Hi, I’m Alan Tutt, and I’ve spent over 35 years researching and experimenting in a field many call the Law of Attraction.

Not only have I spent my life discovering what works and what doesn’t, I’ve also performed many experiments to find out what works BEST, with the least possible effort, and how to GUARANTEE positive results consistently, reliably, and repeatedly.

The end result of all this is a simplified process that can be described as 3 simple steps, and can be done in just a minute or two.

Of course, if you’ve looked into the Law of Attraction or anything else related to manifesting, you’ve already come across a number of simple and quick processes that claim to work miracles.

What makes THIS process any better?

Most of what you find online these days are processes that require a level of belief in the process itself.  And yes, this includes those processes that claim to work “whether you believe in it or not”.

ESPECIALLY those, at least most of the time.

You see, one of the key factors that makes manifesting (of any kind) work, is the degree of belief / faith / confidence / trust you have in the process itself.

Unless the process works DIRECTLY on your beliefs themselves, then it REQUIRES a pre-existing belief in the process in order to work.

In other words, it does nothing for you to tap various points on your body (or chant mantras from an ancient language, visualize a ball of glowing white light, etc), unless you believe that doing so will produce the specific result you’re after.

The reason so many claim that their system works “whether you believe in it or not” is to instill within you a belief in the process.  This CAN BE effective, but doesn’t always work.

And as mentioned earlier, my focus is on getting great results every single time, leaving nothing to chance.

Now, while belief / faith / trust is a key element in effective manifestation, it’s not the only factor.

Key Factors Behind Manifesting

There are 3 key factors behind manifesting.  I like to call them Faith, Focus, and Feeling.

We’ve already talked a little about faith.  The level of belief you have in whatever process you’re using is part of it, but so is the level of faith you have in your desired outcome actually happening.

For example, many people have a strong faith in a particular recipe for making chocolate chip cookies, but doubt their own ability to make them.  In much the same way, many people have a strong faith in the power of affirmations, but even after saying hundreds of affirmations for health, wealth, or success, they still doubt that their desired outcome will actually happen.

With the process I’ll describe here on this page, the required faith is created for you.

The next key factor behind manifesting is focus.  In order to manifest something new, you must be able to focus your mind on the desired objective without getting distracted by current reality.  In other words, to manifest wealth, you have to focus your mind on wealth, even if you see poverty all around you.

This isn’t always easy to do.  However, there are some tricks that make it a lot easier.

The third key factor is something I call feeling, but is actually a lot more than this.  For many years, whenever I had great success in a manifesting project, I noticed that I had a certain feeling of being connected to the Divine during the manifestation process.  It took many more years to identify the elements within this feeling, and even more time to identify how to produce it at will.

Imagine my surprise to find that 2 simple steps produced this feeling of Divine Connection every single time, and DRAMATICALLY improved my results!

Personal Results Manifested With This Process

It’s one thing for someone to tell you they have the secrets to unlimited power.  It’s quite another thing to prove it.

When I first started, it would be fair to say that I was little more than a dreamer.  Full of great ideas, but no action or accomplishment to speak of.  Not enough ambition to compete, and often left behind as others took the lead.  At one point, I was even homeless for a month.  Life was hard, and not very rewarding.

It may sound a bit trite, but all of that changed when I learned the key principles behind manifesting.

In my own life, I’ve manifested a number of things that most would think are impossible.  Such as:

  • Windfall sums of cash “out of the blue”
  • Gifts of cars, expensive watches, and even a $20,000 investment account
  • Relationships with specific details, including my wife, who has been with me for over 22 years
  • Control of the weather—wind, rain, cloud cover, temperature, even dispersing a tornado in 5 minutes! (I have not yet heard of any LOA guru able to do this type of manifesting!)
  • Describing people I had never met, including objective details like height, weight, hair color, and eye color (something most professional psychics can’t do)
  • Weekly control of hours in a temp job
  • and a whole lot more!

One of the biggest things I’ve manifested isn’t something that can be listed as a bullet point.  It’s the feeling of contentment and ease I experience every single day, knowing that if I ever need anything, I can produce it at will.  Most would call this “peace of mind”.

This didn’t come easy.  In fact, even after manifesting some rather dramatic things (dispersing a tornado, and several windfalls of cash, for example), I still couldn’t manifesting things reliably and consistently for many years, until I learned how to connect to the Source of Divine Power at will.

It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up each day knowing that there will not be any major problems that need to be solved, and you can spend your time doing whatever you feel like doing that day.

I can show you how to do similar things yourself.  And it all starts with a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes.

A Simplified Manifesting Process

The process of manifesting is fairly simple, and can be described as a 3-step process.  Relax, Imagine, and Trust.

It can also be described in a bit more detail.  Relax into an alpha/theta state of mind while imagining an enjoyable feeling and focusing on the idea of connecting with the Divine, then imagine what you want to manifest in rich, vivid detail as if it’s happening right here, right now, and you’re right in the middle of it, then walk away from the process with a feeling that your manifestation has been pre-ordained since the dawn of time, and there’s nothing that could possibly stop it.

By relaxing deeply, indulging in positive emotions, and imagining your desired outcome in rich, vivid detail, you are essentially hypnotizing yourself to EXPECT a positive outcome.  This is why this process works without any pre-existing belief, because it CREATES the belief needed for success.

The problem most folks have with manifesting—consistently and reliably—isn’t found in the steps of the process.

In other words, HOW you do each of these steps is critical to your success.

Even if I took the time to write out a 5000-word description of the process, that would still not be enough to really give you what you need to manifest your own desires reliably and consistently.  Your results would still be “hit or miss” until you take the time to practice each of the skills required to make a strong connection with the Source of Divine Power, direct that Power into positively-focused thoughtforms (not necessarily images) to communicate a message to the Divine Mind, and feel a sense of accomplishment and expectation that physical reality will shift as required to manifest your desires.

However, if I give you a few simple assignments on a weekly basis, have you practice one thing at a time, in the right order, you’ll come out of the process with the confidence that you can manifest anything, at any time, for any reason.

A Free Offer

Over the years, I’ve written a number of courses teaching people how to manifest their desires.  Each time, I get better and better at describing the underlying principles and the training process required to hone your skills as a manifestor.

This year, I’m writing a new course, called Divine Dynamics, which will start out teaching the core manifesting process, then branch out to cover much, much more.  My intention is for this new course to completely replace everything I’ve done up to this point.  A COMPLETE system that leaves nothing to chance.

Each lesson is set up to give you what you need MOST at each stage of your development.  Lesson 1 fully describes the core simplified process, so you can get started right away.  Lesson 2 gives you some guidance as to what types of things can be manifested, so you can focus your energy on being productive right out of the gate.

From there, I’ll give you a few lessons on developing the various skills required, such as relaxing deeply into an alpha/theta state while staying consciously aware, making a strong connection with the Source of Divine Power, imagining your desired outcome in a way that guarantees it won’t backfire on you, and developing a rock-solid feeling of confidence that you can count on the manifestation happening.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to manifest your desires better than most Law of Attraction gurus.

For those who want to go further, there will be additional lessons, sent to you one per week.  These are also completely free.  You’re welcome to continue as long as you want, and you may drop out at any time.

I’m also making a series of guided sessions to help you practice the skills talked about in each lesson.  This way, you don’t have to go it alone and hope you remembered all the details.

At this point, I’m planning a set of 4 modules.

Module 1 is focused on the core manifesting process, and is a complete course in itself, easily worth $97 or more.

I’ll give you everything in module 1 for free, including the guided sessions and a video version of each lesson.

All you have to do is fill out the form below, click a confirmation link in the email my system sends you, and you’ll get the first lesson immediately.

Not only will you get the first lesson today, you’ll also get a guided session that will help you get maximum results with minimum effort, practically guaranteeing that your manifesting success will DOUBLE immediately!

Additional lessons will be sent once per week.  Each lesson will take about 15 minutes, and you’ll have homework to do, which will also take about 15 minutes per day.  A LOT less than the hours and hours a musician needs in order to perfect that skill.

So, if you’re ready to get reliable, consistent results from your manifesting efforts, and finally get everything you deserve, including as much luxury and indulgence as you can handle, register now for my new Divine Dynamics e-course below.

I’ll see you on the inside.

And again, you’re welcome to continue as long as you want, and you may drop out at any time.