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By this point in the course, you’ve had a little over a month to practice the core Harmonic Prayer process.  You’ve also had an opportunity to master the skills of relaxing deeply, making a strong connection with the Divine, and imagining your desired outcome in rich, vivid detail.

We’re now ready to tackle the last primary step, which is trusting the process.

Honestly, when you can relax deeply enough and imagine your desired result in enough detail, (and spend enough time doing this), the trust pretty much takes care of itself. Even without focusing on what might actually manifest from all the work you’ve done so far, there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced some positive results from your efforts.  If not, then this week’s lesson will open the doors and allow a flood of new blessings to come into your life.

It’s a lot easier than you might imagine.

We humans have a tendency to trust things that happen frequently and consistently.

We trust that the sun will come up again tomorrow morning, because it’s done the exact same thing every day of our lives.

We trust that when we flip a switch on the wall, a light will come on.  We also trust that if we flip that same switch back, the light will turn off again.

We trust that some folks can be abrasive and rude, because they seem to be that way every time we see them.

Things like this happen consistently, and we’ve experienced them often enough to the point where we don’t even question them.  We EXPECT them.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, we don’t NEED this level of trust to manifest our desires, although the closer we get to this, the better.

When I first started trying to manifest things, my trust in manifesting was very limited.  I had heard a lot of stories about other people being able to manifest things, so I did have a tiny bit of trust.  However, I also had so many doubts, that pretty much everything I tried either did nothing, or produced the exact opposite of what I wanted.

There were times I focused on manifesting money, then either lost my wallet or had something stolen.  Or I focused on manifesting more love into a relationship, then got into an argument with that person and lost the whole relationship.

One of my biggest problems was that I was such a left-brain logical thinker, I felt like I needed to understand the underlying mechanics of how manifesting worked before I could accept it as real.  Eventually I realized that you just have to recognize it works whether you understand it or not.  I certainly don’t understand everything about how a car engine works, or my cell phone, but that doesn’t stop me from using either one of them.

Even now, while I understand the basic principles of manifesting, I still don’t know exactly how our minds are connected to the Divine Mind, or how the Divine Mind shifts reality to produce the end result we want.  Luckily, that doesn’t matter to me any more.

Another problem I had was that I was trying to manifest some major miracles, like objects floating in the air, or a pile of money materializing on the table in front of me, and when these things didn’t work in the first few minutes, my faith in all types of manifesting dropped even further.

This is why I’ve asked you to just go through the motions without worrying about how the things you were focusing on would actually manifest.

It’s also why I’m going to suggest that from this point on, you focus on manifesting little things until you see positive results, then gradually move on to bigger and bigger goals as you improve.

One of the most important beliefs in manifesting is the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS.

As long as you continue practicing the exercises I’ve been giving you, your manifesting skills will continue to grow and improve, and you’ll get to a point where you don’t just believe you can do it, you’ll KNOW that you can do it.

Now, not everyone is starting where I did, with a feeling of being a complete failure.  If you do feel like this, then I’ll ask you to think about some of the things you are successful at doing.  I mean, if you can dress yourself and get yourself from place to place, you’ve at least got that much working.

Most of us can do a lot more than that, and as you think about all the many things you CAN do, and all of the many things you HAVE DONE in your life, it gets easier and easier to believe you can do even more.  The point here is to focus on what you CAN do and ignore the things you haven’t been able to do yet.

We’ve talked about this a number of times so far.  Learning to walk or drive a car doesn’t happen overnight, and learning to manifest takes practice just like anything else.

Building Trust

Okay, so what type of practice can you do to build up a belief in yourself and your ability to manifest your desires?

The primary exercise I recommend is one where you relax deeply into yourself, then spend time contemplating concepts such as Infinite Divine Power, Infinite Divine Love, and Infinite Divine Wisdom, as well as concepts such as Eternity, Perfection, and Truth.

At first, you may need to think about how these concepts compare to their opposites.  For instance, when thinking about the concept of Truth, consider how it is different from the concept of falsehood.  Think about some things that are true, then think about some things that are false.  How do you feel when thinking about each one of these, and more specifically, how is that feeling different?

Does the feeling of falsehood remind you of standing on shifting sands, or does Truth feel like a giant bolder of solid metal? Does one concept feel warm while the opposite feels more cold? Do you get an impression of colors or sounds with the different concepts? Does one feel closer than the other? Do images associated with one of these concepts seem more focused, more vibrant than images associated with the opposite concept? Keep asking yourself these kinds of questions until you have a complete understanding of the differences between the concepts.

Quick Tip: when you go through the Harmonic Prayer process to manifest a particular goal, you can make it even more powerful by consciously imprinting the qualities and characteristics of Truth, Power, and so forth onto your mental representation of the desired outcome.  For me, this means that I give it a feeling of infinite weight and solidity — the symbol my mind has associated with the concept of Truth.  In some cases, I might also imagine that I’m writing the future event into a “Book of Facts.” The process is very similar to the process we used last week to memorize the details of the various objects and experiences we studied.

As you contemplate each of the concepts I’ve listed, you’ll get your own symbols for them, and these are the symbols you want to use in your Harmonic Prayer sessions.

Once you have a fuller understanding of the concepts as separate entities, focus your whole mind on the concepts themselves, disconnected from any aspect of physical reality.  In other words, spend some time thinking about what Divine Love is like, or Divine Wisdom, without connecting them to anything in the physical world.

What will happen as you contemplate these basic principles is that your mind will become conditioned to them, and it will become easier to associate these concepts with yourself.

And this is the next phase of the process.  When you’ve spent some time contemplating the basic principles, imagine what it would be like to embody these principles within yourself.

Imagine yourself as having Infinite Divine Power.  Imagine yourself having Infinite Divine Love.  Then Infinite Divine Wisdom.  Imagine what it would be like to be eternal, to be perfect, and to be the embodiment of Truth.

It may feel strange at first.  That’s okay.  The more time you spend contemplating these principles and associating them with yourself, the more you discover about your own inner Divine Essence, and the more your manifesting ability will grow stronger and more reliable.

And the final stage is to bring the concepts into your Harmonic Prayer sessions, where they can be associated with your desired outcome, making it much easier to believe and expect positive results.

I’ve known some hypnotists who were able to do amazing things for their patients by simply describing different places within their mind, such as a place where things are true, and a place where things are not true, and asking the patient to move something from one place to the other.

A similar trick can be used in the Harmonic Prayer process, where you imagine that your desired result has ALWAYS been true, and any memory to the contrary is eliminated from your mind.  The shift in belief that happens with this makes it MUCH easier to expect that the result you want is the result you’ll actually get.

Homework Assignment

By now, you probably know what to expect your homework assignment will be.

Take 15 minutes each day, relax as much as you can, and contemplate the concepts and qualities of Divine Power, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Eternity, Perfection, and Absolute Truth.  Become familiar with how these ideas are represented within your mind, and how they are different from their opposites.

Click here for the guided session that goes with this lesson.

If you want to tackle them all in the same session each day, that’s okay.  You might also consider focusing on one concept per day and really diving in deep.

When you use the Harmonic Prayer process to manifest a desire, imagine the end result with the qualities of Absolute Truth, Divine Power, Eternal Persistence, and anything else that seem appropriate for what you’re intending.

By this point in the course, you can finally EXPECT to get positive results.  No more just going through the motions, although I will suggest you start out manifesting things you would almost expect anyways, and build up to bigger and less likely things as you get more experience.

In other words, don’t try turning water into wine or lead into gold quite yet.  Leave that one ‘til next month, okay?

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.