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Support Systems

These packages include a variety of guided meditations and other audio products designed to influence your subconscious beliefs in a way that enables you to manifest more easily. Click on the images to get more information on that particular package.

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  • Harmonic Prayer Support System


    A full set of audio recordings to help you maximize your ability to connect with the Divine and get tangible results from your prayers.

  • Symbolic Solutions 1.0


    A set of guided meditations utilizing NLP conversational hypnosis techniques to trigger dramatic shifts quickly.  Get more out of life without consciously DOING anything more than you normally do.

  • Symbolic Solutions 2.0


    Become the fully-realized individual you always knew you could be, without willpower, struggle, or unpleasant work. With the Right Tools, Anyone Can Be a High Performer, Even if You’ve Failed 1000 Times Before.   Typical personal development suggests that you need to buckle down, bite the bullet, and tough it out to reach your goals….

  • EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System


    “Nearly subliminal” recordings take no time away from your busy schedule, yet guaranteed to help ANYONE achieve higher levels of success, even if you’re already a high-achiever. The secret is in the variety.   Ordinary success-improvement products may be enough to help ordinary folks achieve higher levels of success. However, when you’ve already reached a…

  • 1-on-1 Coaching


    Get personal 1-on-1 access to Alan Tutt for coaching.