What format are the courses and audio programs?
Our courses are presented as organized pages on this website, meaning that you do not need to download anything to read the materials.  This also means that you do not need special software to use our products, including videos and audio programs, which are playable directly on this website as well.  When you purchase a course or audio program separately (outside of the memberships), you have the option to download a PDFs, MP3s, or in some cases, a ZIP file containing many files.

How do I use a coupon code?
We very rarely offer coupon-based discounts, preferring to simply reduce the prices of products when having a sale.  That way, everyone can benefit from the lower prices without having to remember a coupon code.  In those cases where we DO offer a coupon, a box is added to the Checkout page, where you may enter any discount code you may have.  If the code is valid, the discount will be applied right away.

Is my purchase guaranteed?  /  What is your Refund Policy?
YES!!  All purchases come with a full money-back guarantee, with one exception, which is private sessions.  For Monthly Memberships, you can get a full refund any time in the first 30 days.  For Annual Memberships, you get 60 days to evaluate the materials in the members’ area.  For other products, you get a full lifetime guarantee.

Do you have a Privacy Policy? / Do you abide by the EU privacy requirements?
Yes.  Our policy is that we respect your privacy and do everything we can to keep safe any and all information you give us.  We do not rent, sell, or otherwise make any of your information available to any other businesses or organizations, except where required by law.  And if you’d like me to clear any data I have about you from the website, I’m happy to oblige, although please note that this means you will no longer have any access to the free offers or products you’ve purchased, nor would you have any return privileges.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.  Online payments are processed by Stripe, and all your financial data is completely encrypted for security.

I can’t login to my account.  What’s wrong?
This is most likely an issue with cookies.  Please make sure your web browser is set to accept cookies from this website.  If you need specific instructions, see your browser’s help file.  In some cases, an old cookie may have gotten corrupted, in which case you’ll need to delete the offending cookie and login again.  It’s also possible that your web browser is trying to autofill the login form with incorrect information.  Please keep a record of your username and password for this site.  If necessary, you can click a link on the login form to recover / reset your password if you have forgotten it.

I’ve placed an order but haven’t received any emails about it?
There is a chance your ISP has filtered the emails and put them into a SPAM folder.  This is particularly true with the free email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.  Most ISPs give you an option to “white list” an email address or domain name in order to insure that the emails get through to you, although this is not guaranteed.  Click Here for a page detailing how to whitelist our email addresses for the more popular ISPs.  Please note that the ISPs periodically change their policies and processes, so for the most up to date information, consult your ISP for details.

You may check the status of any order you’ve placed by logging in to this website.  A link to your “My Account” page is available under the “Member Links” menu item at the top-right of the page.

How do I download my purchase?If you have purchased a product that includes downloadable files, you will find those downloads in your “My Account” area in the Downloads tab.  Simply click the download button to the right of each file you want to download, then follow your browser’s prompts to select a folder on your computer to save the files.  If this option doesn’t appear, you have your browser set to automatically download files to a common location, and you’ll find the files there.

Do you have an affiliate/partner program?
Yes, we do.  Click Here to find out more about our partner program.

My questions wasn’t answered.  What can I do?
Easy.  Just use the Contact Form to ask anything you’d like, and I’ll be happy to answer it as quickly as I can.