Get CONSISTENT, Repeatable Results in Just Minutes

Hi, I’m Alan Tutt, and I’ve spent over 35 years researching and experimenting with different methods of manifesting our desires to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to get maximum results with minimum effort.

Some call this the Law of Attraction.  Others call it the power of prayer.  Some even call it magick.  Whatever you call it, the focus is on getting consistent, repeatable results using nothing more than our minds.

Of course, you often get BETTER results when you’re physically involved, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible.

Like when a tornado is coming straight for your home, or you want to make sure you have sunny weather for an outdoor event next weekend.  Or when the whole world seems to have gone crazy and you just need some extra protection.

After all this research and experimentation, I’ve discovered 3 simple steps that work every single time.

I’ve used this simple 3-step process to manifest some amazing things, such as:

  • Windfall sums of cash “out of the blue”
  • Gifts of cars, expensive watches, and even a $20,000 investment account
  • Relationships with specific details, including my wife, who has been with me for 23 years
  • Control of the weather—wind, rain, cloud cover, temperature, even dispersing a tornado in 5 minutes! (I have not yet heard of any LOA guru able to do this type of manifesting!)
  • Describing people I had never met, including objective details like height, weight, hair color, and eye color (something most professional psychics can’t do)
  • Weekly control of hours in a temp job
  • and a whole lot more!

The process isn’t hard.  In fact, you could say it’s in our DNA.  We’re hard-wired to follow these steps.  It’s instinct.  It’s what we naturally do as children.  The problem most of us have is that society taught us to ignore these natural tendencies, and we’ve been brainwashed to “act like an adult”.

If you’re like most folks, you won’t believe me when I give you these 3 simple steps.  You’ll think it’s TOO easy.  You’ll believe it can’t possibly work.  Yet it does.  It works wonderfully when you allow yourself to believe.

This is why I’m not JUST going to give you the simple 3-step process to manifest miracles into your life.

I’m going to give you a LOT MORE!

You see, faith (i.e. – belief, trust, expectation) is one of the primary keys to unlocking the power of manifestation.  It’s why most folks can’t manifest — because they just don’t believe it’s possible.  In order to develop the faith necessary to manifest on a high level, we need to eradicate the disbelief with a series of easy exercises.

I’m currently working on creating a full development course that not only explains the key factors that make manifesting work, and the simple steps to manifest anything you can imagine, but also leads you through a series of mental exercises to help you MASTER the skills involved, so you can get MAXIMUM RESULTS WITH MINIMUM EFFORT.

When I’m done creating this new course, I plan to sell it for $97.
However, if you’re seeing this page, you have an opportunity to get it for free.
All I ask is that you give me your honest feedback, good or bad.

Just fill out the form below and register to get the full 13-lesson course.  Each lesson will take you about 15 minutes to read or watch.  (There are video versions if you prefer that approach.)  There will also be homework assignments to help you MASTER the skills involved, which will take you about 15 to 30 minutes per day.

While you COULD ignore the homework assignment and just use the simple 3-step process to manifest your desires, you’ll get BETTER results when you take the time to improve your natural abilities and hone your skills as a master manifestor.

It’s all up to you.

So, if the idea of performing miracles and manifesting your every desire into reality appeals to you, just fill out the form below, and you’ll be registered to get my newest and best training in the art and science of manifesting.