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Now that we’ve covered the foundation, it’s time to start training the key skills required for successful manifesting — the skills of relaxing deeply, imagining your desired outcome in rich, vivid detail, and trusting that it will actually happen.

In this week’s lesson, we’re going to focus on relaxing deeply and making a strong connection with the Divine. Without this connection, you won’t be able to manifest anything.

On the surface, it seems simple enough. What could possibly be easier than relaxing?

However, relaxing is really only a minor part of what happens during this stage of the manifesting process.

The objective for this stage of the process is to make a strong connection with the Divine.  Relaxing will get you 80% there, and there are a few other things you can do to make a full connection.

Before we cover those, let me clarify exactly what I mean by relaxing.

For many years, I knew that making a strong connection to the Source of Divine Power was necessary in order to manifest my desires. Yet, I really didn’t understand how this connection was being made. That’s a major reason why my results were “hit or miss” most of the time.

Yeah, I knew that almost every book you read on the subject says you have to relax as the first step, but at the time, my idea of relaxing was simply to stop moving and take a breath.

True relaxation is a WHOLE LOT MORE.

To understand the physical aspect of relaxing, it’s helpful to know a little about brainwaves. In our normal everyday conscious state of mind, our brains operate in a frequency range known as beta. If you were connected to an EEG machine, it would register brainwaves somewhere between 14 and 28 cycles per second.

When you close your eyes and relax, your brain slows down. If you were to go into meditation, your brainwaves would be in the range of 7 to 14 cycles per second. This is known as being in alpha.

Relaxing further, your brain operates at a frequency between 4 and 7 cycles per second, and you would be in a level called theta, which is typically experienced during hypnosis.

Below theta is delta, which is where your brain is during sleep. This is also where your body does most of it’s healing and recuperation from your daily labors.

In general, the lower your brainwaves, the closer you are to the Divine.

For the purpose of manifesting, anywhere in the alpha to theta range is good, because this is where your conscious mind can still direct your thoughts to communicate a clear message to the Divine about what you would like to experience.

There are many different techniques you can use to relax into an alpha or theta level of mind. If you’ve listened to any good guided meditations or self-hypnosis recordings, you may be familiar with some of them.

One technique is to focus your mind on each part of your body and imagine that part of your body relaxing. Some folks do a “tense and relax” kind of thing where they tighten the muscles within each part of their body and then release the tension. This release of tension is what you want to focus on, and imagine your muscles relaxing further than they were before you tightened them.

Most folks will start with the muscles in their face, scrunching up all the little muscles in your face, then releasing the tension. As you release the tension, imagine that tension flowing away from your face, like water flowing downhill.

Tense your jaw, then release the tension, and imagine that tension flowing down into the ground below you.

Tense your shoulders and upper chest, then release the tension and imagine it flowing away. Tense your arms and hands, then release the tension.

Follow this by tensing your waist and hips, and then release that tension. Tense your legs and feet, then allow the tension to flow away from your body.

By focusing on these details, with the intention of relaxing your body, you come out of this experience with a nice feeling of relaxation, in both your body and your mind.

Once you’ve done this a few times, you can shortcut the process by tensing your entire body at once and releasing all tensions from your body into the Earth below you.

Another technique for relaxing is to simply focus on your breathing. Notice the flow of air coming into your lungs, and then being exhaled. This can be enhanced by imagining fresh clean air bringing a sense of well being into your body, and each exhale taking away all tensions, all negativity, and anything you no longer need.

Just focusing on simple things, particularly things inside yourself, can be relaxing.

Daydreaming about enjoyable things is also relaxing.  Many guided meditations and hypnosis sessions direct you to imagine yourself in an ideal place of relaxation.

By imagining yourself somewhere you enjoy, such as on a beach, walking through the woods, sitting in front of a fire, soaking in a tub, or getting a massage, these things can help you relax and drift further into yourself, deeper into alpha and theta, where you can make a strong connection with the Divine.

When you have experience relaxing deeply, another shortcut you can use is to simply remember what it feels like to be deeply relaxed.

Knowing about this shortcut, you can quickly train yourself to relax deeply by using good recordings of guided meditations or hypnosis sessions to become familiar with the deep level of relaxation.  And as I just mentioned, once you’re familiar with the feeling of deep relaxation, you can relax any time you want by simply remembering how it feels.

And if you want to do it yourself, you can find many different techniques by doing an online search for “hypnosis induction techniques” (without the quotes). You might be surprised at some of the different things you’ll find.

The main thing all of these techniques have in common is that they direct your focus to something inside yourself or on things that are not currently in your physical environment.  For instance, they might direct you to focus on your breathing, or the home you grew up in, or an ocean-side resort.

Some techniques ask you to imagine a old-school blackboard, or newer whiteboard, and see yourself writing a number in a circle, then erasing it and writing the next lower number, and continuing as far as you can before you lose focus. With each number, you focus on the idea of drifting deeper into yourself.

Other techniques will have you imagine time slowing down, or your body melting into a puddle of water. Personally, I enjoy these techniques and find them quite effective.

Feel free to use any relaxation technique you enjoy and find effective.

Another common aspect to all of these relaxation techniques is that you set an intention to relax, imagine the desired result, then trust that it will actually happen.

Does that sound familiar to you?

You got it!  It’s the same basic manifestation process I’m sharing with you in this course.

As you now see, the process of manifesting your desires can be very quick and easy to use.

Okay, so as I mentioned earlier in this lesson, relaxing is really only part of what we’re doing here.

We’re also making a strong connection with the Divine.

And I just gave you the core secret to making this connection.

Set an intention to connect with the Divine, imagine the connection, and trust that it’s in place.

HOW you imagine this connection is completely up to you.

Some people imagine a Divine Being, and imagine that they are speaking with this Divine Being, perhaps in a Divine Location, which may or may not be full of angels and a heavenly choir.

Others may imagine this Divine Connection as a glowing light, a field of energy, a vibration, or maybe even a sound.

It’s also possible to imagine a Divine Connection as a web of energy that connects all things, all people, and all of space and time together into one.

When you are deeply relaxed into yourself, you can ask for a vision of what a Divine Connection is like, and your inner mind will give you a way to imagine this Divine Connection in a way that works for you.

In the end, any way you imagine this connection is going to be symbolic of the real connection, which may or may not be possible for us humans to truly understand.

Symbols make powerful tools, and later in this course, we’ll cover more of the many ways we can use symbols to simplify our manifesting efforts.

Homework Assignment

Your homework this week is to focus on relaxing as deeply as you can and making a strong connection with the Divine using the information you’ve learned in this lesson.

I have also created a guided meditation for those who want additional help reaching the deepest levels possible.  You’ll find this meditation at:

You are welcome to continue using the recording from the first week if you’d like. However, I do suggest you practice the Harmonic Prayer process without the recording so you can develop the ability to relax yourself into a deep alpha or theta level of mind. And here again, don’t worry about whether or not you’ve reached these levels. Just go through the process, and relax as deeply as you can. Every time you do this, you’ll go deeper and deeper into yourself. In time, you’ll be able to reach these levels easily, and even deeper levels if you choose.

Another idea you might want to consider is that you can use your Harmonic Prayer sessions to manifest the ability to enter a deep state of relaxation at will. Hypnotists will often do something like this in their first session with a client so that future sessions can be more effective. Feel free to set up your own trigger symbol, such as a word, a phrase, or an image, so that whenever you use that symbol at the beginning of a future Harmonic Prayer session, you instantly relax into an ideal state for manifestation.

As an example of what I’m talking about, I will often use a trigger symbol of counting backward from 10 to 1, with the expectation that when I reach the count of 1, I will be deeply relaxed and in an ideal state of connection with the Divine Essence within. Graduates of the Silva Mind Control Method are trained to use a 3 to 1 countdown, which can be just as effective. Some folks will use a symbol of a particular place, and whenever they imagine themselves in that place, they instantly become relaxed and in tune with the Divine.

In my 1-on-1 coaching sessions, I will usually guide my client into that space and have them ask their inner mind for a symbol to use for this purpose. By asking your deeper mind for a symbol, you know your deeper mind will respond well to the symbol it gives you.

When you do this, reinforce the programming by imagining yourself using the symbol to relax and getting great results. Repeat this several times within your Harmonic Prayer sessions. This can be extremely powerful, because you’re not only hypnotizing yourself to respond to the symbol, you’re also engaging Divine Power to manifest the best response.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.