Those who have been involved in manifesting (Law of Attraction) for a while have usually encountered a situation where everything is going smooth, then all of a sudden, things go haywire, and it seems it's all falling apart.

Sometimes, it's like you've hit a brick wall, and the universe is saying, "You shall not pass!"

When it happens to someone just starting out, they tend to take that as a sign that manifesting doesn't work, and it's all a giant waste of time.

Those who have had a few successes will tend to look at it as a lesson, where they need to learn something new.  Maybe they might interpret it as a sign that what they wanted wasn't good for them, and they shouldn't want that thing/person/situation.

More experienced manifestors will realize that the "block / obstacle / limitation" is within themselves, and go within to find the belief(s) responsible in order to get things back on track.

In today's post, I'd like to talk about how we can respond to these situations, and how to prevent them from happening again.

The first point I want to bring up is that we humans have highly complex belief systems.  There might be hundreds of beliefs that all relate to the situation at hand.  There's also something I'm starting to pay more attention to, which is that some beliefs are context-dependent.  In other words, we may believe that people are basically good and honest when we're feeling good, but believe that people will lie any time it benefits them when we're in pain.

We may also believe that we're excellent at manifesting in most situations, but feel that our ability to manifest in one particular situation (such as wealth, health, or relationships) is limited.

When we go through our process to manifest a desired outcome, all of these various beliefs are involved in producing the physical events that actually transpire.

Now, we don't need 100% positive belief in order to manifest.  As long as we're OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY, that's enough to see results.  Not a guarantee, though, since if we're JUST open to the possibility of it working, then we're also open to the possibility of it not working.

That's the problem with partial beliefs.  If they're not 100% to the positive, then there's SOME belief in the negative.

In order to GUARANTEE positive results ALL OF THE TIME, then our beliefs in our ability to manifest in all situations must be 100%.

When we're just starting out, most of us have a mix of beliefs, and we have a history of some things working and other things not working.  These beliefs will create our experiences in manifesting, and the result is that some of our manifesting efforts will fail.

With more experience, our confidence grows, and we expect more and more of our efforts to be fruitful.

So, back to the subject of today's post.  How do we respond when a particular manifesting effort fails?  And what if a whole string of efforts fail?

Personally, if one of my manifesting goals fails to manifest by a particular time, I simply assume that it just hasn't happened YET, and will still show up in due time.  If time is a factor (such as when an outdoor event is scheduled, and we wanted sun, not rain), then I will refocus my mind, be very deliberate about going deeply within myself, imagining the desired outcome in sharp, clear detail mixed with positive emotions, remind myself (affirm) that I am a manifesting master, and trust that this time, the results will come quicker.

I might continue to focus on the desired result as if it's already a physical reality, and mentally apply this "template" onto the world around me as a baker might apply a cookie cutter to the dough that's been rolled out in front of him/her.

If necessary, I might remind myself that physical reality can change in a moment (which has been documented several times throughout history) and focus on the idea that "it's already done", and the evidence will show up soon.

It's also important to realize that any effort to apply force indicates a belief in resistance, so there's no "force" involved.  Just a firm focus on the desired outcome.

I also don't allow myself to slip into anxiety or depression about the "failed" attempt.  I've learned that this is nothing more than a focus on the negative, and I don't want to manifest anything negative, so I refuse to give that type of energy my focus.

Ideally, we want to be in the mindset that the desired result is "destined" to happen, there's nothing we need to do (i.e. – it will happen without our help), and nothing could possibly stop it.

Few things are really that critical, and most of the time, if something doesn't work out, I just accept it and move on, knowing that I have a 90% batting average, and that's good enough for me.

So, that answers the question about what to do if a particular manifesting effort fails.  What about a string of such events?

In most cases, this indicates an underlying belief needs to be addressed.  For those wanting to manifest greater wealth, I will often ask them how they feel about those who have more wealth.  If the issue is about health, I would ask them to pretend that beliefs have no effect on their experience and tell me why they have the health problem, and what's preventing them from being healthy.  The same if it's a relationship issue, or most other issues, actually.

When we take note of the "reasons" for the problem (as someone who didn't believe in manifesting might give), then we find out what we believe about the issue.  These will be the beliefs that need to be addressed in order to manifest a different reality.

Early on in my relationship with my wife, Linda, she believed that rich people were crooks, and that those who had lots of money couldn't be trusted.

My beliefs at that time included a belief that I was generally "a failure" who happened to be able to manifest a few things here and there.

You can probably guess what our financial situation was at that time.

In my case, the problem was a belief about myself.  For Linda, there was a belief about what it meant to be wealthy, and it was something she didn't want to be associated with.

By the time I wrote the original Keys To Power - Step by Step course, I understood the importance of these "underlying beliefs", but only had rudimentary tools to offer for changing them.

Over the years, I've worked on learning new and better ways to get ALL of our beliefs working FOR us and our manifesting efforts.

In 2008, I published Choose To Believe, which offered a whole toolkit for working with beliefs directly.

Since then, I've gravitated towards a single process that has worked better than all the others, and if you've followed my writings in the last couple of years, you already know that it involves relaxing deeply, imagining the desired outcome in rich, vibrant detail as if it's happening right here, right now, and then trusting that it will actually happen.

The first time I did this type of process resulted in the manifestation of $70 the same day.  Since I was homeless (and penniless) at the time, that was a massive windfall.

All of the big manifestations I've produced involved this same process in one way or another.  Which is why it's the central focus for the new course I'm creating this year.

This new course (Divine Dynamics) will also help those who have experience in manifesting to eliminate all of the little belief patterns that could come up in various situations, so you can get consistent results every time you set an intention to manifest anything.

To get more information on my new course, and to register (it's free!), go to

In the midst of the current pandemic, many people are praying for protection, for safety, for healing, and for a return back to the way things were before.

And yet the reports show the progression continues to be consistent.  Nothing is slowing this down.  Not prayer, not face masks, not social distancing, not anything.

However, the reports don't show everything.  They only show the AVERAGE results produced by EVERYONE.

Certain individuals are having great success getting the protection, the safety, and the healing they desire.  Some folks are actually THRIVING during this global health crisis.

I remember reading a scientific study published a number of years ago on the effects of prayer.  They started with a list of patients with various health issues, and assigned these 'cases' to various people, with the intention that those involved in the study would pray for the recovery of their particular case patient.  Only the patient's name and general area of need was given to those praying for them.

In this particular study, the only information recorded for those praying was their stated religious affiliation.  No data was captured regarding method of prayer, length of time praying, pre-existing belief patterns, or specific words and/or images used during prayer.

With such limited data, it's no wonder that they concluded that "all forms of prayer are equally effective".  However, it would have been more accurate to say that a person's religious affiliation makes no difference in their ability to pray effectively.

As someone who has researched the actual METHODS of prayer, I know for a fact that some forms are more effective than others. Shaking your fist at the sky while shouting curses is NOT an effective form of prayer.  Visualizing the patient and his/her health problem while asking for a healing is also not effective, and can actually make the problem worse.  Getting quiet, identifying with Divine Source and imagining the patient as healed, whole, and complete is much more effective.

If you'd like to improve the results you get from your prayers, I have a free resource for you.

It's a new e-course called Divine Dynamics, and focuses on the exact METHODS and skills necessary to pray effectively and get reliable, consistent results.

Get more info at

A question that frequently comes up is one that is often phrased like so:

"I have had many positive results in my manifesting, so I know it works.  What I need to learn now is how do I get more consistent results?"

Back when I first got into manifesting, it took a while before I got any results whatsoever, and then I also had the experience of "hit or miss" results that ranged from "okay" to "great" to "what the hell happened?!"

In the days of promoting my original manifesting course, "The Keys to Power - Step by Step", I would warn folks of the dangers of making mistakes, and talk about the many times I would have to pick up the pieces of my life after a failed attempt.

Part of the problem I had was that I was working with a foundational belief that manifestations happened when Divine Power was directed by intense conscious focus, and I often strained my "mental muscles" to get even the slightest result.

Now, I understand the error.  The belief in struggle produced struggle.

That belief came from another belief that thoughts were much less powerful than physical objects.

I also didn't fully understand how the thoughts inside my mind could interact with physical things outside my body.

My study into the theories of quantum physics and multidimensional reality has shown me that every point of space is intimately connected with every other point of space, and therefore, the whole universe is contained within my own mind.  (Yours too!)

The more I got comfortable with the idea that my thoughts could indeed influence the world around me, and the more I believed that thoughts were actually MORE powerful than physical reality, the easier it all became, and the more consistently I got positive results.

Of course, this didn't "just happen".

On one level, I had to give up the constant search for logical connections, and just accept the fact that one way or another, manifesting did work, and I didn't need to fully understand HOW it worked to make use of it.

Kind of like using a computer.  Do any of us really understand the electrical properties of the millions of circuits that allow us to watch a video or play a game?

Another thing that made a big impact on the consistency of results in my own manifesting efforts was simple practice.  Going through the motions without demanding instant and miraculous phenomenon.

And then there was the realization that the more relaxed I became, the stronger my connection with the Source of Power, and how that led to better and better results.

Further practice and experimentation showed that I could get wonderful results by relaxing deeply and simply indulging in positive emotions, such as love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and even sensual pleasure.

Some of the most significant manifestations in my life came from what I called Creative Daydreaming sessions, in which I simply relaxed and daydreamed about what I wanted to experience.

The first few times, there wasn't any expectation of results, but after noticing the connection between relaxed daydreaming and events in my physical life, I started using the process with intention.

And as you know, I've spent years perfecting the process.

Lately, I've spent more time exploring what can be done OUTSIDE the manifesting process to make Life better.

This is one of the main reasons for the new Divine Dynamics e-course.

Once I cover the core manifestation process and how to develop the skills required to use it effectively (and consistently), the course will expand on that to show easy ways to master all aspects of life.

Of course, it's all described on the PowerKeys Publishing website's homepage:

No matter what type of results you've been getting from your manifesting efforts, there's going to be SOMETHING in this new course to help you improve your life.

So, I'd like to formally invite you to register for this new course.

There's no charge, and you can drop out any time you wish.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

My message today may rub some folks the wrong way.

I'll apologize for that up front.

Please understand that my intention is to help you see where you can take control over the events in your life to create your vision of perfection.

Okay, with that said, let's continue.

Those of us who have studied and practiced manifesting look at the current world situation a bit differently than most.

Most folks are highly cautious of interacting with people outside their household as a safety precaution to avoid becoming compromised.

Those of us who know we create our own reality understand that it really doesn't matter, because our beliefs determine whether or not we are protected.

If we truly believe we are protected and will stay healthy, we will, even when we come in direct contact with things like viruses and bacteria.

If you believe that a virus can kill you, then you're open to experiencing that reality, even if you take all the recommended precautions.

Now, when I say "if we TRULY believe", I'm suggesting that there's more involved than just a surface belief about one specific situation.

This is where most folks get the whole "our beliefs create our reality" thing wrong.

It's not enough to just believe that this one situation will turn out a specific way.

There's a whole network of beliefs that work together to create your experiences.

To illustrate this, my beliefs in regards to the COVID-19 situation include the following:

Of course, there are many other beliefs that would also influence my experience during this time.

Beliefs such as "I usually get the results I want" and "I enjoy my life the way it is" also influence my experiences in all areas of life.

Where someone else may see being cautious as a practical matter devoid of any fear, I'd say that the only reason to be cautious is when you're afraid of the possible consequences.

How many of us take practical measures to protect ourselves from an overabundance of oxygen?

To be fair, if you're worried about possible consequences, then you SHOULD be cautious, because your beliefs are not yet to a point where you would be fully protected.

In the meantime, I would recommend you work on shifting your beliefs to be more confident in your ability to stay healthy regardless of prevailing conditions.

The shift will take some time. The more you've been locked into the idea of a physical reality outside your control, the longer it will take to shift into a belief that you are in control over every experience in your life.

Next week, I'll have everything ready to announce a new free course I'm developing, and you'll have an opportunity to sign up for that for free.  (EDIT: You can now sign up at

This new free course (Divine Dynamics) starts with the quickest, most effective manifestation process I know.

You already know what this process is, however, I'll be going into depth to help you develop master-level skills in using the process.

It's going to be awesome!

How are you getting along with the "30 Days to Divine Power" course I gave you last week?

If you missed that, you can download this course from THIS LINK.

The first few lessons are incredibly easy to follow.

It all starts with relaxing.

Then you learn to relax and indulge in an enjoyable memory.

Then you learn to elicit a powerful feeling of joy.

On the surface, these may seem to be almost insignificant, yet when you understand the manifestation process, you realize that these are the foundations that make miracles possible.

The more you relax into a positive emotional state, the closer you are to the Divine, and the more you can channel Divine Power into your manifestations.

With the current events happening in our world today, this is even more important than ever.

A friend of mine on Facebook is calling for people to visualize the virus mutating into a harmless form.

One of the best pieces of advice I've seen yet.

In a very real sense, we (the human race) have manifested this into our experience. We can also manifest it away.

Take some time to relax as deeply as you can, elicit a feeling of joy to connect with your inner Divinity, then imagine people everywhere happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

Not only will this help those in need, it will also create positive karma for yourself, which will come back to you as many blessings rewarding you for your efforts.

And the more of us who work together, the more people we can help.

Two people joining forces and impact the lives of only four. 200 people joining forces can impact the lives of 40,000.

If we can get 89,000 people working together, we can impact the lives of the entire planet.

The point is that no one is insignificant, and we need YOU to join us in this effort.

Of course, the more skilled you are at manifesting, the better this will work, which is one reason I'm making the "30 Days to Divine Power" course available for free.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

A lot of folks are taking what may be described as an extended vacation at home.

It's a great time to catch up on your rest, take some time to meditate, and connect with your inner Divine essence.

It's also a good time to practice your manifestation skills, and work past any obstacles that may have held you back in the past.

To help you with this, I'm giving you a copy of my "30 Days to Divine Power" course.

This started out as an email course 2 years ago, and got compiled into a PDF, which you can download with this link.

When I originally released the email series, I presented it as a "pay what you think it's worth after you've gone through it" type of thing.

I was very surprised at how many people actually paid for it, and how much they paid.

A few even paid over $100 for a series of emails they had already received.

I take that to mean this course had a significant impact on their lives.

Give it a chance to have a significant impact on your life as well.

Take each lesson and spend a day with it, allowing yourself to fully engage with it's message.

Only move on to the next lesson when you feel ready.

Above all else, have FUN with it!

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

I have a couple of things for you today.

First is a new video.

This was a presentation I did this past Sunday, which was VERY well received by the audience.

If you've ever struggled with keeping a positive focus, this presentation will give you a few things that will help.

I'd also like to mention that since the first of the year, I've been working on a new course.

It's called Divine Dynamics, and includes in-depth training in manifesting and a whole lot more.

This course will be presented on a weekly basis, with email and video versions of each lesson.

The most challenging aspect of creating this course is keeping it relatively short, so that each lesson is only about 15 minutes of video.

I'm also learning how to use a teleprompter for better video presentations. It definitely takes some work to get comfortable with it and get a good result.

So far, I've got the first few lessons done, and I'm feeling really good about the direction this is going.

I should be ready to release this new course sometime in the next few weeks.

I'll let you know when it's ready.  (EDIT: the new course is now available at

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

Since I last wrote, winter has hit Michigan.

It's kind of strange.

Both last year and this year, the trees held on to their leaves until our first snow.

Actually, at the moment, we still have a few trees with green leaves on them.

I guess they are the ones ignoring physical reality and focusing on the type of weather they would rather have.

On one hand, this can be seen as an admirable persistence. Carrying on even when tangible evidence says it's time to change with the season.

On the other hand, it's also a message that nature ebbs and flows, and there are some things we all have to accept -- eventually.

Being someone who is completely focused on making the universe conform to my vision, this isn't something I think about often.

On some level, though, I recognize that it's a LOT easier to run WITH the wind than run against it.

As an example, video rental stores found themselves in trouble with the popularity of Netflix and other online streaming services.

Photographers needed to become true artists instead of just skilled technicians once cameras became smart enough to set their own exposure and identify subjects to focus on.

Local stores are even starting to provide free delivery services to encourage folks to shop with them instead of the big online stores.

When you notice a trend happening in your field, it's a good idea to adapt and thrive, once you understand the trend and where it's going.

I can't believe I'm saying this — I remember back when fax machines first came out and how expensive they were. (For those who don't know what a fax machine is, think of cell phones instead.)

At the time, I didn't see why anyone would spend that much money on such a thing, yet over time, I saw the businesses that embraced the new technology attracted more customers than those that held on to the old ways.

The same idea applies in personal situations too.

At one time, kids could do the dumbest things, grow out of it, and people would eventually forget the stupid stuff they did.

Nowadays, with so much getting posted to social media, that stuff will stick with you forever.

Those who get married soon find themselves with a different circle of friends. And when they have kids, it seems everything changes.

The point of all this is simple.

When you see the world around you changing, consider how you might want to change to get the most out of the new patterns.

Six years ago, my photography business started shifting away from still photography to video.

Yes, I could have stuck with still photography, but I'm really enjoying doing video, and it's a lot more profitable.

In my online business, I'm starting to see a pattern where others who teach a subject are moving towards a "patronage" model, where the basic information is given away for free, but those who pay an ongoing monthly fee get little extras.

These monthly fees tend to range from $1 to $20.

At the moment, I'm considering how I might best adapt to this new pattern.

I'm also seeing a pattern where paid courses are smaller, more tightly focused, and the larger courses are sold in pieces.

What patterns are shifting in your life?

How could you adapt to take advantage of them?

Consider it.

On a completely different topic, I'll be doing a live workshop here in the Grand Rapids area.

The title is "Turning Lead into Gold: A Spiritual Transformation", and it happens this Sunday.

I'm planning to record it and get it posted to YouTube next week.

EDIT: Here's the video:


Happy Halloween, my friend!

If you're the type of person who doesn't celebrate Halloween, then this message may be especially important for you.

Because once you eliminate the folklore about what Halloween MEANS, and why the holiday got started, and look at what it IS, you see that the essence is centered around the idea of pretending to be someone different.

Most kids dress up as a character they'd LIKE to be, or a character with traits they admire, and this is something we can use to manifest a more enjoyable future for ourselves.

When you study human nature as I have, you find that most of us do something like this everyday.

We hold ourselves back from being too outrageous because "that's not who I am".

We hold back from certain things because we don't want to be seen as "that type of person".

On the flipside, we do some things we'd rather not do to appear to be respectable, presentable, and professional.

Or maybe we'd like to do some things, but don't because it just doesn't feel right.

I know when I was growing up, I held back from many things. So much so, that when I decided I WANTED to be more outgoing, I felt a HUGE resistance because "that wasn't who I was".

That's why I enjoy Halloween. It gives us an excuse to express a persona completely different from our usual personality, and everyone accepts it without too many questions.

The concept of pretending is an interesting one.

It's something we all do as children, almost as if it were a built-in instinct.

Every animal on this planet has built-in instincts that serve to help each animal succeed in life.

Squirrels bury nuts for winter.

Birds build nests to lay eggs.

Cats get real focused when they see quick-moving objects.

Humans pretend to be someone they'd like to be.

When I noticed this and started experimenting with the idea of pretending that life was as I wanted it to be, I found that this is often the most powerful form of magic of all.

The process I've been sharing with you (relax, imagine, trust) has pretending at it's core.

When you imagine the result you want to manifest, you are essentially pretending that it has already happened, at least within your mind.

What happens if you take this outside your mind into the physical world around you?

What if you look around your home and see the types of things you'd like to possess?

What if you look in your wallet and see it filled with $100 bills?

What if you look at your car and see the type of car you'd most like to have?

What if you look at your spouse and see the type of person you'd like them to become?

What if you look in the mirror and see the type of person you'd like yourself to become?

What if you ....?

Obviously, you can only take this so far.

If your bank account is currently under $1000, you probably shouldn't write a check for a new car.

Far better to pretend that your current car is everything you want it to be. At least for today.

This attitude of mind will attract whatever is necessary for you to GET a car that's everything you want it to be.

Maybe you'll get a business idea that will bring in more money in a month than you made all year.

Maybe you'll get a feeling to buy a lottery ticket that ends up being a winner.

Maybe you'll meet someone who feels guilty about they way they treated you in the past and wants to make it up to you.

Maybe something else will happen.

You never really know HOW it will manifest, so just be open to whatever comes you way.

All you have to do is trust that it will happen.

And one way to develop that trust to to relax, imagine it happening, and bringing that vision with you as you go through your day, pretending that the magic has already happened.

And for heaven's sake, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

It's worked well for me.

I'm sure it will work for you too.

In my last post, I mentioned that music can help many of us relax even deeper into the Divine Space within and help us get better and better results in manifesting.

Click here to check out a great CD for relaxing.

Before that, I made 2 posts describing a process that can help you shift your beliefs so you can truly TRUST that positive results are indeed possible when you set a clear intention.

Both of these are aimed at a single goal.

When you can relax deeply into yourself, imagine what you want to manifest as if it's happening right here, right now, and trust that you'll get the results you want, you will.

And of these 3 steps, relaxing and trusting are the more important ones.

I find that 30 to 60 minutes in the morning and evening to be sufficient to manifest anything.

And, believe it or not, if the only thing you do during that time is focus on positive emotions while in a deep state of relaxation, that is enough to direct Divine Energy into your life as an overall blessing.

Any time you bless something with Divine Energy, it's going to improve.

Okay, I hear you. When are we getting to something more interesting?

After more than 35 years researching the Power of Miracles, the fact that it all comes down to something so simple and easy is utterly fascinating to me.

But I do understand if you want something with a little more "bite" to it.

How about this -- a process to improve your ability to imagine something as vividly as a physical reality.

The more vividly you can imagine something while deeply relaxed, the quicker it will manifest.

Here's the process.

Find a small object, something you can hold in your hand.

Now, study every detail of this object.

Study its shape, its colors, its texture.

Does it make any noise as you handle it?

How hard or soft is this object?

Notice how it tastes.

Memorize every detail about this one object.

Now, set it down and close your eyes.

Recreate the experience of handling this object within your mind.

Imagine the shape, the colors, the texture.

Imagine every little detail about this object.

Spend a few minutes imagining the object, then open your eyes, pick it up again, and repeat the process.

Do this at least 5 or 6 times with the same object. The repeat the whole series with another object, and a third.

A day or two later, do this exercise again with another set of 3 objects. Repeat until you can clearly imagine things within your mind with a level of clarity and vividness that rivals physical reality.

What you're doing is instructing your inner mind to recreate every little detail of an experience within your imagination.

When you focus on imagining something, your inner mind now knows that you want ALL THE DETAILS to be included in your imagination.

You're also exercising your mind, and just like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

When I first got into digital photography, the process of editing my photos involved me zooming in to a pixel level of detail to see what I was editing.

At the time, I wasn't even thinking of using this as a visualization exercise.

But after a week or two of looking at photos, zooming in to the details, then zooming out to see the whole image again, I noticed that my visualizations were much more detailed than they used to be.

Since then, I've used a similar process with my other senses.

Part of this process involved studying the tastes of indulgent food, and this led me to realize that indulging our senses can actually help us connect more deeply to the Divine Essence within.

It also helps me resist the temptation to eat a bag full of candy on Halloween, since I can eat one, and imagine the rest.

Well, that's enough for now. Catch you later.

Over the last couple of months, I've been sharing with you a system to manifest anything and everything you could possibly want in life.

It's all based on the idea that you are a Divine Being with the Power to co-create your world.

It's also focused on a simple process of relaxing as deeply as you can, imagining what you want in rich, vivid detail, and trusting that it will manifest into your life.

The more you practice this, the easier it gets, and the more significant the results you will experience when you follow this process.

I've repeated many times the importance of relaxing into a deep alpha or light theta state of mind, because this is where the magic happens.

The more you relax into yourself, the less resistance your conscious mind will have, and the quicker you'll get the results you want.

To aid in this part of the process, I recommend you engage in any activity that helps you relax.

For some, it's sitting out in the sun. For others, it's soaking in a hot tub of water.

For many, having relaxing music playing in the background helps a lot.

As some in our community already know, I'm married to a wonderful composer who creates beautiful meditational music. Linda Missad.

Linda has recently produced a new CD of meditational music, which you will find on her website at

The CD is called "Reflections", and has some of the most enjoyable tracks I've ever heard.

I'm particularly fond of the track called "Light Sparkles".

It's also the first CD I've been able to listen to repeatedly for a full day without getting tired of hearing it.

We've set up her website so you can hear samples of each track, and you may purchase individual tracks as MP3s, a downloadable version of the full CD, or a physical CD if you prefer that.

If you have a Spotify account, you can listen to her new CD there as well as on iTunes, Deezer, or Tidal.

I invite you to check this out.

I have a feeling you're going to love it as much as I do.

That's it for now.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

In my last post, I started describing a process that will allow you to alter your memories of the past so you can shift your beliefs to manifest more of what you want in life.

The idea behind this is that we manifest according to our beliefs, and our beliefs are based on our memories.

A common theme in most Law of Attraction processes is that they create new memories, either through repeated affirmations of an idea, visualization of the desired result, or something else that gives you a "reason to believe" that something new can happen.

Even something as simple as EFT is based on the idea that when you tap specific points, this will cause a shift, and it's our memories of tapping and what it means that creates change.

Of course, like most things, it only works if you believe in it.

Incidentally, the only reason people say a process works whether you believe it in or not is to help you reach a point of belief.

EVERYTHING works or doesn't work according to your belief in it.

Okay, enough of that tangent. Back to our main subject.

If you recall from last time, the start of this process I'm sharing with you is to relax deeply and allow yourself to indulge in positive emotions like joy, pleasure, or even pride.

These 2 steps, by themselves, can shift your reality and create a series of wonderful blessings that appear to come out of nowhere.

Before we go further, take a moment now and relax and recall a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Focus on that good feeling, and imagine what it would feel like if it were 1000 times stronger.

Mentally drop all connections with the outer world, and allow yourself to become totally immersed in this good feeling.

I'll wait for you.

The more you practice this, the easier it will get, and the more blessings you'll find in life.

As you continue through this process, refresh this feeling of joy and satisfaction between each step.

The rest of this process revolves around 2 ideas.

Remove (or at least weaken) any negative memories, and create new positive memories that echo the types of things you want to manifest.

Let's start by removing the negative.

There are a wide variety of ways to do this.

I'll describe a few, and you can use the core principles to come up with more. Use as many as you want, and feel free to repeat this from time to time.

Common to all of these is the use of symbols while in a deep state of relaxation.

In other words, we're using self-hypnosis here.

Which means that you want to be in a deep alpha or light theta level of mind. Deeply relaxed.

Another commonality is that the suggestions here are meant to be FUN. PLAY with them. Bring that intense feeling of joy and satisfaction with you throughout the whole process.

The tone and nature of your feelings will leave traces on all memories you touch during this.

Okay, on to the suggestions.

One way to clear our old negative beliefs is to imagine that the landscape of your mind is being washed with a flood of cleansing liquid.

As with most hypnotic processes, this is magic liquid that only affects the negative memories and leaves the positive ones in place.

A slight variation of this is to imagine your memories like a lawn, and you're spraying a "weed and feed" mixture to kill the weeds (negative memories) while feeling the positive (grass).

If there is major renovation needed, you could hire a crew to do the work for you, and just watch them reshape the landscape of your mind to be a more beautiful place to be.

Another slight variation of this is to imagine your mind as a house, and you (or a hired crew) are making repairs and doing remodeling.

Or maybe you prefer to see your memories as books on a shelf, and it's time to pack away the ones you don't want any longer and send them to be recycled.

On the recycling idea, many people imagine that they have a "root" shooting down into the core of the Earth, much like a grounding rod, and they send negative energies down that rod into the Earth where it can be recycled and returned as fresh, clean, positive energy.

Going back to the flood idea, I've also imagined myself standing under a waterfall, and the water is washing away all negativity, leaving me invigorated and vibrating with positive energy.

Going a completely different direction, you could imagine that you're standing next to a magnet that only pulls negative memories / energy, and this magnet takes all the negativity away.

If you think there's something major that needs to be surgically removed, you could imagine that a specially-trained doctor is operating on you to remove the offending memories.

Once the memories are gone, it's like the events never even happened.

You could imagine a fire, and you can choose which memories to throw into the fire and which ones to keep. Watch the unwanted memories turn into smoke.

Fire is a type of chemical process. You could imagine that you're soaking in a tub of a special chemical that turns negative memories / energy into positive energy that will empower you in many wonderful ways.

Another idea is to lock the negative memories away in a super-strong box, and throw that box into the sun, or through a black hole, or through a portal into another dimension.

In all of these suggestions, there's really no need to revisit the old memories. Just know that they are being eliminated, and your deeper mind will understand what to do.

This is definitely getting to be a long post.

The last part is easily described, so I'll keep going.

Once you've cleared out the negative memories, it's a good idea to just rest and settle into a feeling of clarity and weightlessness.

It's such a freeing experience to be rid of all that negative junk.

And when you're ready, once again refresh your feeling of deep relaxation and positive emotion, and then imagine all of your dreams coming true.

Allow yourself to indulge in any number of daydreams where everything goes perfectly, and you get exactly what you would ask for.

If you want, you can imagine a time in the future, or a time in the past.

Imagining things in the past can help to create the positive memories that support more positive beliefs.

Look at it this way, if you had memories of being successful at something 100 times before, it would be easy to expect that you'll be successful any other time, even if it's the first time you've actually done it physically.

The trick is to relax deeply, imagine the event in rich, vivid detail, and make it as real as an actual physical event.

When you do this, your memories will seem as if you actually did do it physically.

Try using this process a few times, and let me know if any questions come up for you.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

Most folks find themselves unable to move forward and embrace the things they would enjoy because negative beliefs are holding them back.

In most cases, you don't notice that this is the issue, because on the surface, it appears that you're just being logical and basing current decisions on the result of past experience.

After all, if you tried breaking out of a shell and had people laugh at you, you feel it's a lot safer to stay in your shell and not do that again.

Or if you tried starting a business and failed, then it seems a wiser course of action to avoid that risk and play it safe as an employee.

And if you tried opening up and sharing your true self with a life partner, and the relationship ended soon after, you might be forgiven for thinking it was your fault.

If it happened once, it could happen again, right?

Well, that is true.

However, it's also true that if you did try it again, you could have a completely different experience, one that is so much more satisfying.

But where do you find the courage to try again?

Whenever I find myself hesitant to trust a new venture, or notice that I'm holding back for some reason, I take a moment to go within, reconnect with my Divine Source, and affirm new strength.

In times past, I used a completely different process, which I'll share with you now.

This process uses a variety of techniques to drain away any energy or power that might exist within negative memories, and replace those memories with more empowering ones.

The reason this works is because our feelings often arise from our beliefs, and our beliefs tend to be based on the contents of our memories.

So, change your memories, and your feeling will change too.

And when you feel more powerful and courageous, it's a lot easier to get things done at a higher level of quality and professionalism.

In short, we can now say—change your memories, and become more successful.

Okay, so the first step in this process is to relax as deeply as you can.

Get yourself into a deep alpha or light theta.

You can't adjust the furnace in the basement if you spend all your time in the attic.

Relax as deeply as you can.

Spend as much time on this as you need. The deeper you go, the better.

Imagine you're going down a long staircase, or riding an elevator / escalator to the lower levels, or sliding down one of those poles in a fire station.

Count yourself down from 20 to 1.

Whatever it takes.

If you fall asleep, you went a bit too far. Try again when you're more rested.

Step 2, when you feel you're ready, is to focus on eliciting positive emotions.

Imagine yourself doing something you enjoy, such as sitting in the sun, floating in water, getting a massage, or eating a delicious dessert.

Really get into it.

Don't move forward until you can actually FEEL the positive emotions welling up within you.

Remember what it was like when you felt really good about something.

It could be a sensual experience, or it could be the feeling of pride at accomplishing something difficult.

Find the most enjoyable feeling you can.

Now, amp it up. Magnify it. Make it stronger, more powerful, and as intense as you can possibly stand it.

What would it feel like if this feeling of joy and pleasure were 1000 times more powerful, a million times more intense?

Anchor that in, using any symbology that makes sense to you.

This could be an actual anchor, a push-pin on a corkboard, or a steel cage holding it in place.

You could turn this massively positive feeling into a place, such as a building, a mountain, or an entire planet.

Whenever you need a boost, just think of the symbol you're using here, and the power and enjoyment will come rushing in.

You could even set an intention that each time you use this symbol, it gets more powerful than the time before, and each time you use it, the feelings just get more enjoyable and intense.

So far, you're now relaxed and feeling good.

If this was all you did, this by itself will shift the nature of your consciousness--including your memories--so that you naturally feel more confident and willing to try new things.

In fact, some say that this type of process will send out thought energies to shift the course of event in the physical world around you, producing more "luck" and ensuring that things go your way more often than not.

This is the belief system I used in most of my earlier experiments with manifestation, and it works if you believe in it.

Pretty cool, right?

But wait, there's more!

However, this post is starting to get a bit too long, and it's good for you to practice this before we cover the rest of the process.

I'll finish this in my next post.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

Until we fully master ourselves and our beliefs, we will run into situations that cause us concern.

Whether that concern becomes worry, fear, or some other negative emotion depends on the nature of your belief system.

For instance, do you believe you are a powerful Divine being with unlimited potential, or do you believe that you're "just human" with limits.

The smaller and less powerful you believe yourself to be, the more concerned, worried, or fearful you will become when things don't go as planned.

This is why I often suggest to students that they spend time meditating on the idea of being an infinitely powerful Divine being.

Imagine yourself as both the irresistable force AND the immovable object.

Get the most out of this by relaxing deeply into an alpha or theta level of mind.

Enhance this by also indulging in positive emotions. Allow yourself to feel good and play.

And above all, trust that the actions you take within your mind will find ways to manifest themselves into your reality.

Anyone can do this, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

When you're first getting started, it may take several attempts before you really start to feel the effects of your own mental focus.

But if you keep at it, you'll start to notice better and faster results each time you do this.

Eventually, you'll get to a point where nothing frightens you, causes you to worry, or gives you any reason for concern.

Because you'll KNOW that you have the Power to shift reality into your version of perfection.

That's it for today.

Just wanted to remind you just how powerful you are.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

Let me tell you about a small problem I recently solved using a technique I'm going to show you.

Last night, I went into my office to grab my Kindle to look up a detail in a book there.

The Kindle wasn't where I normally keep it, so I started looking everywhere for it.

It wasn't on any of my shelves, nor was it in any of my camera bags, boxes of stuff, the rest of the house, my car, or anywhere else I looked.

I started wondering if I had took it somewhere and forgot to bring it home.

Eventually, I sat down, calmed myself, and focused my mind on "manifesting" the return of my Kindle.

I imagined it in my hands, and as I did this, I instructed my inner mind to give me a clear memory of the last time I used it and where I could find it again.

Since this was late at night, I went to bed soon afterwards.

This morning, I woke up with the clear memory I had asked for, including an image of a small bag I had NOT looked in during my search.

I got up, checked the bag, and there it was.

There are several important points to notice in this example.

First, when I realized I wasn't finding what I was looking for, I stopped, relaxed into myself, and focused on manifesting the desired result.

If I didn't do anything else, this would have been enough to move me in the direction I needed to go to solve my problem.

But I didn't stop there.

I also gave clear and direct instructions to my inner self.

If you prefer to pray to another Divine Being that's perfectly okay too. (Just to be clear, I'm referring to the fact that YOU are also a Divine Being.)

As long as you're clear about what you want and you believe you can get an answer, direct your questions / instructions wherever you want.

The next point to notice is that I released the whole idea and gave my inner self time to produce the desired result.

Another point to notice is that the answer came to me right after waking up.

Sometimes I think I should be taking a dozen naps during the day, because the best ideas often come to me right after waking up.

And finally, when I got what felt to be the right answer, I took action on it.

The basic idea here works for a lot more than just finding missing items.

You can also use it to get guidance as to the best course of action.

As an example, when I sat down to write this post, my conscious mind had a little difficulty finding the best way to introduce the topic.

After 3 or 4 false starts, I decided to use a similar process to solve this problem as well.

In this case, all I had to do was to relax, direct my focus inward, and ask for guidance as to the best way to structure my message.

The answer was quick and (I believe) correct.

Start with a story about how I used the principle.

Now, I will say that I've used this process many times before, so I am most likely getting quicker and better results than someone just starting out.

The first few times you do this, you may have to relax into a deep alpha / light theta state of mind, and then go through a process of "meeting" your deeper Divine Self before asking for help.

You may also need to specifically elicit positive emotions so you can make a stronger connection with the Divine Spark that is your true self.

And above all else, you definitely need to trust that you will get solid, workable answers.

Give this a try the next time you need help solving a problem.

Even if it takes you 5 or 10 minutes, it's time well spent, and you'll probably find that you get better answers than you could with conscious-mind thinking.

I know I do.

I'll continue this discussion in my next post.

For now, know that you have all the information you need within your grasp.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.

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