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How to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World

My message today may rub some folks the wrong way. I’ll apologize for that up front. Please understand that my intention is to help you see where you can take control over the events in your life to create your vision of perfection. Okay, with that said, let’s continue. Those of us who have studied…

Law of Attraction

Calling All Lightworkers!

How are you getting along with the “30 Days to Divine Power” course I gave you last week? If you missed that, you can download this course from THIS LINK. The first few lessons are incredibly easy to follow. It all starts with relaxing. Then you learn to relax and indulge in an enjoyable memory….

Law of Attraction

A Blessing in Times of Need

A lot of folks are taking what may be described as an extended vacation at home. It’s a great time to catch up on your rest, take some time to meditate, and connect with your inner Divine essence. It’s also a good time to practice your manifestation skills, and work past any obstacles that may…

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The Power of Cycles

Since I last wrote, winter has hit Michigan. It’s kind of strange. Both last year and this year, the trees held on to their leaves until our first snow. Actually, at the moment, we still have a few trees with green leaves on them. I guess they are the ones ignoring physical reality and focusing…

Law of Attraction

Using Halloween to Manifest Great Blessings

Happy Halloween, my friend! If you’re the type of person who doesn’t celebrate Halloween, then this message may be especially important for you. Because once you eliminate the folklore about what Halloween MEANS, and why the holiday got started, and look at what it IS, you see that the essence is centered around the idea…

Law of Attraction

Maximize Your Manifesting Results

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sharing with you a system to manifest anything and everything you could possibly want in life. It’s all based on the idea that you are a Divine Being with the Power to co-create your world. It’s also focused on a simple process of relaxing as deeply as…

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Breaking Through Barriers – Part 2

In my last post, I started describing a process that will allow you to alter your memories of the past so you can shift your beliefs to manifest more of what you want in life. The idea behind this is that we manifest according to our beliefs, and our beliefs are based on our memories….

Law of Attraction

Breaking Through Barriers

Most folks find themselves unable to move forward and embrace the things they would enjoy because negative beliefs are holding them back. In most cases, you don’t notice that this is the issue, because on the surface, it appears that you’re just being logical and basing current decisions on the result of past experience. After…

Law of Attraction

An Easy Solution to Many Problems

Let me tell you about a small problem I recently solved using a technique I’m going to show you. Last night, I went into my office to grab my Kindle to look up a detail in a book there. The Kindle wasn’t where I normally keep it, so I started looking everywhere for it. It…