As I write this, I'm getting ready to start a new class in my local area on how to start and run a business that is both enjoyable and profitable, while focusing on helping others.

I have several intentions for this class.

First, I want to help the students create a profitable business they'll enjoy in the shortest time possible.  Ideally, those who attend the class will start to see a profit before the 9-week series of finished.

Second, I will also record everything so that when it's done, I'll have another product to sell through my website here.  This will give me another income stream and allow me to help many more people across the globe.

I also intended to form several close partnerships with my students so we can cross-promote each other, resulting in more profitability for all.

And finally, the process of creating, recording, and selling this course will be an example for others to follow in starting their own businesses.

Back in 2003, I started my business with little more than an idea and a plan.  After just a few weeks, I had started to write my first course, and even started selling it before it was finished.

Since then, I've also produced several quickly-done products which generated a nice little income stream.  In terms of $/hour, these were some of the most profitable products I've created.

All-in-all, I feel comfortable teaching this class, and know that those who attend will get a lot out of it.

The only 'glitch' is that my photography business is also calling for my attention.  I just finished a long weekend job for Toastmasters, and am scheduled to help a friend this Thursday to record a workshop and turn it into a product he can sell online.

This is a perfect opportunity to focus on a phrase I've had to become very familiar with these past few years.  "It doesn't have to be perfect.  It just has to be done."

When we find that there's just not enough time to do things in the way we'd like to do them, we have 2 choices.  We can give up, perhaps putting it off until the infamous "later" which never happens, or we can buckle down, do the best we can in the time we have, and produce something of value.  Admittedly, maybe not as high a value as our original plan, but of SOME value nonetheless.

If we find our way back to it again later, we can often improve what we've produced and increase it's value.

In a way, this is also how I've run my business.  I produce one product that has a certain amount of value, then I find ways to create other products with even more value.

So, the classes I do in the next several weeks may not be the best I can produce, but they will be the best I can produce NOW.

Six years ago, in 2012, after coming home from a trip to Hawaii, I was inspired to write a new book called "Harmonic Prayer".  This was 4 years after writing my "Choose To Believe" book, and I felt this would give folks a 'shortcut' to shifting the beliefs required to manifest their desires.

I still feel that a process of prayer can be one of the best ways to shift our beliefs so they may support a new life experience.  The only thing that's different now is that I have a much better understanding of the psychological mechanics involved.

In 2012, I described Harmonic Prayer as a 5-step process involving Faith, Focus, Feeling, Thanksgiving, and following Divine Guidance.  Today, I describe the process as Relax, Indulge, Imagine, Trust, and Act (on Divine Guidance).  Still 5 steps, and roughly the same steps.

Back then, I knew there was a feeling associated with being connected with the Divine, but I really couldn't describe what that feeling was, and the best suggestion for producing it I could give was to open yourself up to the feeling of love.

Today, I understand this 'connection' as a combination of relaxation into an alpha/theta state of mind and emotional indulgence, which could be associated with love, joy, gratitude, pleasure, or even pride.  As long as it makes you feel good, it helps you "open up" to the Divine.  This, plus relaxing into alpha/theta, puts you into a mind space conducive to manifestation.

So, the Feeling and Thanksgiving steps of the original process are now described as Relax and Indulge.

The Faith and Focus steps are essentially the same.  You need to spend some time focusing on what you want to manifest, experiencing it as a very vivid daydream, as if it's happening right now in the moment.  You also need to have faith, and trust that you'll get your desired outcome as soon as it can be arranged.

Following Divine Guidance is also essentially the same as before.  The only difference is that I'm putting a little more emphasis on the ACTION involved.  In most cases, you will be personally involved in bringing your manifestation into reality, and you need to trust the process enough to "step out in faith".  If you don't yet feel comfortable doing so, you need to spend more time in prayer.

Over the last two months, I've been doing another "deep dive" into this material and reading through a variety of other authors' material to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.  All to get ready to write the next book/course.

I have an outline prepared, which includes elements from everything I've written thus far.  Guided meditations, hypnotic symbology, NLP enhancements, willpower training, practical advice, etc.  For all practical purposes, I see this as becoming the ultimate expression of the work I've done over the past 15 years.

As I write this, I'm considering what to call the new course. 

Advanced Harmonic Prayer would be a natural, as it's an extension of the original Harmonic Prayer book.  On the other hand, I've build a brand around "Keys to Power" ("Keys To Power - Step by Step", "Keys To Power Prosperity", "Keys to Power Persuasion"), even naming my publishing business "PowerKeys Publishing".  For this reason, "Keys To Power Prayer" could work.

I've noticed that many books in this field which stand the test of time tend to name a process, method, or system.

And then there are more action-oriented titles, such as:

Some books stand the test of time even without such titles, such as "What Color is  Your Parachute?", which defies all logic, as it's a book on finding a new job.  This goes to show that titles are not the most important thing when it comes to making sure a book is successful.

I could go for something like "The 5 Keys to Powerful Prayers", which incorporates several of these elements, and has a bit of intrigue as well.  A variation of this could be "5 Prayer Keys that Get Powerful Results".

If I wanted to emphasize the enjoyable nature of the process, I could call it "The Party Prayer Process".  Maybe even, "Indulge Your Way to True Prayer Power".  Somehow, I don't see many people responding well to that last one.  Or maybe it's just a bit too 'sensational' for my taste.

However, the original Harmonic Prayer book had the subtitle, "How to Instantly Increase Your Prayer Power", which is a bit sensational in it's own right.

I've considered titles like "Blessings Galore" and "Blessings, Blessings Everywhere", but they've already been used by other authors.  While titles do not enjoy copyright protection, I'd rather use unique titles for my work.

For whatever reason, it also seems that most folks gravitate more towards science-sounding approaches, as if they've already lost faith in prayers, or just want something a little less related to religion.  One reason why we had a flood of quantum-this and quantum-that in recent years as everyone flocked to "Law of Attraction"-flavored manifestation systems.

I certainly don't blame anyone for this.  I, myself, gave up a long time ago on asking for help from a nebulous divine being who may or may not choose to respond.  My own view of prayer doesn't depend on a personality, but on natural laws of reality that work anytime you get all the variables right.

Having covered all this, other possibilities include:

My next step is to take all these ideas into a meditation and ask my deeper mind to give me the winning title.

UPDATE: Final Title

After asking a few close friends for their input on the titles above, and some meditation of my own, I've settled on a title for the next book, which is:

Faith, Focus, and Feeling.  The Keys to Manifesting Your Dreams with Harmonic Prayer

While some authors are comfortable writing the book first and naming it later, I find that the title influences the content of the book, and prefer to get it closer to perfection the first time around.

Now, on to updating the outline to better conform to the nature of the title.

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