"New research reveals how easily you can apply the science of Conversational Hypnosis and improve every area of your life, and the lives of others."

Get what YOU want.
Protect yourself from others.

Powerful language patterns embed
irresistibly persuasive commands
for good OR evil!

Do you know how to get what you want from other people?

Do you know how to protect yourself from the malicious subliminal commands being used against you?

Do you know how you can help others by using conversational hypnosis?

Recent research has revealed how the phenomenon of conversational hypnosis really works and that it is more pervasive than anyone ever thought.

In fact, it has been proven that everyone uses conversational hypnosis every day, but rather than using it to help themselves achieve their goals, most people unknowingly use it to sabotage themselves, making it even harder to succeed in today's competitive world.

Images instantly spring to mind of sleazy salespeople conning the disadvantaged out of their life savings, or heartless seducers preying on the young and innocent whenever the subject of covert persuasion comes up.  But these unscrupulous uses of conversational hypnosis are relatively minor compared to the massive influx of conversationally hypnotic messages being broadcast every day directly to your subconscious mind by the major advertisers of the world.

"Is anyone safe anymore?"

More and more advertisers are using the science of conversational hypnosis as they discover the almost magical influence that significantly increases sales of common products, as well as products that would otherwise never make it in the marketplace.  Business owners and accountants both celebrate the new technology as they plan for even greater profit.

Every day, millions of innocent shoppers fall victim to the subliminal commands programmed into their minds by the commercial messages broadcast by the corporate giants, and purchase millions of dollars worth of products that they don't need and really don't want.

Obviously, not every product falls into this category, and some excellent businesses need the advantage of conversational hypnosis to compensate for inadequate funding or a lack of other resources in order to compete in the marketplace.  These businesses are now finding that marketing materials created with conversational hypnotic techniques are the key to succeeding and turning a tidy profit.

Salespeople are being trained in the use of conversational hypnosis to convert more prospects into buyers.  It's well known in sales organizations that the facts of a product are not enough to sell it in the majority of cases.  Salespeople are hitting their prospects with everything they can to earn their commissions.  If you're in business and NOT using these techniques, you're working at a severe disadvantage.

Even social misfits are discovering that a few well-spoken phrases will make attractive strangers quickly become lovers who will do anything they ask.  In fact, there are many who are using these techniques to seduce multiple sexual partners in a pattern that can only be called "serial seductions".

Are you prepared to handle these conversational hypnotists
when they use their skills against you?


Conversational Hypnosis Put To Good Use

At the same time, conversational hypnosis is being used in counseling sessions to help patients discover a new way of living without fears and phobias, with increased self-confidence, and with a fresh viewpoint on the challenges of life.

Teachers are using conversational hypnosis to help students learn and retain the information they need to survive in today's fast-paced, informationally overloaded world.  Studies have shown that students learn 10 times as fast and retain the information almost indefinitely when conversational hypnosis techniques are used.

Community leaders are also using conversational hypnosis to inspire neighborhoods to work together to solve the problems of humanity.  In many cases, a single speech delivered with conversational hypnosis techniques has brought about change that otherwise would have taken years with conventional methods.

And in some progressive courses, conversational hypnosis is being used to multiply the effectiveness of self-improvement and personal development.  Imagine being able to quickly eliminate bad habits and replace them with healthy, constructive ones merely by talking to yourself.

Just like any tool, conversational hypnosis can be used to help or to harm.  It's all up to the person using it.  Even the business uses of conversational hypnosis can be a good thing if the products sold actually help the people who buy them.

As you continue to read this web page, you may find your own reasons for using conversational hypnosis to improve your life and the lives of others.

By mastering conversational hypnosis yourself, not only will you learn how to protect yourself from the malicious subliminal commands of others, but you will also learn how to instantly transform every relationship you have so that you get more of what you want with no resistance whatsoever.

Just imagine how much fun you will have knowing that you'll get more of what you want from the people in your life and in your business.  Knowing how to use conversational hypnosis will propel you forward into the next level of effectiveness, where you will see quicker and better results, more cooperation, more money, and a lot more fun.

What Is Conversational Hypnosis?

Most people think that hypnosis is all about putting someone to sleep and making suggestions that change their behaviors and beliefs about themselves.  Psychoanalysts and stage hypnotists generally use this form of hypnosis.

Hypnosis itself has been a phenomenon that has defied definition almost from the beginning.  The word itself means 'sleep', but hypnosis is actually a highly focused state of mind substantially different from sleep.  Even today, most professionals can't agree on a single definition of what hypnosis really is.  What we have found is that a subject's eyes do not have to be closed for hypnosis to work.

The best way to define hypnosis is perhaps "communicating directly to the subconscious mind without interference from the conscious mind".

Conversational hypnosis is a special way of using everyday language such that subliminal commands are delivered directly to the listener's subconscious mind.  In normal, everyday communication, the conscious mind filters out the meaning of the words used, but in conversational hypnosis, the conscious mind is subverted and special techniques are used to speak directly to the subconscious mind.

Unless you really know what to listen for, you'll never catch on when someone is using it against you.  And if you're the one using it, your listener won't be able to resist your suggestions, and you'll get your way practically every time.

Here's an example of conversational hypnosis.

"Have you ever found yourself becoming so attracted to someone that the rest of the world just seems to fade away and you realize just how much you need to be with this person?  And have you ever felt this feeling so strongly that you were ready to do anything this person asks you to do, right this very minute?"

On the page, it looks innocent enough, but the real magic is in how it is spoken.  When a conversational hypnotist speaks the lines above, they will normally point to themselves subtly.  In fact, it will be so subtle that the listener won't really know that it's being done.  Maybe the fingers on one hand curl inward just a little.  Or maybe their hand will move towards their own chest or gut a few inches.  Either way, the subconscious mind will see this and the phrase "this person" will automatically be associated with the speaker.

The result is that the listener will instantly feel more attracted to the speaker.

The subject of conversation doesn't really matter much either.  A technique called "embedded commands" can mark out small group of words so that they stand out to the subconscious mind.  When this is done, the command is registered by the listener's subconscious mind and processed directly, without the normal filtering of the conscious mind.

Using embedded commands, a conversational hypnotist can be talking about filing some papers at work, but simultaneously programming the listener to feel passionately devoted to the speaker and about what the speaker would like to do later on.

What Else Can Be Done With Conversational Hypnosis?

Your ability to succeed in life is tied directly to your ability to persuade other people.  There is not one area of life that cannot be improved with conversational hypnosis.  Even in situations that don't involve other people, the way you communicate to yourself affects your ability to get things done.

As you will now see, conversational hypnosis has many legitimate uses.  Maybe as you read the following list, you will begin to notice how many of them will help you in your life.  However, as you're reading, try not to daydream about manipulating other people.

Here is a short list of things you can do with conversational hypnosis:

Business Uses:

Uses for Coaches, Teachers, & Counselors

Community Leadership Uses

Personal Uses

Can I ask you a question?  Did you start daydreaming about the many ways you will apply conversational hypnosis in the months ahead?  Did you imagine how your relationships will improve, or how much more money you could be earning?  Did you daydream about the changes you could make in the world if you only had the skills of conversational hypnosis?

While you're thinking of it now, how much would these dramatic benefits be worth to you?  $1000?  $500?  $200?

How Effective Is Conversational Hypnosis, Really?

Let me tell you my story.  Before I discovered conversational hypnosis, I had already created 4 websites that brought in a fair amount of money.  I also ran a little ezine with about 1400 subscribers.

I had studied sales and marketing for years and read through everything I could on the subject of how to persuade people to buy my products.  But even with my best efforts, the websites had a "conversion rate" (the number of people buying as a percentage of the total number of people visiting the site) of only about 1.25%.  This meant that I sold 125 products for every 10,000 people visiting the websites.

Whenever I promoted a product to my ezine subscribers, about 3% of them clicked on the link to check out what I was promoting.

Compared to the industry average, these were good numbers, and I was happy.  Kind of like how you feel when you've just finished a good meal and you're ready to settle in for an evening of relaxed entertainment.

But once I started to implement conversational hypnosis techniques, the numbers jumped higher than I ever thought possible.  In fact, I was so surprised by the results, I nearly fell out of my chair!

Ezine promotions instantly started getting more than 8% of subscribers clicking the desired link, and sometimes as many as 16%.  This has remained a consistent experience that not even the heavy-weights of online marketing can maintain.

Website conversions on the first site I edited jumped overnight to a 5.34% conversion rate.   With a few more tweaks, that rose to a little over 7%.  (I've promoted sites by the Internet Marketing 'gurus' and never saw that level of conversions.  Actually, the best I saw from any of the 'guru' sites was a measly 2%.)

The next website I rewrote using conversational hypnosis started converting at almost 14%!  That was in conjunction with an ezine promotion I ran.  After the promotion was over, the site is still converting an average of 4.27%.

Just as quickly, my income increased proportionally.  Overnight I was making 4 times as much money!!  And since I was promoting good products that helped my subscribers live better lives, that meant that I was helping 4 times as many people.

What would a 4x increase mean to your business?  What would that be worth?  $1000?  $500?  $200?

And as time goes on, my results are just getting better and better as I continue to develop my skills in conversational hypnosis.

Personal Results, too

Although I can't give as precise an accounting of the effects in my personal life, let me tell you that the people around me started treating me with a lot more respect and admiration.  I was able to finally get my girlfriend to marry me after 7 years of being together.  Before conversational hypnosis, she was always "too scared" to commit.  Now she loves being my wife.  She feels much more settled and comfortable knowing that our relationship is solid and committed.

One of the things that really surprised me was how much conversational hypnosis improved my ability to help other people.  Part of my business is coaching people how to alter their beliefs and inner thinking to support a healthier lifestyle and achieve their goals.  Without conversational hypnosis, I had several students who never seemed to 'get' the message and constantly came back for help.

As an experiment, I started using conversational hypnosis techniques to retrain their thinking from the inside.  In almost every single case, a solitary email was enough to solve the issues.  Only 1 student proved to be unresponsive to the techniques.  Overall, this made me feel like a martial arts expert, solving problems with a single karate chop!  No wasted effort, quick and powerful results, and more free time to pursue other goals.

Now I plan to write all my books using conversational hypnosis to help millions of people in their personal development goals.

Keys To Power Persuasion Course

My first book written with conversational hypnotic techniques is one that will help you quickly master the art of conversational hypnosis itself.  And not only will you learn how to use conversational hypnosis, but you will also learn how to protect yourself from other people using it against you.

Remember that list of conversational hypnosis uses I presented to you?  Within the pages of this revolutionary course, you will find step by step guides that you can use for each and every one of them, as well as many others.

But this isn't a book of scripts or a collection of random "here, do this" instructions.  The Keys To Power Persuasion course goes much further into the heart of the subject and outlines the complete structure of conversational hypnosis.  Not only will you learn what to do, but also why you're doing it.

When I studied the topic, every course I found seemed to be a random collection of phrases and techniques, without any order or organization.  It took me forever to understand how to apply the information given.  The few books and courses that did seem to have some degree of organization were woefully incomplete.

In fact, it took several months of taking notes from every book and course I could find and then sorting those notes into categories to find out what was actually happening during the persuasion process!

And now you get the benefit of all my work, because you get everything, neatly organized and clearly explained in the Keys to Power Persuasion course, for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Actually, if you were to do what I did, you'd spend well over $10,000 on various books, courses, seminars, and the time to organize all of the notes.  Then there is the time to find out what works and what doesn't, and getting enough experience to find the underlying psychological principles and the 'undiscovered' techniques those principles lead to.

5 Key Phases of Persuasion

In the process of filtering the mountain of material, I discovered that there are 5 distinct phases of the persuasion process.  Without all 5 phases, you'll never be able to persuade as effectively as you could.  When I went back to my source material, not even one of the books or courses I purchased had all 5 phases.  Most had 2 or 3, and only 1 course talked about 4 of the 5 phases.  Obviously, the Keys To Power Persuasion course is the only complete persuasion course.

Also from my organization of the material, I discovered certain patterns that led me to find other persuasion techniques that were never mentioned in any other book or course.  I'll reveal all of these secret techniques in your course material.

And please, don't feel compelled to purchase my course simply to find out what these 5 phases are.  Purchase my course because you want to take control over your destiny and become a master of persuasion.  That way, you will actually get something out of it.

The 'Undiscovered' Techniques

One thing that I'll reveal here, and the only reason I'm doing it is to give you a taste of what you'll get when you order the Keys To Power Persuasion Course today, is one of the many techniques that no other course has!

One of the underlying principles of conversational hypnosis is that the mind of the listener will pick out subtle differences in your voice tone and interpret what's said differently as being separate from the rest of the conversation.  This is the mechanism by which the technique of 'embedded commands' works.  This same principle can be extended to reveal other techniques to create a subliminal message.

It's possible to use a technique from ventriloquism to make one word sound like another word, and in doing so, the mind of your listener will process the 2 words simultaneously.  What this does for you, is that you can subtly focus your listener onto a subject completely separate from the subject of your conversation!  Ventriloquism also gives us other options to choose from.  Obviously, the skills of ventriloquism need to be adapted to the requirements of conversational hypnosis to work, but you will find the final adaptation within the pages of the Keys To Power Persuasion Course.

What's even better is that these techniques sound completely natural in everyday conversation.
No-one will be able to detect that you're doing anything out of the ordinary!

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Top 10 Reasons To Purchase Keys To Power Persuasion

Everyone has their own reasons for purchasing the Keys To Power Persuasion course.  Perhaps yours is in this list:

  1. Become super-successful in sales and/or marketing.
  2. Improve your personal relationships.
  3. Spark new relationships with wonderful people.
  4. Manage your employees more effectively and get the big promotion.
  5. Help charitable organizations raise funds and get government grants.
  6. Inspire your children to grow up to be a credit to the human race.
  7. Inspire whole groups to become better people.
  8. Become famous as a top-notch motivational speaker.
  9. Have lots of fun seducing attractive strangers.
  10. Protect yourself from being manipulated by others.

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Here's What You Get With Your Keys To Power Persuasion Course

  • The Psychology of Persuasion:  An Overview
  • Motivating Desires:  Understanding the average prospect
  • Personality Types:  Discover your prospect's secret buttons
  • Preparing To Persuade:  Training the subtle skills to hypnotize conversationally
  • The 5 Phases of Persuasion:  An in-depth study of Conversational Hypnosis
  • Persuasive Formulae:  Push these buttons in this order to get quick, easy results
  • Persuasion Examples:  5 Step by Step Guides
  • Appendix A:  Hypnotic Power Words
  • Appendix B:  Hypnotic Phrases
  • Appendix C:  Other books published by PowerKeys Publishing
  • Appendix D:  The PowerKeys Publishing Master Affiliate Program - Make money by introducing others to this powerful course.

When you download your copy of the Keys To Power Persuasion Course, you will be able to glance over the material and have an INSTANT grasp of the concepts.  Within 5 minutes, you'll be able to persuade others with far more success than you've ever had before.

You will also receive within this amazing course a step by step plan to becoming a true "Power Persuader" in mere weeks.  You'll be able to set your expected outcomes, map out a plan to cover all of the material contained within the course, and master it one step at a time.  Trust me, you won't walk away confused like you would with some other course.

In fact, the course is written with conversational hypnosis techniques which help you to learn the material at an accelerated rate, virtually 'transplanting' the mind of a master persuader into your brain.  This is one course that can actually REPLACE experience, it's that good.

During your study of the Keys To Power Persuasion, you will soon discover exactly WHY people do the things they do, and how that helps you persuade anyone to do anything you want.  You will also learn how to defend yourself from these techniques being used against you.


You'll just have to purchase this course to find out what it is.
(I know, you're sitting there wondering what that 1 thing is,
and you just won't be able to rest until you buy this course to find out.)

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More Of What You'll Find In The Keys To Power Persuasion Course

Other Benefits Of The Keys To Power Persuasion Course

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What Is All This Worth?

By now, you understand what the Keys To Power Persuasion Course will do for you.  You understand that this course contains material that can't be found in any other.  You also understand that conversational hypnosis is being used against you every day, and you won't be able to defend yourself unless you learn the techniques being used.

You may also understand that learning conversational hypnosis may mean more to your happiness and success than anything else.  I mean, even if you only doubled your effectiveness with other people, how much more would you get for your efforts?  That's the true value of something, right?

A lot of people will purchase this course in order to increase their business success.  Others will purchase this course in order to seduce strangers and live their dreams of having many different sexual partners.  Another group of people will purchase this course in order to change the world for the better, or at least their local community.  And everyone will learn how to protect themselves from the malicious manipulators of the world.

All of these people will be getting thousands of dollars worth of value from this course, and some people will literally get millions of dollars worth of value out of this one course.

Professional copywriters, who generally know only a smattering of the secrets revealed in full within the pages of this course, easily earn $10,000 to $50,000 for each sales letter they write!  Once you master the art of conversational hypnosis, you'll be able to compete head to head with the best of them.

Look at Anthony Robbins.  He learned some of the secrets to conversational hypnosis from NLP, modified them a bit to appear different, and look how well he's done.  You could do just as much if you want to.

In short, this course is worth a great deal.

Even if we were to compare it to other courses that are available, and set a price that reflects the amount of information contained, and how well that information is presented, I'd have to place a price tag of over $300 on this course.

Just for reference, I'm sure you would like to check out some of the other courses that can be found.  Here are some links to such courses, and if you take the time to check them out, you'll find that they don't include nearly as much information as the Keys To Power Persuasion course.

https://www.CovertHypnosis.net - Kevin Hogan wrote a great book on the underlying psychological principles that govern covert hypnosis.  Powerful stuff, but it falls down in the actual implementation of the principles.  For only $50, I do recommend it to those needing a low-cost resource.

https://www.sexualkey.com - This website focuses on using a few conversational hypnosis techniques for the purpose of seducing women. A $147 package that is professionally done, yet still focuses on only a few of the available techniques.

https://www.blackopshypnosis.com - This website has a course on what they call 'black ops' hypnosis. The course includes 7 hours of audio, which makes it better than average, and at only $57, it's about the only other one that I would truly recommend.

So, you can see that comparable courses are generally priced in the $147 to $200 range, even when the authors are not recognized experts.

List Price:  $97

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Here's what the experts have to say about the Keys To Power Persuasion:

There's not a person alive who doesn't want something when they are communicating...even with themselves. Alan Tutt's "Keys to Power Persuasion" course offers a rich banquet of persuasion tactics and skills that will benefit anyone. I give it a 5 platinum stars!

Way to go Alan!

David Barron, NLP and Persuasion Expert

Hey Alan,

I am very much amazed by Keys to Power Persuasion. You're revealing some very powerful stuffs that can allow the readers to succeed in their relationships, careers, and personal lives by utilizing the awesome power of persuasion.

Best of all, your course is written in a very organized, interesting, exciting, and easy-to-read format. I'm sure you've put lots of effort to achieve this masterpiece of a course. Congratulations!

Michael Lee, Persuasion Expert & Author of "20 Day Persuasion"

...absolutely jam-packed with powerful techniques for helping you to get whatever you want through subtle mind control techniques which you can use on anyone without them ever suspecting a thing.

The best thing is that you don't need to have any experience in this field. This course even gives you the exact words and phrases which you can use to dramatically influence the opinions of others.

The question isn't "Can you learn how to control other people?"

The question is "Who Do You Want to Control?"

Andreas Ohrt, Mind Control Expert

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My Promise To You (Money Back Guarantee)

We've talked about the many uses of persuasion, but we both know that there are only a few things that are worth the investment.  Either making more money, seducing more lovers, improving your relationships, or protecting yourself from others.

If you will use the Keys To Power Persuasion course to make more money, I guarantee that you will DOUBLE your income over the next year.

If you will use the Keys To Power Persuasion course to learn how to seduce strangers, I guarantee that you will succeed beyond your most outrageous fantasies.

If you will use the Keys To Power Persuasion course to improve your relationships, I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In fact, I guarantee that you can achieve ANY GOAL with what you will learn from this course.  Within the shortest time possible.

All I ask is that you give the information an honest try.  Read through the material.  Try it out.  Practice the techniques to master them. Give yourself at least 30 days to prove to yourself that the course is worth what you've paid.

If you will do that, I know that you will get everything you ever wanted from other people.

But if for some strange reason you don't, I will gladly refund every penny back to you.  Any time in the future, no matter how long you've had the course.  You just have to give this an honest try.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.  There is no risk whatsoever in this deal.  You either get what you always wanted, or you get your money back. I made this same offer when I released my Keys To Power Prosperity ebook a few years ago. Only 2 people ever asked for a refund, and we all know there will always be some people like that, even with a perfect product.

I'm taking all the risk on this one, and I know that there will be a few who will order the course, radically change their lives for the better, and still ask for a refund.  I pity those folks, because I know how karma works, and it's absolutely true that what goes around, comes around.  They will be taken advantage of in time.

Your course is exactly as described. I like it and I would recommend it to anyone seeking information on hypnotic persuasion.

The information is a "how-to-do-it" instead of just a discussion of theory and techniques. I have studied NLP, used Kevin Hogan's material, own the Black Ops Hypnosis course and I'm a certified hypnotist. Your Keys to Power Persuasion is the most concise, useable manual I've come across yet. Thanks.

Ed Petrish

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Why You Need To Take Action Today

The sooner you learn the skills of power persuasion, the quicker you can start getting the things you want from other people.

But that's not the only reason to take action right this minute.  The longer you wait, the more you are at risk of being taken advantage of by those who do know the techniques of power persuasion.  What if someone comes to you tomorrow to persuade you into a bad situation.  Only by learning these skills now can you protect yourself.

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