The “Law of Attraction” has been around more years than anyone can remember.

And yet, only a relatively few can count on it for reliable, consistent results.  Most folks get no results whatsoever, while some see positive results sporadically.  If it is truly a “Law” of the universe, then why doesn’t it work consistently?

Let me ask you a question.  If someone told you that you could make your own wine by mixing grape juice and yeast, then let it sit for a period of time, what type of results do you think you’d get with that?

You’d probably want better instructions, wouldn’t you?  How MUCH grape juice?  How MUCH yeast?  Is there any special way they need to be mixed together?  How long does it need to sit?  What type of container do you put it in?  Does the environment matter?  What about temperature?

Making fudge is also fairly simple.  Yet, if you don’t know how much of each ingredient to mix in, what order to mix them, HOW to mix them, and how to bring it up to the right temperature (and what that magic temperature actually is), and then what to do once it reaches the correct temperature, you’d be hard pressed to make a batch of fudge anyone would want to eat.

The Law of Attraction is fairly simple on the surface.  Relax, imagine what you want to manifest, then trust that it will actually happen.

The “trick” to making it work—and work consistently—is in HOW you do these simple steps.

It Takes Practice

Anyone can play the piano.  You just sit down and strike the keys with your fingers, and you get music, right?  Well, maybe.

As with most things in life, if you want GOOD music, you have to know something about timing, rhythm, harmony, and so on.  You also have to know how to hold your hands so you can reach the right keys at the right time.  But even when you KNOW everything there is to know about music, you still won’t be able to play well until you take time to PRACTICE playing.

Before you get to play on stage in front of 1000 screaming fans, you have to practice playing the same material over and over and over again.

Most musicians require YEARS of practice before they can play well enough to get a recording contract.

The same goes for professional athletes.  They play their sport for YEARS before they can be counted on to play consistently well.

As far as the Law of Attraction goes, you won’t need years of practice to get good at manifesting your desires.

Especially if you have someone guiding you each step of the way.

Meet Your New Manifesting Coach

Hi, I’m Alan Tutt, and I’ve spent over 35 years researching and experimenting in the field of manifesting.

Not only have I figured out all the little details that make manifesting work—and work consistently, I’ve also figured out the best way to coach someone through the process of mastering the skills required to get it to work for them.

In my own life, I’ve manifested a number of things that most would think are impossible.  Such as:

  • Windfall sums of cash “out of the blue”
  • Gifts of cars, watches, and even a $20,000 investment account
  • Relationships, including my wife, who has been with me for over 22 years
  • Control of the weather—wind, rain, cloud cover, temperature, even dispersing a tornado in 5 minutes!
  • Describing people I had never met, including objective details like height, weight, hair color, and eye color (something most professional psychics can’t do)
  • Weekly control of hours in a temp job
  • and a whole lot more!

I can show you how to do similar things yourself.

As mentioned earlier, the process of manifesting is fairly simple, and can be described as a 3-step process.  Relax, Imagine, and Trust.

It can also be described in a bit more detail.  Relax into an alpha/theta state of mind while focusing on the idea of connecting with the Divine, then imagine what you want to manifest in rich, vivid detail as if it’s happening right here, right now, and you’re right in the middle of it, then walk away from the process with a feeling that your manifestation has been pre-ordained since the dawn of time, and there’s nothing that could possibly stop it.

Even if I took the time to write out a 5000-word description of the process, that would still not be enough to really give you what you need to manifest your own desires reliably and consistently.  Your results would still be “hit and miss” until you take the time to practice each of the skills required to make a strong connection with the Source of Divine Power, direct that Power into positively-focused thoughtforms (not necessarily images) to communicate a message to the Divine Mind, and feel a sense of accomplishment and expectation that physical reality will shift as required to manifest your desires.

However, if I give you a few simple assignments on a weekly basis, have you practice one thing at a time, in the right order, you’ll come out of the process with the confidence that you can manifest anything, at any time, for any reason.

A Free Offer

Over the years, I’ve written a number of courses teaching people how to manifest their desires.  Each time, I get better and better at describing the underlying principles and the training process required to hone your skills as a manifestor.

This year, I’m writing a new course, called Divine Dynamics, which will start out teaching the core manifesting process, then branch out to cover much, much more.  My intention is for this new course to completely replace everything I’ve done up to this point.

Each lesson is set up to give you what you need MOST at each stage of your development.  We start out with the core process right in lesson 1 so you can get started right away.  Lesson 2 gives you some guidance as to what types of things can be manifested, so you can focus your energy on being productive right out of the gate.

From there, I’ll give you a few lessons on developing the various skills required, such as relaxing deeply into an alpha/theta state while staying consciously aware, making a strong connection with the Source of Divine Power, imagining your desired outcome in a way that guarantees it won’t backfire on you, and developing a rock-solid feeling of confidence that you can count on the manifestation happening.

For those who want to go further, there will be additional lessons, sent to you one per week.  These are also completely free.  You’re welcome to continue as long as you want, and you may drop out at any time.

I’m also making a series of guided sessions to help you practice the skills talked about in each lesson.  This way, you don’t have to go it alone and hope you remembered all the details.

At this point, I’m planning a set of 4 modules.

Module 1 is focused on the core manifesting process, and is a complete course in itself, easily worth $97 or more.

I’ll give you everything in module 1 for free, including the guided sessions and a video version of each lesson.

All you have to do is fill out the form below, click a confirmation link in the email my system sends you, and you’ll get the first lesson immediately.

Each lesson will take about 15 minutes, and you’ll have homework to do, which will also take about 15 minutes per day.  A LOT less than the hours and hours a musician needs in order to perfect that skill.

So, if you’re ready to get reliable, consistent results from your manifesting efforts, register now for my new Divine Dynamics e-course below.

I’ll see you on the inside.  And again, you’re welcome to continue as long as you want, and you may drop out at any time.