… and how YOU could master these skills for just $49.95!

It took nearly 20 years, but I finally found the quickest, easiest way for ANYONE to master the art and science of manifesting.

The Power of Harmonic AugMENTATION

So, what is this thing I’m calling Harmonic AugMENTATION?

BTW, the strange capitalization is there to point out that we’re talking about a MENTAL process of growth, using principles of harmonics.

Mentation => an action of the mind.

Harmonic AugMENTATION is a system of combining different experiences in specific ways that produces a more powerful transformation than any random combination of experiences could possibly do.

In the field of manifesting, most folks understand that a few key elements are necessary.

  • Elements like faith, belief, or confidence.
  • Elements like focus, willpower, or intensity.
  • Elements like feeling, emotion, or sensory detail.

You simply MUST believe that what you are doing will produce the result you want. This is the foundation of all manifesting. (BTW, most folks who tell you their system works “whether you believe in it or not” is telling you that to get you to believe in their system. Belief is ALWAYS required.)

You also have to be able to focus on what you’re doing clearly enough to not let random thoughts intrude and cause you to direct your energies to create more of what you DON’T want. The only time this isn’t required is when your faith is strong enough to overcome the lack of focus.

And when you can visualize your desired outcome in rich, vivid detail, complete with sights, sounds, textures, emotions, smells, and tastes, to the point where the experience is indistinguishable from a physical experience, this can radically shift your beliefs in a way that nothing else will ever do.

But this isn’t the whole picture.

You also have to believe yourself to be worthy of receiving that which you wish to manifest.

You have to feel capable of creating the outcome, with whatever level of Power is necessary to manifest it. This isn’t just self-confidence, but also an experience of feeling powerful on a non-physical level.

You also have to feel a sense of connection with the world around you, especially that part of the world you want to change.

It helps when you believe that you make good decisions, and are used to the idea of taking action which leads to positive results. As they say, “success breeds success”.

It’s also important to understand that manifesting is both an art and a science. It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s also HOW you do it.

And when you want to REALLY ensure that you develop the skills necessary to manifest your visions, you want to work on conscious and subconscious levels, both mentally and physically.

In summary, Harmonic AugMENTATION is the science of combining various training exercises on multiple levels addressing SPECIFIC multiple psychological factors in the right order, taking advantage of the principle of momentum to create a set of conditions which, in turn, create a catalytic response producing the desired outcome quickly and reliably.

In actual practice, this means using hypnosis, guided meditations, and self-directed exercises.

It also means training the 3 key factors — faith, focus, and feeling — as well as supporting factors like self-esteem, love and acceptance, a sense of power and control, a pattern of creating changes in the world around you, and a deep inner connection with the world around you.

And doing all of this in the right order to get maximum results in minimum time.

In short, Harmonic AugMENTATION is the key to professional-level manifestation training to get professional-level results.

When you’re tired of playing around and want to get serious results, it’s time to take serious action.

My new Divine Dynamics course, available in the members’ area, was created to specifically target this idea of Harmonic AugMENTATION.

It was also created to fit in a normal schedule for those with both a work and social life.

Harmonic AugMENTATION Modalities

If you’ve studied manifesting on more than just a surface level, you’ve no doubt run across many theories about the best way to manifest your objectives, and just as many theories about how to develop the skills involved.

Of course, some folks say that no skill is involved at all, and that you only need to spend 5 minutes a day to create the life of your dreams.

There are lots of folks selling “get rich quick” schemes too, and their claims are no less credible.

It’s probably best to think of manifesting like dancing.

Sure, anyone can dance. You just have to get out on the floor and move to the music. Some folks have a natural talent for this. Others, not so much.

However, even with talent, if you want to become a world-class dancer, you have to take some lessons and develop a few skills.

If you wanted to learn how to play tennis, you’d first learn how to hold the racket. How to position your feet for quick responses. How to watch the ball to see where it’s going. How to swing the racket so the ball goes back across the net.

Beginner-level stuff.

Professionals (and other folks who want great results every time) go further than this. They do cross-training, where they work out with weights, do both long-distance running and quick sprints, and probably jump rope to develop the various muscles in different ways.

One of the key skills involved in manifesting is the ability to focus on what you want to manifest clearly enough and long enough for it to have the desired effect.

Sure, you can develop focus by simply focusing on your desired outcome for hours at a time, but you can also develop focus by adding up a series of numbers in your head, or memorizing a poem, both of which could come in handy in other areas of your life too.

Developing a high level of faith is critically important in manifesting, and there are many ways to do this.

You can focus on things you already believe 100%, and periodically shift your focus to the thing you want to manifest, and the faith you have in one thing will naturally “rub off” onto the outcome you desire.

You can repeat affirmations for hours at a time, and there are tons of books promoting this form of manifesting, which can also be helpful in developing the key skills involved.

You could work with guided meditations, and if they are created by someone who understands the psychology involved, they can be very helpful.

Or you could use hypnosis recordings that aim to help you develop greater faith in yourself, your life, and the outcomes you desire. Again, if these are created by someone well-versed in manifesting psychology, these types of recordings can be incredibly powerful.

Or, in the case of Harmonic AugMENTATION, you can come at this in 3 different ways with hypnosis recordings, guided sessions, AND self-directed exercises, each working on slightly different aspects of the situation to get maximum results in a minimum of time.

This way, you can give instructions directly to your subconscious mind without conscious mind interference, get both conscious and subconscious minds working together with a little guidance, and practice this collaboration on your own before you really need it to work.

Practicing in a safe zone before the heat is on is also a great way to ensure you practice it the RIGHT way without the stress and mistakes that often come up when you attempt to produce tangible results in the heat of the moment.

Of course, the modalities of how we train our abilities to manifest is only part of the story.

There’s also the skills themselves.

Harmonic AugMENTATION Core Training

In my new Divine Dynamics course, (which is currently the only course utilizing the Harmonic AugMENTATION process), we spend the first 3 weeks training the core skills involved in manifesting.

Which as you know, are faith, focus, and feeling.

Week 1 is incredibly easy, as your only assignment is to sit back and listen to 1 hypnotic recording per day for 6 days.

The recordings do all the work for you, and have the potential to double, or even triple, your basic manifesting skills.

In week 2, your assignment is to listen to 1 guided meditation recording per day and follow the easy instructions and imagine different things happening. The exercises of this week can double your manifesting skills again over and above what occurred in week 1.

It’s only in week 3 that you are given a set of instructions to perform your own self-directed mental exercises to further develop your ability to focus clearly, raise your faith to new heights, and imagine various things with vivid sight, sound, textures, emotions, smells and tastes.

Again, 1 exercise per day for 6 days, taking somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes per day. This is where you start to OWN the skills and make them a part of who you are, to a point where they are easily available and ready for use in any situation. At this point, most folks start to feel themselves to be a living, breathing, miracle-maker.

SIDE NOTE: The 30 to 60 minute recommendation is for those with a busy schedule. If you want to develop your manifesting skills faster, you could invest the 3 to 4 hours per day most folks spend watching TV or YouTube videos, browsing Facebook or other social media, and complete the course that much faster.

Throughout this entire process, the steps have been laid out with the idea of “If I only have ONE chance to help my students get GREAT results, what do we focus on NOW?”

And for this reason, I even added an “afternoon workshop” to kick it all off, in which I describe the key elements you need to know and a bunch of shortcuts to getting the best results you can with your CURRENT level of manifesting skill.  This way, even if you only have an afternoon, I can give you the best I possibly can in that short time frame.  (BTW, this 5-hour Quick-Start “Hit the Ground Running” Workshop is worth at least $97 on it’s own.)

This way, if you only have an afternoon, I give you the best I can in a few hours, whereas if you have a week to devote to developing your manifesting skills, you get the best I can give you in that week.

And if you have 3 weeks in which you can set aside 30 to 60 minutes a day, this series of exercises with this combination of modalities, presented in this order will help you get MAXIMUM RESULTS from your minimal time investment.

And with the recent introduction of monthly memberships, you can get all of this training for as little as just 1 month’s fee. (BTW, all memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.)

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Of course, if you have more than a few weeks to further improve your ability to manifest your visions into physical reality, you can stick around and take your personal development as far as you want to go.

The rate you get when you join is locked in and will never go up as long as you remain a member. Of course, you can always upgrade your Monthly Membership to an Annual Membership later and get an even better rate.

The remaining lessons in the Divine Dynamics course build on the foundation set by these early lessons with several factors that assist your manifestation efforts.

Factors such as healthy self-esteem, a sense of connection with the world around you, intuition and an ability to tap into Divine Guidance, and a sense of power and control.

These factors are addressed on 2 different levels to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

Harmonic AugMENTATION Growth Training

There’s an old saying …

“Amateurs do what’s convenient.
Professionals do what’s right.”

When Hollywood makes a movie, they invest millions of dollars and months on end to make it the best they can.

As long as they start with a good story, hire the right actors, directors, producers, crew, artists, and editors, they stand to make a good chunk of change as a return on their investment.

Of course, the movie studios didn’t start out cranking out blockbuster hits time and time again. They started out as amateurs and gradually improved their skills with experimentation and experience.

Another great idea I keep in mind is this …

“As long as you continue to improve what you do, little by little, and never give up,
you will eventually become the best there ever was.”

One of the reasons I learned so much about manifesting is because I never gave up. And I didn’t quit when I figured it out for myself, but also devoted my life to helping others master the skills involved so they could reap the benefits of my experience.

And as mentioned earlier, my focus tends to be on how I can help you get MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME.

So, if you have more than just a few weeks to invest in yourself, we can go further than just the basics and reach into new levels of mastery.

That’s why my new Divine Dynamics course continues after I show you the shortcuts and guide you through the basic training of the primary manifesting skills.

Lessons 4 through 11 cover what I call “Growth Training”.

The subjects are labeled as:

  1. Divine Love
  2. Divine Wisdom
  3. Divine Power
  4. Divine Action

The first round is about ACCESSING these qualities reliably and consistently whenever you need them.

The second round is about GROWING these qualities as far as you want to take them. To an infinite degree if you so choose.

Accessing Divine Love starts with establishing a healthy level of self-esteem and choosing to see yourself as an expression of the Divine.

The more you see yourself as a Divine Being, the more your manifestation efforts will produce the results you want.

Accessing Divine Wisdom is about activating the natural psychic abilities we all have, which are necessary to communicate with the world around you and to the Divine, which is a primary method of manifesting.

It’s actually a lot easier to RECEIVE information than it is to PROJECT information with the intention of manifesting a specific outcome.

Accessing Divine Power starts with taking control of your life, and there are incredibly easy and simple ways of doing this.

And just as I mentioned about Divine Love, the more you can see yourself as someone with the capability and authority to use Divine Power, the more effective you will be at manifesting your visions into reality.

The final quality addressed in this course is what I call Divine Action. The Creator of the universe doesn’t just sit around and watch it all. The Creator is actively taking part in an infinite variety of ways.

Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter WHAT you do as long as you’re doing SOMETHING. When you’re in motion, and taking steps that could logically lead to the realization of your manifestation vision, there’s a common phenomenon where new ideas come to you which lead you directly to your desired outcome. It’s as if taking action sends a message to the universe that you’re serious about wanting what you’ve asked for, producing a response leading you in the right direction.

And speaking about taking action, I’d like to invite you to take action and join the PowerKeys Publishing membership, either as a monthly member, or a longer-term member if you feel you really want to take full advantage of everything contained in the members’ area.

I can only share so much on this one webpage, and as a member you’ll have access to EVERYTHING.

And once you become a member, your rates are locked in for life, so they will never go up for as long as you remain a member.

You can try it out for a month and see how it goes, or you could sign up for a year to let the universe know that you’re serious about making a change in your life. This will give you more than enough time to go through the entire Divine Dynamics course, plus a few others contained in the members’ area, which also includes courses on business development, personal prosperity, and relationships.

It’s all your choice, and I trust you’ll make the right choice for you.

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Why NOW is the Best Time to Start

One of the first bits of science I ever learned was Newton’s first law of motion, which essentially says …

“A body at rest or a body in motion will continue as it is unless acted upon by an outside force.”

If you’ve ever had to push a car that won’t start, you know how difficult it is to get the car moving, but once it is moving, it’s much easier to keep it moving.

This is the principle of momentum, and the same principle can be found in manifesting.

If the conditions of your life are negative, it may take significant effort to get those condition moving in a positive direction, and once you get it moving in that direction, it’s a LOT easier to keep it going that way.

Or, if you decide to continue applying the same degree of force, you can accelerate your forward momentum so you go a lot further, a lot faster.

Going back to the example of pushing a non-starting car, you can push against it all day long and never get it moving until you apply ENOUGH force to get past the initial momentum.

This is why so many folks TRY to manifest better conditions in their lives and see absolutely NO results, even if they try every possible thing under the sun, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Until you create enough FORCE to get over the initial momentum, your efforts will be completely wasted.

Now, in the field of manifesting, this force, or intensity, is defined a little differently than with physical forces.

Intensity in manifesting is more about clarity and focus than almost anything else. Straining your mental muscles until you sweat and veins pop out will actually produce the opposite of what you wanted, because the straining comes from a belief that what you want won’t easily happen on it’s own.

You can increase your manifesting force by eliminating mental chatter and random thoughts so you can more clearly focus on the outcome you desire. Essentially, by using LESS ENERGY than usual.

You can also increase your manifesting force by imagining your desired outcome in crystal clear detail, with every sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, emotion, and so on.

You can further increase your manifesting force by focusing on concepts that are ABSOLUTE, such as absolute truth, absolute reality, absolute power, and results that are MULTIPLES of what you truly expect to get.

An example of this last point could be that instead of imagining yourself receiving a cash windfall of $1000 to pay next month’s bills, you instead imagine yourself stumbling upon a rich treasure trove with millions of dollars worth of gold coins, gemstones, and precious art.

Instead of imagining yourself getting a “better” home, imagine yourself moving into a mansion or a castle full of tasteful furnishing, artwork, and a service staff to take care of the place so you can focus on having fun in life.

The reason for this is because if you’re currently having trouble believing that an extra $1000 is possible, you find that it’s so incredibly easy to believe it after you’ve spent 10 minutes imagining yourself getting an idea worth millions to the right business.

I’ve read numerous reports of people who had a flash of inspiration, wrote down their idea, and sold it to a business for $25,000 or more. Money is actually pretty easy to get.

By focusing on extravagant — possibly even mythological-level dreams — you “stretch” the limits of your faith to encompass much more than you could previously.

All of these factors add to the overall “force” applied towards manifesting your desired objectives.

And when you add steps to your manifesting process to increase the force applied, you find it a LOT easier to manifest things that seemed impossible just a short time ago.

The only “problem” with this approach is that it’s not something you can “just do” instantly without practice.

Like physical muscles, our ability to focus is something that requires exercise to develop, as does our ability to imagine sensory experiences (feelings) with rich, vivid detail, and our ability to trust and have faith that what we intend to manifest will in fact manifest into our lives.

Let’s go back to the example of pushing a car once more.

It’s a LOT easier for a professional weight-lifter to push that car than someone who has been a couch potato for the last 20 years.

The weight-lifter probably doesn’t even have to think about it. The couch potato may not have a chance, no matter how much leverage he applies to his efforts.

The Divine Dynamics course I’ve been talking about, with the principle of Harmonic AugMENTATION, has the sole purpose of helping you develop big, powerful manifesting muscles so you can EASILY turn your visions into reality at the drop of a hat.

It just takes a bit of time to get there. While the professional body-builder probably spent many hours each week working out, for months and years; becoming a professional manifestor can be done much, much faster.

A whole lot LESS TIME when you ride the momentum started by the Quick-Start “Hit the Ground Running” Workshop that kicks off the program.

30 to 60 minutes a day is all that’s required to keep the momentum going and set up a type of harmonic resonance that will carry you forward into a bright and beautifully-positive future.

Give it a week or a month, and you’ll see significant improvements even in that short a time.

And once you see how well it works, you’ll WANT to continue through the full 13-week course to get MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME.

This is your invitation to join the PowerKeys Publishing membership. You can choose a low monthly fee, or an even lower (per month) annual fee.

If you’re ready to make a significant change in your life, this is your opportunity to make it happen quicker and easier than ever.

All memberships come with a 30-day “love it or leave it” money-back guarantee. There’s nothing to lose, except maybe a life of frustration and heartache, and a whole new world to gain.

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See you on the inside.

Other Membership Benefits (a.k.a. – Bonuses)

The Divine Dynamics course described above is JUST ONE OF TEN COURSES available in the members’ area. As a member, you get access to everything that came before, as well as everything I add during the time you are a member. (And just as a fitness center may have a lot of equipment you’ll never use, there’s no reason you HAVE to go through all of the material in the members’ area. It’s there if you want it, though.)

This not only includes all my prior courses on manifesting, but also includes a couple of business courses and a course on the topic of persuasion, which not only covers the basics, but also goes into great depth into the phenomenon of conversational hypnosis – a technique used to make the audio programs supporting the main courses more effective at helping you make the required transformations.

In addition to the various courses, there are also several hypnosis programs, guided meditation, and 360 “not-so-subliminal” background recordings to help you shift the conditions of your life as you desire them to be. These recordings are divided into 10 modules, each focusing on a different area of life, such as manifesting, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, self-mastery, motivation, productivity, prosperity, relationships, and business.

And if you get stuck with anything, I’ll be here to answer your questions, help you apply the materials to your specific situation, and even create new materials based on your requests.

Considering that I charge $200/hour for coaching, this may be the most valuable aspect of your membership. Included at no additional fee through the members’ area discussion forums.

And speaking of discussion forums, this is where you can also get to know other members, share your success stories, ask for help in manifesting a specific outcome, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Depending on your interests and how much time you have available each week, you may find it worthwhile to sign up for an annual membership and save about 50% off the cost of a full year at the monthly rate.

Of course, if you have limited funds, the monthly membership is the easiest to get into, and as long as you set aside 30 to 60 minutes each day to go through the Divine Dynamics program, you should have plenty of money flowing your way soon enough to make upgrading your membership incredibly easy.

Money-Back Guarantee

All memberships come with a full money back guarantee. For Monthly Memberships, this lasts for 30 days. For the Annual Membership, it lasts for 60 days. Any time during this period, if you feel this isn’t for you, just let me know and I’ll process a full and speedy refund, and we’ll part friends.

This gives you plenty of time to come in, explore the materials, experience the power of the Quick-Start “Hit the Ground Running” Workshop, work with the core hypnosis and guided meditation sessions, and see what type of results you get from them.

If you don’t see at least SOME positive results in the first few weeks, feel free to ask for a refund, and that will be that.

Of course, as with anything worthwhile, you’ll only see positive results when you put in the time and effort to follow the program as it’s laid out for you.

I’ve made it as easy as I can, and I know the program works for those who follow it as presented.

The “bottom line” here is that you’ll only know if it’s going to work for you when you give it a try. Make a commitment to follow the program for just a few short weeks, and allow yourself to experience the joy of success.

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