Here it is less than 2 weeks before Christmas, and I finally have a chance to sit down and breathe again.  WOW!  What a year!

I know I'm not the only one who feels that life continues to speed up at a phenomenal rate.  Most of the folks I talk to and work with feel the same way.  In fact, just last night, someone said that time itself is speeding up.

Speaking of last night, I attended another Drum Wash Healing session, and this time I brought my professional recording gear to capture the full ambience of the experience.  Editing it into a simple stereo audio turned out to be simpler than I expected, as the various tracks blended together to create a fuller, richer experience.

Here's the final recording: (About 55 minutes)

I pulled out all the in-between stuff, so the drums flow from one session to the next.  If you can, listen to it with headphones.  You'll get a feeling of actually being there, with the sound of the different drums surrounding you on all sides.

Somewhere in July, I wrote down a list of things I've been wanting to do, including writing a new book, producing a Harmonic Prayer course on video, and making some technical changes to the website, including a new mailing list system.

I have a number of pieces in place for all of them.  For example, I have purchased and installed the new mailing list system, but haven't yet tested it to make sure it's going to work the way I want it to, after which I'll feel comfortable making the switch.

I also have an outline for the new book and video course, and purchased a whiteboard to use in the videos.

Part of my mind wonders if there's something within that needs to be addressed, with all the unfinished projects on my ToDo list.  Another part assures me that I'm in a metamorphosis, and there are significant changes ahead.  Changes which I have manifested and will appreciate once they come to fruition.

Both parts recognize that maintaining a clear focus on what I want and trusting that great things are manifesting are the keys to leading these changes to the positive outcomes I desire.

And it's working.  More and more people in my local area are coming to me for help with marketing and web development.  I'm getting more videography jobs, and having a great time producing things like the recording above.

And slowly, but surely, I'm also moving closer to being ready to produce the next (and best) course for my online audience.

Whatever Life has in store for us, it's going be great!

I attended an event last night which included a special type of drum circle / healing service called a "Drum Washing".

Essentially, a group of us stood around a person sitting in the center of the circle and drummed, aiming the vibrations of the drum towards the person receiving the healing energies.

Here is the recording of the drumming parts, edited for continuity.


As much as I love meditation and the results it creates, I have to warn you about meditating too much.  It just isn't healthy.  And the problem I'm referring to affects more people than you might expect.

In fact, everyone who has ever said, "I'm too old for this" has already been affected.

You see, one of the fundamental principles of life is that living things adapt to their environments.

Have you ever noticed how little kids are always running around everywhere?  Adults, on the other hand, try to "save" their energy for more important things.  They're not.

Body builders, those guys and gals who spend hours in the gym day after day, base everything they do on the principle of adaptation.  They lift heavy weights, and their bodies respond by growing stronger.

Runners also build their muscles, but in a different way.  They don't need strength as much as they need endurance.

The same thing happens in reverse.

When you spend a lot of time sitting, such as in meditation or when working at a desk, your body adapts by allowing your muscles to atrophy and waste away.

Eventually, this process would cause a person to need help just to walk.

Putting off exercise because you "don't feel energetic enough" is equivalent to the old joke of waiting for the fire to get bigger and hotter before adding wood.

If you want more energy, you're going to have to get moving.

There's something else too.  Our bodies depend on physical movement to expel waste through the lymphatic system.  If you're not moving, cellular waste collects and starts to interfere with normal functions.  The body starts to break down if too much waste collects.

The lesson in this is simple. Get moving on a regular basis.

You don't have to lift weights or go running. Not unless you want to grow in your ability to handle these types of activity.  Simple movements are enough to help clear out the lymphatic system of waste.

A minute or two of high activity per hour is a good start.  That's about 30 minutes per day.

If you exercise vigorously enough to keep your heart rate up for 20 minutes or more, you also stimulate your metabolism, which can help you lose weight even when you're sitting or sleeping.

I can also tell you that when you get your blood pumping, your brain functions improve as well.  There are a number of scientific studies that back this up.

The more you exercise, the more you're able to get things done, both physically and mentally.

Again, the lesson in this is simple. Get moving on a regular basis.

For those of us who have put off exercise with the excuse of having "too much to do", it's important to note that 30 minutes of high-activity exercise actually helps you get more work done in the remaining time.

Invest 30 minutes to exercise, and you'll get more done in the same 8-hour workday.

Hope this helps.

Oh, one other thing.  As I've mentioned before, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to make exercise more enjoyable.

I've already given you several ideas on how to do this.  It basically comes down to eliciting a feeling of enjoyment and then linking that to the idea of exercising.  It's easy to do with the Symbolic Solutions process I've been talking about.

We all already know that when we feel better physically, we are able to work harder and for longer periods of time. There's more going on here than just that, however, since when we feel better, we are also more willing to take the time to think things through in order to make wiser choices.

I know that when I used to feel tired and run down most of the time, I didn't spend a whole lot of time making good choices. I usually made my decisions based on what seemed the easiest things to do, whether they really made sense in the long term or now. And there were other times when I know that I only saw the most obvious choices and accepted them as being the only ones available to me, although there probably were other choices that would have required less work overall.

For instance, when I was developing my photography business. Weddings are a natural and obvious choice for a new photographer to pursue. Especially in Grand Rapids where photographers routinely get $1000 or more, even on the low end. So I placed a few ads in the local weekly paper and started taking calls for wedding photography. At that time, I had very few samples of wedding photos, and in fact most of my photos were of scenics and some candid street photography. I had almost no posed group portraits, and nothing that could have been considered formally posed portraits. I had a tough time selling myself under those conditions.

Later, when I was able to clear my mind enough to see other possibilities, I realized that it would be easier overall to do a couple of weddings for free just to get samples I could show prospective clients. After I had some good samples, I could sell my work much easier and get more for my time.

And later still, I discovered that I could make even more money with less effort by going after a completely different type of photography - event portraits. Event photography is much like what is done at high school proms and homecoming dances, where the photographer sets up a background, light, and camera, and then produces simple portraits of each couple that comes in for a photo. Collecting even $20 per couple resulted in my making over $500 per hour! This was something I could never do with wedding photography.

Another example of how good health results in higher performance comes from when I was in high school. One of my least favorite classes was Geography. I was always much more interested in math, science, and art. Anyways, it happened that my Geography class was right after lunch period, and when the weather was good, I tended to jog a lap around the track (which is a quarter-mile for anyone who doesn't already know that).

When I got into the Geography class, my heart was still pumping blood through my body, and my lungs were still bringing in extra oxygen. And that extra oxygen revved up my brain, adding something to my mental capacity. Luckily, the classes were structured in such a way that we had time to work on the homework assignments during classtime, so on the days I had jogged the quarter-mile, I usually left class with my assignment finished.

I've continued to notice that on days when I do no physical exercise, I tend to drag through my work with only average results. But on days when I take a few minutes to do a little exercise, my work improves and I see better results for my efforts.

Since then, I've taken advantage of this awareness to give myself an advantage.

You don't have to spend your whole life on a treadmill in order to gain a benefit from exercise. Just a few minutes at a time, once or twice a day works wonders. You can do aerobics, Tai Kwon Doe, cycling, jogging, swimming, weight lifting, or even the old standard pushups, situps and such.

Whatever you do, keep physically active and see your prosperity get easier and easier to attract.

I'll share with you a simple process you can use to wipe away the turmoil and strife of modern living.

Each year, it seems the pace of life gets faster and faster, making it harder and harder to keep up. As a result, most people feel an ever-increasing level of stress.

Despite the fact that we know stress kills, we generally feel compelled to continue the treadmill of work, work, work.

Eliminating stress from our lives doesn't mean we have to stop working, or even cut back on the amount of work we do. Obviously, if we COULD slow down the pace of work, work, work, we could eliminate much of our stress, however, it's not required.

So, what is this magic formula for wiping away stress?

Let me give you a hint -- what muscle in your body works continuously from the time you're born to the time you die?

Your heart!

And how does the heart keep up the pace of working CONSTANTLY?

Simple -- it takes regular breaks.

Your heart works hard for a split second, pumping blood through your arteries, and then it take a break for a split second. Over and over again, day after day, after day.

Work, break. Work, break. Work, break. Work, break.

Without the regular breaks, your heart wouldn't last a week. But because it works SMART, it keeps going for years and years.

So how do you use the same process in YOUR work?

Well, you probably won't follow the exact same pattern of working for a split second and then taking a break for a split second.

Since most of us take a very long break each day for sleeping (typically about 8 hours), we can get away with taking fewer breaks than our heart does.

How about 5 minutes out of every hour? Out of a normal 8-hour workday, that's only 40 minutes.

At first, you may think, "I'm having trouble getting everything done as it is, I can't take 40 minutes out of my day!"

Just give it a try. Give it a week and see what happens.

I'll guarantee you that if you do this, you'll actually get MORE work done, and feel better about doing it.

So what are you supposed to do during those 5 minutes?

The best approach is to what your heart does -- totally shut down. Do absolutely nothing. In fact, if you could stop moving and stop thinking, that would be best.

Of course, it's very difficult for most people to just shut down like this, especially during a workday. As an alternative, you could do a short meditation -- focus on something peaceful and relaxing, like a vacation, or time with a loved one.

This has an added benefit of reminding you why you're working in the first place. Plus, the positive emotions that come up when we think of enjoyable activities gives us extra energy, which means it will be easier to go back to work after your break.

As an extension to this concept, when you take a lunch break, get away from your work area and REALLY take a lunch break. Relax and enjoy your food. Once again, this will give you more energy so when you go back to work, you'll do a much better job.

Most of us have heard stories about how some little old lady lifted a car when someone she loved was trapped underneath.

In all cases, the event was a 1-shot deal and could not be repeated without the surge of adrenaline powering the superhuman feat of strength.

Yes, the body is capable of doing a lot more than we normally believe it can. But how do we change what we believe so we can break through our physical limitations?

Here's how I did it.

Before I started this experiment, I had been lifting weights for a few years. I wasn't trying to be a professional athlete or anything, I was just playing around and feeling good about being in control of my own body.

I was in high school, and at the time, I could bench-press a maximum of 150 pounds. Some of the football players could bench 220 pounds, and I wanted to see if I could do the same.

So I decided to "trick" my mind into believing I could lift a lot more than I had been lifting. Rather than trying to do it all at once, I decided to "sneak up on it".

So I started with something I KNEW I could do, which was 130 pounds. That was easy enough. The next day, I added 2.5 pounds to the stack and lifted that. Once again, a very easy lift. Day by day, I added another 2.5 pounds, and for the first two weeks, the weights were easily lifted.

When the time came to lift 152.5 pounds, it again was an easy lift since I had developed a belief that I could easily add 2.5 pounds to what I had lifted the day before. The following day, 155 pounds was again an easy lift.

Keep in mind that during this time I was not working out, but only doing one lift each day.

Eventually, there came a day when I failed to lift the weight. Most likely because I was beginning to doubt my ability to continue the process. However, I focused my mind on the fact that I had grown in my ability to lift heavier and heavier weights day by day, and resolved to try again the next day. When it came time to try it again, I was successful.

Over a period of several weeks, I eventually reached the point where I lifted 202.5 pounds. This happened on the last day of the school year, which gave me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.

Considering that I had performed a single lift each day during the whole experiment, the only possible explanation for the increased ability to lift heavier weights was my belief that I could.

Most people think of healing only when they are sick or injured, yet the process of directing healing energy into the body will provide far more benefits than simple corrective action.

Most of us scramble through life, trying to juggle hundred of tasks as part of our careers and pushing our bodies past all reasonable limits to keep up the pace.  Rarely do any of us take vacations from our jobs, and when we do, we end up working to catch up on projects at home.

It's little wonder that we 'crash' at the end of each day on the couch in front of the TV and zone out watching mindless sit-coms, feeling totally spent and used up.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine waking up each morning bursting with energy and raring to tackle the day.  Imagine gliding from task to task with ease and a feeling of wonder as you notice how you affect everyone around you with your positive vibrations.  Imagine coming home at night and looking forward to the opportunity to visit with loved ones and sharing many glorious insights into the nature of life.

The more I work with healing energies, the more I find life approaching that ideal.

Working with healing energies does not require you to hold a position within the medical community.  You don't have to be a doctor, nurse, or therapist to benefit from a roaring vitality that lifts you out of the 'rat race'.

Actually, all you have to do is to have an intention to bless other people with good health from the quiet of your inner soul.

The reason this works is through the law of Karma.  This spiritual law reflects the truth that whatever you send out into the world will come back to you multiplied.  As you bless other people, the law of Karma works to return that blessing to you many times over.

In esoteric studies, it is sometimes taught that the quickest path to gaining Power is to sit quietly at home (or better yet, in a public place) and mentally bless everyone in the whole world.  As your mind and spirit reach out to bless the world, you develop the ability to tap into a deep level of Power.

Of course, you could just hold an intention to direct healing energy into yourself, but then you wouldn't get the multiplication effect of Karma.

I can tell you from personal experience that the benefits of directing healing energy into yourself are far outweighed by the benefits of directing healing energy into others and letting Karma create a magnified healing influence on you in due course.

It may not be as quick, but it is far more powerful.

Give this idea a try for the next few weeks and watch your energy supply grow by leaps and bounds, filling you with such vitality that you won't know what to do with all the excess energy.

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