1. Since posting this yesterday, I’ve had 2 more people complete the 30-day e-course, and 1 of them paid $150 for it.

    So, 1 day has changed the number as so:
    18 payments from 161 graduates
    11.18% of graduates made a payment
    $44.39 average payment
    $4.96 / graduate

    BTW – I forgot to mention, only 4 people out of 217 have unsubscribed from the course, so 98.2% of those signing up for the course are going all the way through it.

  2. Nearly the end of March, and I checked my numbers again.

    Without going into too much detail, we’re still averaging just over $5 per graduate on the 30-day e-course. ($5.05, to be precise.)

    Average payment is $46.38, with 10.9% of graduates making a payment. Retention rate is still at 97.4%, with an opt-in rate of 38.5% from the same landing page as we started with.

    This means I can spend $1.89 per visitor and break even.

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