place in your body, and if so, where do you feel the most pleasure? If this feeling were a color, what color would it be? If it were a sound, what would you hear? Take that color or sound and make it stronger, richer and more vibrant, more powerful and intense. Imagine this color or sound spreading throughout your entire body and mind, radiating out from your core and extending out beyond the limits of yourself and filling the entire world, so you find enjoyment and bliss everywhere you go.

Allow yourself to truly indulge in this feeling of pleasure, and notice how it gets stronger and more powerful. What would this incredible feeling of pleasure feel like if it were 10 times stronger, 20 times more intense, or even 100 times more powerful? Maybe it would feel like a total body orgasm that never ends? Can you imagine that?

Perhaps you can imagine tiny little pleasure bombs going off in every cell of your body, exploding with pure joy and bliss. And not just once. Not just twice, but over and over again, exploding by the second and building in intensity to a higher and higher peak of overwhelming bliss.

Oh my! It’s truly fascinating to discover that you have such depths of feeling available to you. Just when you think you can’t take any more, you find a new reservoir opening up to allow you to accept even more and stronger feelings to come in.

Eventually, this ever-increasing level of pleasure, joy, and bliss crosses a threshold and shifts your focus so you perceive this feeling as one of deep unconditional love. A love that can only be described as Divine Love, the love of the Divine Creator for the created.

Feeling of Divinity

And with this shift of focus and feeling, you suddenly become aware that you are, at the very core of your being, a child of the Divine, a Divine Being in your own right. Your mind opens up and you see the entire world from a higher perspective, a Divine perspective, and from this perspective, you see the simple, direct connection between the world of the Divine and the physical world.

It’s like the essence of the Divine is an ocean of consciousness, and the entire physical universe is nothing more than a light layer of dust floating on top of the water. As the water of consciousness moves, so does physical reality.

This is why you are able to manifest your desires with nothing more than a simple decision to do so, as long as your faith allows you to believe that it’s possible and that it will work.

Now that you see yourself as the Divine Being you are, and feel Divine Love for all of creation, it’s very easy to feel a sense of love directed towards you as well. Not only do you love all of creation, but all of creation loves you too.

If you were to imagine yourself as a wave on the Divine Ocean of consciousness, a part of the Universal oneness of all life, loving itself, you might begin to appreciate just how much love there is to share.

In truth, we are all connected to the Divine, and through this connection, we are also connected to everyone and everything else on this planet. It’s the only explanation for why manifesting works.

Those who gain a conscious awareness of their own Divinity and their proper relationship to physical reality, have become known as miracle-workers because this realization and the knowledge that physical reality moves as it is moved upon by the Divine consciousness naturally leads to the ability to perform miracles at will.

You just have to see yourself as a Divine Being living a human life, and believe in yourself and your ability to influence the physical world through the power of your faith, your focus, and your feeling.

Let’s turn our attention back to the idea of you as a Divine Being. What would that feel like? What would it feel like to know that you have the power to perform miracles? How would you feel knowing that you’re somehow different from others, because you recognize your own Divinity and they don’t yet recognize theirs.

Would you feel like escaping their reality and creating one of your own? Living your own life, on your terms, without the weight of responsibility that many seem to place on their heroes.

Or would you have compassion for them? Would you be more forgiving of their ignorance and fear? Would you feel like doing something to help them grow into the Divine Beings they are also destined to become?

Either answer is fine. It’s your life. You get to choose your own pathway. And your Divine Power to manifest your desires and even perform miracles is yours to use as you choose.

Let’s take a moment and relax again. Allow your mind to clear, and feel yourself drifting deeper into your inner world. Further and further into yourself, closer and closer to your inner Divine Essence.

You have done very well in this session. We have set the stage for some rather impressive feats yet to come.

Feeling of Having What You Need and Want

As you relax into the deeper aspects of who you are, you may find a feeling of being nourished by the Divine Source. Your soul is being fed in all the ways it needs right now. Like a jet engine being refueled for the flight home, your inner essence is given the Power it needs to do everything that needs to be done.

Notice how this feels. The feeling of being nourished, refueled, and completed in a way that can only happen when you connect with your Divine Source.

It’s so easy to be positive and joyful when you’re feeling good. Simply by reconnecting to your inner Divine Self, you can always be a source of inspiration and comfort to those around you.

And since most folks reflect good feelings back to those who create them, you find yourself receiving much joy and comfort from others as well. It’s a wonderful cycle of giving and receiving that grows more abundant day by day. Before long, you could very well find your life to be one long series of blessings to the point where no one is surprised when you say things like “Life is simply wonderful!

As you continue to develop your skills of faith, focus, and feeling, the only possible result is an ever-improving life experience, with success and blessings at every turn. Life truly is magical, and grows more blessed every day. Who needs drugs when it’s so easy to get high on life itself?

Emile Coue truly knew what he was saying when he coined the phrase, “Every day, in every way, my life gets better and better.”

The feeling you get when you KNOW this to be an absolute truth is simply incredible. Every day. In every way. Your life gets better and better. When you know this to be the truth, and can feel it with great depth and intensity, the universe responds in such a way that miracles just happen on their own and all you have to do is relax, do whatever you want, and watch as the blessing pile higher and higher.

In fact, when you fully recognize that this is just the way the world works, you never get stressed when things APPEAR to go wrong, because you know that it’s just a temporary inconvenience, and things will turn around quickly and succeed in the most magnificent ways.

Life is truly magical, and absolutely wonderful in every way possible.


We have done more than enough in this session. In a moment, I’ll count from 1 to 10, and when I reach the number 10, you will be wide awake, fully refreshed, and ready to continue with your day. You may keep the wonderful feelings created in this session, and you’ll find that it’s so much easier to enrich your visualizations, daydreams, and manifesting efforts with a depth of feeling few ever know.

This, combined with an absolute faith in yourself, your ability to get things done, and an ability to focus clearly on a single objective will make it so incredibly easy to manifest your desires into physical reality.

Of course, one of the best benefits of what we’ve done here is that you are now in full control over your feelings, and can choose to feel whatever you like at any moment, in any situation. You are no longer at the whims of your emotions, and are beyond the reach of those who may seek to control you through emotional sabotage.

This gives you a distinct advantage over those who have not yet learned to master their emotions.

When you choose to be confident, full of faith in yourself, this feeling can be as strong as you want it to be. When you choose to love, the depth and passion of your feelings can sweep anyone off their feet. When you choose to feel abundant to manifest greater financial prosperity, this feeling gives your manifesting efforts so much power that it absolutely HAS TO manifest into your experience.

And when you choose to feel vibrant health, you are completely immune to illness and disease, and have the capacity to heal from any injury quickly and easily.

Above all else, you will find that while faith may be the primary factor in manifesting, the power of your feelings can and does shift your faith when the situation calls for it, especially when you focus your feelings onto a single purpose.

So, let’s start our count from 1 to 10. With each number I say, you will find yourself becoming more focused on the outer world, with more and more energy and vitality, getting ready to continue your day.

You may bring with you the many wonderful feelings explored during this session. You may also notice that your deeper mind continues to expand your capacity to feel and your ability to imagine new feelings to be associated with the things you would like to manifest into your life.

Here we go. 1. 2. 3. Rising higher and higher, bringing your new level of Divine Feeling with you. 4. 5. Go ahead and take a nice, deep breath to clear the cobwebs away from your conscious mind. 6. 7. Feeling great, with such incredibly deep feelings at your command! 8. 9. Almost there! Eyes beginning to open. And finally, we reach number 10! Welcome back!

Now, as you open your eyes and look at the world around you with more control over your feelings and the skills to manifest whatever you want into your life, I wish you all the blessings in the world.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

Posted : August 18, 2022 5:40 pm
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I have listened to your newest compilation on Focus, Feeling and Faith and have found it very mind calming. I will continue to listen and ponder the provoking messages you set before us. I can not thank you enough for opening this portal to divine energy connection.

Posted : September 5, 2022 10:10 am
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Glad to hear you're getting good value from the materials.  You're very welcome.

Posted : September 6, 2022 10:09 am