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  • 7-Day Kickstart


    Register for our free 7-Day Kickstart course, and discover how you can take charge of your life and turn things around quickly.

  • Harmonic Prayer


    Effective Prayer Is Based on 3 Things—Faith, Focus, and Feeling.

    When you have all 3 of these in place, true miracles become possible.

    Harmonic Prayer shows you exactly how to INSTANTLY increase each of these factors—literally within SECONDS.

  • Choose To Believe


    A scientific exploration into the power of belief.

    Covers the evidence supporting many types of experiences, how to discover what you really believe (and why it may be different from what you THINK you believe), and how to change your beliefs to support the life experiences you would prefer to have.

  • Keys to Power – Step by Step


    This was the first course, originally written in 2003. Based on a concept of channelling Universal Power, this is a great choice for those who prefer a more metaphysical approach.

  • 30 Days to Divine Power


    This course will help you erase your past failures and return to a state of innocence and wonder.

    Step-by-step, one day at a time, I walk you through a simple and easy process to open your heart and soul to the Divine in a way that allows you to believe in miracles again.

    At no point are you asked to “step out in faith” or to bulldoze your way through the difficulties with determined willpower.  This way, there’s no chance of triggering old failure patterns, and you get a chance to allow your natural abilities to surface on their own.

  • Harmonic Prayer Support System


    A full set of audio recordings to help you maximize your ability to connect with the Divine and get tangible results from your prayers.

  • Symbolic Solutions 1.0


    A set of guided meditations utilizing NLP conversational hypnosis techniques to trigger dramatic shifts quickly.  Get more out of life without consciously DOING anything more than you normally do.

  • Awaken the Avatar Within


    Alan Tutt’s newest and most powerful training program.  Learn how to get your willpower, belief, and imagination all working together to manifest miracles with nothing more than a decision.

  • Basic Membership (Annual)


    This is our most basic membership, giving you access to all of our courses for an entire year.

  • Symbolic Solutions 2.0


    Become the fully-realized individual you always knew you could be, without willpower, struggle, or unpleasant work. With the Right Tools, Anyone Can Be a High Performer, Even if You’ve Failed 1000 Times Before.   Typical personal development suggests that you need to buckle down, bite the bullet, and tough it out to reach your goals….

  • Basic Membership (Lifetime)


    This membership is for the lifelong student who wants to have access to all new courses as they are added to the site.

  • Premium Membership (Annual)


    This membership gives you access to EVERYTHING for a full year.  All of our courses, plus all of our support systems.

  • EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System


    “Nearly subliminal” recordings take no time away from your busy schedule, yet guaranteed to help ANYONE achieve higher levels of success, even if you’re already a high-achiever. The secret is in the variety.   Ordinary success-improvement products may be enough to help ordinary folks achieve higher levels of success. However, when you’ve already reached a…

  • 1-on-1 Coaching


    Get personal 1-on-1 access to Alan Tutt for coaching.

  • Avatar Power System


    The ultimate training program to develop your manifesting muscles.  Claim your power and finally start living up to your full potential.


    • Awaken The Avatar Within (training course)
    • Harmonic Prayer Support System
    • Symbolic Solutions 1.0
    • Symbolic Solutions 2.0
    • EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System
    • Unlimited Email Support
    • and more…
  • Premium Membership (Lifetime)


    Our most premium membership, you get access to EVERYTHING for life.  Everything currently available, plus everything added in perpetuity.