EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System

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Perhaps the most comprehensive set of recordings ever produced. A collection of 360 recordings divided into 10 modules, each addressing a different area of interest, including:

  1. Beliefs in magic & miracles
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Self-Sufficiency (freedom from depression, anxiety, and dependency)
  4. Self-Confidence
  5. Motivation & Direction
  6. Productivity
  7. Self-Mastery
  8. Relationships
  9. Personal Prosperity
  10. Business Success

Within each module, there are recordings with a female voice, recordings with a male voice, and recordings with both voices. There are also recordings with belief statements phrased as 1st-person (‘I’ statements) and 2nd-person (‘you’ statements). There are recordings with music and BWE tones, and recordings with just BWE tones.

Research has shown that this wide variety prevents the deeper mind from becoming desensitized to the material, and continuous improvement is possible.