To download the files below, right-click (shift-click on a Mac) the provided links, and use your browser’s “Save As” feature.  You might want to create a new folder on your desktop where you’ll be able to easily find the files later.

All the files below are ZIP files, which need to be extracted after download to play the MP3 files contained within.  If you don’t already have software to do this (modern computers have this built-in), you may use the free (and excellent) 7-Zip software, available through this link.  (I’m also planning to make the MP3 files playable from this page as well.  This will happen later.)

If you need any assistance, please submit a help ticket, and I’ll do what I can for you.

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Complete BWE Collection

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BWE Collection Files

Below, you will see links to the files available for your membership.  At this time, there isn’t an upgrade option to move up to the full collection.  The best way to upgrade is to purchase the full collection and then request a refund for the smaller package(s) you previously purchased, which may be done by submitting a help ticket.


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