To download the files below, right-click (shift-click on a Mac) the provided links, and use your browser’s “Save As” feature.  You might want to create a new folder on your desktop where you’ll be able to easily find the files later.

The books are provided in PDF format.  Most computers come with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader software pre-installed to open and view these files.  If you are unable to open and read them, click here to install the appropriate software.

The core system meditations and the Awaken the Avatar Within files are high-quality MP3s, and may be played with practically every media player currently made.

All other files are ZIP files, which need to be extracted after download to play the MP3 files contained within.  If you don’t already have software to do this (modern computers have this built-in), you may use the free (and excellent) 7-Zip software, available through this link.  (I’m also planning to make the MP3 files playable from this page as well.  This will happen later.)

If you need any assistance, please submit a help ticket, and I’ll do what I can for you.

Keys To Power Mastery System

Keys To Power Deluxe System Additions

For Keys To Power Mastery System owners, a $100 upgrade option is available to extend your membership to include the items below.  Check your dashboard for an upgrade link.  If a link is not found there (there won’t be if your purchase was before July 20, 2016), submit a helpdesk ticket for assistance.


EmBRACES Magic & Miracles Module


Complete BWE Collection


Awaken The Avatar Within