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In my live workshops, I describe Harmonic Prayer as both a 3-step process and a 5-step process.

As you know, the 3-step version is Relax, Imagine, and Trust.

The 5-step version is Relax, Indulge, Imagine, Trust, and Act.  This 5-step version simply goes into greater detail on the various things we do to make Harmonic Prayer the most effective it can be.

In last week’s lesson on relaxing deeper, I mentioned that daydreaming about enjoyable things can help you relax.  It actually does more than that.  It tends to open you up on an emotional level, making it easier to connect with others, including the Divine.

If you’ve studied manifesting, you no doubt have come across folks who say one of the most important keys to manifesting is to be grateful for things.  And if they don’t mention gratitude, they may mention the feeling of love.

Both gratitude and love are positive emotions that can help you connect with the Divine.  They’re not the only ones.  In fact, ANY positive emotion can help you connect with your inner Divine Essence, which is connected to the Universal Divine Essence, which in turn, is connected to everything and everyone, past, present, and future.

It it through these connections that the process of manifesting works.  If you don’t connect with the Divine, you can’t influence anything beyond your physical capabilities.

Now, this is as good a time as any to point out that connecting with the Divine does not depend on how you live your life, whether or not you’re a “good person”, or whether you donate 10% of everything you earn to an organized religion.

None of that makes any difference when it comes to connecting with the Divine and manifesting your desires.

There are really only 2 things that matter here.  How deeply are you relaxed, and how Divine do you feel?  Do these 2 things well, and nothing can stop you.

Last week’s lesson focused exclusively on helping you relax as deeply as possible.  This week’s lesson is here to help you feel more Divine.

As with most of what you’re learning in this course, there are multiple pathways to accomplish this objective.

Before we get into them, though, it’s a good idea to first define what I mean by “feeling Divine”.  The most important aspect of this question is the definition of the word “Divine” itself.

To many, the Divine is just another name for a being who created the physical universe in which we live.  Some compare this being to a spiritual parent or an inventor, much like a very powerful human, with the same emotions, desires, and judgements that a normal human might experience.  This is the line of thinking that tends to lead to ideas that the Divine will either accept you or not depending on how you live your life.

Personally, I think this definition is much too limiting, although I do understand where it comes from.  We humans do have a tendency to imagine that other people and things think the same way we do, even when there is no evidence to support it.

An atheist may define the word Divine to mean a highly enjoyable experience, or something of rare beauty, or maybe a set of unrelated, but synchronous events.

A naturalist may feel that the Divine is to be found outside the city limits, away from all civilization, and only in nature.

To another group of people, such as myself, the Divine may be found everywhere in all things, since it is the foundation upon which all of reality is based.

Beyond this, it’s also good to consider what type of activities may be associated with the Divine.  Do you think that only spiritual activities such as meditation and prayer can be Divine, or do you feel that anything that brings pleasure is Divine?  Do you think that the Divine can only be accessed by following a prescribed set of actions, or do you feel that a Divine connection may exist in any situation?

Do you feel the Divine presence when singing in church?  Do you feel a sense of the Divine when dancing?  And would it matter whether you’re dancing to ballroom music, or rock and roll?

Do you feel a sense of the Divine when holding a loved one, and does the feeling change when engaged in a more sensual or sexual activity.

I’d like to suggest that anything that gives you pleasure can help you connect to the Divine, except when those activities give you a feeling of guilt or responsibility.  In short, only YOU can define what makes YOU feel Divine.

In order to improve your manifesting ability, spend some time really getting into those things that give you a feeling of the Divine, and then memorize the sensations so you can bring them more fully into your Harmonic Prayer sessions.

The only “rules” here are to stick with things that give you a feeling of the Divine.  If you get this feeling from eating rich, decadent desserts, go ahead and focus on that.  If getting a massage makes you feel Divine, spend some time memorizing the feelings involved in that experience.  If you feel most Divine sitting in nature and listening to birds, wind blowing through the trees, or water flowing in a stream, that’s also good.

It’s possible to experience the Divine when appreciating art and other beauty, when listening to music, as well as when dancing, running, feeling the sun against your skin, or feeling certain textures.

Some people may feel most Divine when they are of service to others, or when they sit inside a church or other sacred place.  Others may get this feeling when they dress up and go out partying.  Making love can be an incredible experience, and some folks may feel Divine in this situation, whereas others may not.

Again, the only rules here are to focus on those things that make you feel Divine.  If it feels good, but doesn’t feel Divine, it may not be the best thing to focus on right now.

You also don’t have to focus on only one thing.  If you feel Divine in several different situations, feel free to memorize them all to bring into your Harmonic Prayer sessions.

Then, during your Harmonic Prayer sessions, spend a few moments recalling the feelings of pleasure, love, gratitude, and so on. Imagine these Divine feelings getting more powerful, more intense, and amplify them to the point where they start to overwhelm you, like a tidal wave that carries you across the sea of Divinity.  You get extra points if you can also imagine these feelings connecting you with the world around you.

Focusing on enjoyable feelings will do three main things for you.

First, it helps you relax deeper into yourself, where you are closer to the Divine Essence, the Source of all power.

Second, it helps you resonate with the Divine, thus bringing you into harmonic alignment with All That Is.  Not only does this give you more power to manifest the things you want, it also helps you connect more directly to whatever and whomever needs to be influenced to make your manifestation happen.

And third, feelings of joy, happiness, love, and pleasure will serve to fill in any gaps in the message you communicate to the Divine during your Harmonic Prayer session.  This way, if there are any details you don’t specify, you can count on those details being manifested as something you will enjoy.  It ends up being a much better experience than if you try to manifest something with feelings of anger, frustration, or pain.

Whatever feelings you have during the manifestation process will be reflected in the final outcome.

What’s interesting is that if your prayer sessions consisted of nothing more than deep relaxation and indulging in positive emotions, that would be enough to completely transform your life into a real “heaven on earth” because your inner Divine Essence would use these positive emotions as a guide in manifesting future events.

In fact, you could refer to this as the one prayer that solves all your problems.

Okay, so how do you go about doing this if you aren’t in the habit of indulging your emotions?  What if your past is full of frustration, disappointment, or pain?  How can you ignore all that and experience boundless joy and Divine bliss?

The first thing to realize is that you don’t have to feel completely giddy and out of your mind with an explosion of joy and happiness.

That may be the ideal target to shoot for, but you can get great results with a lot less.

Another thing I need to address here is that if you are now in a situation where your body is in constant pain, I do acknowledge that this will make it more difficult.  Not impossible, though, and there are ways to work around it.

This can also be said if you have things happening in your life that bring your future living situation in question.  For instance, if your spouse can be abusive, or you have violent neighbors and gunfire is a regular occurrence.

The level of fear that comes up in these situations requires that you spend a little more time separating yourself from current reality in order to manifest a better future.

In these situations, the best thing to do is to find someplace safe, where you won’t be disturbed for at least a half-hour or more.  This might be at a local park, or a library, a museum, a church, or maybe a restaurant on the other side of town.

The idea is to find a place where you can spend a little time focusing on something you enjoy, or otherwise associate with the Divine.

In some cases, just getting a little peace and quiet is enough to find enjoyment.

Maybe you can treat yourself to a good meal, or maybe a sweet dessert.  A chair next to a fire can also be good, as well as getting a hug from a friend.  Start with whatever you can, and build from there.  As I’ve said a number of times so far, tiny steps will take you anywhere.  You just have to keep going.

If you’ve been dealing with physical pain, you may want to take steps to minimize it right before you do this, so you can better focus on the enjoyable feelings.  If medications aren’t enough, there are some hypnotic techniques that can also be good.

Again, whatever you find enjoyable or Divine doesn’t have to be super-spectacular.  As long as it’s somewhat enjoyable, and helps you shift into a more positive mood, focus your whole mind on it, ignoring everything else, and memorize every positive aspect of the experience so you can recreate it inside your mind during your Harmonic Prayer sessions.

I’ve had some coaching clients where we had to go into a deep relaxation and ask their deeper mind, “What would feel good right now?”  As long as you can relax to some degree, there will be enough of a connection with your deeper mind to get an answer, and the answer always brings with it a feeling of enjoyment, and that feeling can be deepened and enhanced to a point where it serves the same purpose.

So, in the end, you really don’t need a physical experience to work from.  You can get much the same effect from a purely imaginary experience.

The main reason I suggest memorizing a physical experience is because it’s generally easier and produces results faster than going the purely imaginary route.

However you bring yourself into a space of Divine Enjoyment, know that you can associate this feeling with a trigger symbol as we did with the relaxation step, and this can help you make a Divine Connection quickly in future sessions.

Homework Assignment

You have two homework assignments this week.

The first is to find something enjoyable to focus on each and every day.  Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it gives you some degree of pleasure.  Take 15 minutes to really focus your mind on something good and at least somewhat Divine.  Really get into it, and memorize it to the point where you can recreate the experience inside your mind.

One word of caution here—some things may feel good at first, but leave you with negative after-effects.  Try to avoid these, unless you’re really having a hard time finding things that give you enjoyment.

Click here for a guided meditation that can help.

Your second assignment is to continue practicing the Harmonic Prayer process, and this week, pay special attention to connecting with the Divine within using positive emotions, such as pleasure, joy, love, gratitude, and anything else that makes you feel more Divine.

And above all else, enjoy the process.  Have fun!

Remember, the feelings you bring into your manifestation efforts will be reflected in the final outcome.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.