Our privacy policy is simple.  We do not share any data with outside organizations unless where required by law.

Our website uses cookies to serve you, helping you stay logged in to the website without having to log in for each and every page request.

If you fill out any forms, then the data you share with us will be used to serve you to the best of our ability.  In general, this means that all communication with you will be filtered so that you only get the messages you WANT to receive, without getting blasted by everything we have to offer.

Other than that, the only information we collect are standard IP addresses and URL requests, which are required by the underlying technology in order to serve webpages back to you, and are used to help us determine which pages are requested most often, which in turn helps us to better serve you with the type of information you’re most likely to be interested in getting.

In short, the only information we collect is the information we need to do our jobs.

Additionally, this website and related services are hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and is therefore better protected than the majority of websites, which are hosted on shared servers.

By continuing to use this website and related services, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.