1. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Armel-Brice.

      This particular post is a direct report of what actually happened to me, so I would say that — for the most part — it stands on it’s own.

      In later years, I did find that I had missed one point about the experience, in that at that time I was probably in an alpha state of mind, which may have made the process work much better than when I was trying to duplicate it later.

      Currently, I teach a manifestation process of “relax, imagine, and trust”.

      Trust, or belief / faith, is the primary factor, and the first 2 steps help you to get to trust easier and quicker than with practically any other process I’ve tested.

      I’m still rebuilding this website, and plan to add pages offering some free materials. For now, you can find my new materials on my other website — http://PowerKeysPub.com.

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