In my continuing efforts to assist my members to reach higher levels of achievement, I’ve added a point system to the website as a motivational tool to encourage everyone to continue taking positive action towards mastery of the skills involved in manifesting.

Your Current Points Tally:  0 Points

At the current time, you can earn points by …

  • Signing up for a membership, or renewing a yearly membership.  (1 point per $ spent)
  • Spending time on the website (1 point for each day you visit)
  • Completing a course (100 points per course completed, limited to 1 per week)
  • Completing a lesson within a course (10 points per lesson, limited to 3 per hour)
  • Completing a sub-lesson, also called a “topic” (10 points per topic, limited to 3 per hour)
  • Passing a quiz (20 points per quiz, limited to 3 per day)
  • Participating in the community discussion forums (various points for different things)

Taking a quiz and failing results in 10 points being deducted from your account, so make sure you know the material before taking a quiz.  Also, you can lose point by making posts in the discussion forums that get negative reactions from other members, so make sure your posts are helpful and friendly.

The limits are in place to dissuade members from rushing through the material.  Take your time and really master the lessons before moving forward.

In time, I will find various ways to cash in your points for other benefits.