How YOU can become a
walking Avatar of the Divine,
performing miracles
on a regular basis,
without having to give up
the things you enjoy.

We’ve all heard it.

“The Law of Attraction is a natural law of the universe, and works just as reliably and consistently as the Law of Gravity.”

Let me ask you a question. How reliable and consistent have YOUR results been?

Most folks see positive results occasionally, but not regularly enough to call them consistent. And most of the time, the results they do see are so small and insignificant, they couldn’t be called true miracles.

They ask for a million dollars, and get a couple of extra bucks that barely pays for dinner. They ask for the most epic romance in history, and are lucky to get someone new to smile at them. They ask for the travel adventure of a lifetime, and end up hiking down the road to get gas for the car that just ran out.

If you’ve been struggling with the Law of Attraction, I have some good news for you. There’s a better way.

There’s a better way to manifest your desires without having to repeat affirmations for hours at a time, or take time to visualize every little thing you want to manifest into your life. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to give up anything you enjoy doing.

No vows of poverty, no vows of celibacy, and no starving yourself. You won’t have to put others first, and you don’t have to change your diet or the people you hang out with.

In fact, when you master a few simple skills, your life will take on new meaning and purpose as you start to realize your full potential.

What I’m about to share with you could be called a modification to the Law of Attraction, but I like to think of it as the Law of Reflection, and when you start to approach manifesting in this new way, you get much more consistent results.

What’s more, I can also show you exactly how to develop certain key skills so you can maximize your results and perform literal miracles.

And for a limited time, I have a special opportunity for a select group of lucky individuals.

My Story

Hi, my name is Alan Tutt, and I wasn’t always known as a miracle-worker.

In fact, I started out in life just like most folks. Born into a middle-class family, feeling like no-one truly understood me, and spending most of my time goofing off and trying to get by without embarrassing myself too much.

My high-school years were in the early 80’s, and this is when computers really started to go mainstream. Being someone who liked math and science, I jumped at the opportunity to apply for a full-tuition scholarship to DeVry Institute of Technology, where I could study electrical engineering and how to design computers.

I got the scholarship, and for a brief period, I was flying high on life. It seemed like I had it all, and my future was bright. But then it all started to fall apart.

You see, I hadn’t learned to manage my time, and I didn’t have enough self-confidence to stand up for myself, so when the managers at my part-time job scheduled me for 40 hours a week, I didn’t feel comfortable asking for less hours. I couldn’t handle it. I started sleeping in, missing school, and for the first time in my life, I failed miserably.

It was like a row of dominoes, each knocking the next one down until everything was gone.

To say I was freaking out would be a MASSIVE understatement. I felt like my life was over.

I moved back in with my parents, but my dad found it necessary to constantly berate me for my failure, and took every opportunity to tell me how disappointed he was in me.

I couldn’t handle that either, so one day, I packed what I could into a duffel bag and left, planning to hitchhike out to California, where I hoped to get involved with a more spiritual crowd.

As you might imagine, my streak of bad luck continued. Eventually, I had lost everything. I found myself with no home, no car, no friends, no family I felt I could go to, and no money except a penny I found in a parking lot.

Luckily, it all turned around for me one morning.

I had been walking the streets all night, exhausted, in the middle of winter, so I was chilled to the bone. Eventually, I saw a bookstore, and being someone who loved books, I decided that this would be a good place to go in and get warm.

It didn’t take long for me to find myself in front of the self-help section of books. One book in particular caught my attention. “The Miracle of Mind Dynamics” by Joseph Murphy. The cover promised a step-by-step 60-second action plan to tap into the Power of the Divine Mind and direct it to manifest miracles.

I certainly needed a miracle at that moment, so I skimmed through the book looking for the solution.

I saw a lot of references to the power of belief, and when you can believe in miracles, then you can experience them. The book said that life is a reflection of what you believe, and you will always experience the essence of your beliefs.

And then I found the 4-step action plan promised on the cover.

  • Step 1: Acknowledge God as the ONLY power in the universe.
  • Step 2: Refuse to give power to ANY OTHER person or thing. Imagine that there is NOTHING to challenge the power of God.
  • Step 3: Imagine God flowing through you as the answer to your prayer. Feel it as if it were real.
  • Step 4: Give thanks for the answer to come.

Now, before I go any further, I want to point out that I eventually learned that you do NOT need to bring God into the manifestation process. This was just the process described in the book I found. I’ll explain what you DO NEED later on this page.

So, as I stood there in the bookstore, exhausted from walking the streets all night, having gone without food for days, and having no brainpower to analyze what I was reading, I simply accepted what I read and followed the instructions without question.

I imagined the spirit of God flowing through me as a miracle bringing money to me, enough money to get a place to stay and food to eat. I felt a sense of joy and relief rising up within me. And for the first time in months, I had hope that something magical was about to happen.

Later that day, I found $70 on the sidewalk, and even though I waited for someone to come back to claim it, no one came. I then accepted this as the answer to my prayer, and was overjoyed that it worked.

And it was enough to rent a run-down room for a week and get something to eat. In fact, there was just enough left over to go back to the bookstore, and buy that amazing book and two others. As you can imagine, prices were a lot lower back then. Even so, the room I rented was a real dump.

Unfortunately, after having slept, my mind could not fully accept what the book was teaching, and I kept wondering HOW it all worked. I tried to analyze that first experience, trying to duplicate it, but no matter what I tried, I could not manifest more money.

This isn’t to say that I couldn’t manifest anything. I did notice SOME positive results. Enough to prove that there was more at work than mere coincidence, but my results were far from reliable or consistent.

From that moment on, I was hooked! I KNEW that magic and miracles were possible, and I felt that I just needed to learn more about how they worked to get more reliable results.

I spent years studying everything I could find that offered any hope whatsoever. I tested different ideas, different methods, different combinations, and doing things in different orders. I was like a mad scientist.

Although my results were hit-and-miss for many years, I experienced a number of successes along the way. I did eventually manifest more money, in a variety of ways, some more miraculous than others. I also found that I could influence the weather, which is completely outside of our physical control, and therefore more a miracle than almost anything else. In fact, I was able to stop a tornado within a few minutes of setting an intention to do so, thereby protecting my home and family.

I’ve manifested good health. It’s actually been more than 25 years since I’ve had as much as a cold or a headache. And when I was ready to settle down, I manifested a soul mate. Before Linda, the longest relationship I ever had lasted 15 months, and we’ve been together now for over 23 years and counting. At some point, I’ll have to tell you the story, because there were so many details on both sides that worked out perfectly.

I could tell you dozens of stories about the many miracles I’ve experience in my life, but that’s not the important thing today.

One of the more important messages in this story is that I’m nobody special. If I can do these things, you certainly can do them as well.

The Problem

Now, before I reveal the secret to manifesting miracles on a consistent basis, I have to explain a few things. Unless you understand these points, you’ll get it all wrong.

And this may be the whole reason you’re not getting the results you deserve.

Most folks approach manifesting completely wrong. They think that if they just say the right words in the right way, or visualize their desired outcome while breathing a special way, or maybe put themselves into a highly-intense emotional state, then it will work.

Others claim that you need to call upon the angels using a long-forgotten language and arcane symbolism, or align your hands or body into hard-to-hold postures.

And then there are those who say that you need to live according to a strict set of rules, give up anything that gives you pleasure, and have a “pure heart” before your prayers will be answered.

These things can sometimes help, but they’re not the primary things that cause manifestations to happen.

The main problem with all these ideas is that you can waste YEARS and end up with nothing to show for it. But what’s even worse is that when you try something and fail, and you do that over and over again, you start to believe in failure, and since your life is a reflection of what you believe, your belief in failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, and you end up on a downward spiral just as I did when I couldn’t balance my time between school and work. You eventually hit bottom. Unless you learn how to take control of your beliefs.

Now, here’s the most important thing you’ll ever learn about manifesting. Pay close attention.

Manifesting is both an art and a science.

The science part is easy. There are three factors involved in manifesting. Belief, willpower, and imagination. If you prefer a more poetic way of expressing this, you could label these factors as faith, focus, and feeling.

You have to believe that miracles are possible, and that your efforts will produce the result you want. You can’t just hope that it will work. You have to expect it to work, as surely as the sun will come up again tomorrow morning.

You also have to focus clearly on the end result you desire, as if it is already your current reality. Your best results will come when your mind is 100% focused on a single thought, and not distracted by a dozen other things you have to do later in the day.

And finally, you have to mentally experience your desired result, including the emotions it will bring. Again, your best results will come when this internal experience occupies your entire mind, and you actually lose awareness of the physical world around you.

Now, while the basic ingredients in this recipe are simple, as you now know, they aren’t necessarily easy to do. And this isn’t everything. There’s more to the story.

This is where the art aspect of manifesting comes into play. It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s also HOW you do it.

It’s easy for someone to say that you can paint a picture simply by applying paint on a canvas where you want the various colors. Or to say that you can play a piano simply by hitting the right keys at the right time. Or manifest your desires by imagining them as if they were real, then trust it to happen.

But when you try doing it, you find that it’s a lot more difficult than you were told.

And while anyone can dance or play sports, only those who have spent years perfecting their skills in these areas will have any hope of getting paid to perform. And in the world of sports, only the best of the best of the best ever get a chance to compete in the Olympics for those gold medals, and these folks invest a ton of money hiring coaches and trainers to help them get there.

Just because you audition for a part doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. You have to be better than anyone else who is also competing for that same part.

In order to manifest a winning lottery ticket, you have to be better at manifesting than the millions of others who are also attempting to manifest a winning ticket in that same lottery.

This is why it’s so much easier to manifest little things, and much harder to manifest true miracles.

The Solution

All is not lost, however. There is a solution that works for everyone, even for lazy people like me.

Before we get to that, though, we have to answer another question. Why do some people spend hours and hours, week after week, for months and years developing the skills to play a musical instrument, but expect to manifest miracles in just a few minutes?

Now, to be fair, if you’ve fallen into this trap, it’s not entirely your fault. A lot of so-called LOA experts claim that it should be possible. “Just 5 minutes a day” they tell you is enough to completely transform your entire life.

Or they may tell you that if you buy their products, follow their instructions, repeat their “miracle-working” affirmations, use crystals, oils, incense, pyramids, or any of a hundred other things, and hop around on one foot while singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, all your dreams will come true. They’ll even tell you that this works whether you believe in it or not. And all for just $39.95.

I can’t tell you how many of these traps I’ve fallen into throughout my life. I must have tried at least a couple hundred of them before I realized that none of them were the answer I was looking for.

I hope you can now see how the idea of “push-button miracles” is completely unrealistic. Nothing more than modern-day snake oil.

The pretend gurus tell you this stuff because most folks don’t want to do any work, and will buy the books, courses, and other products that promise such garbage, and they’re in it for the money.

False prophets after profits.

To their credit, though, if you actually believe you can get results with that type of thing, your belief will make it work. It’s the placebo effect applied to manifesting. Anything can work if you believe in it.

That’s why I got such immediate results back in that bookstore. I accepted the idea that a simple prayer process would produce miracles.

How Much Work is Required?

Okay, so if I were in your position right now, I’d be wondering how much work is required before I could expect good results from my manifesting efforts.

If you remember, when I was back in that bookstore, I was able to manifest a windfall of money the very first day. But there were special circumstances there, and you could say I just got lucky.

Most folks will notice some small results within a week or two of starting an organized training program. Think of it as taking music lessons. The more you practice, the better you get.

And hey, if a grade-school child can do it, you can too.

Within a couple of months, the average person can expect to start getting good results often enough to consider the manifesting process somewhat reliable.

To reach what may be called a professional level of manifesting can take years. To put this into perspective, the average person needs several years of training and practice to become proficient on a musical instrument, and even more time before they’re ready to get hired professionally.

At some point, you have to decide what it’s worth to you to learn how to manifest your desires.

After all, time never stops, and in a year or two, you’re going to be a year or two older, whether or not you learn how to manifest your desires. The question really is what kind of life do you want to be living in the next year or two?

Are you happy to just play with manifesting, settling for what’s left over after the big players take what they want, or living in the shadows while others command respect and attention?

Or would you prefer to be in charge of your life, getting all that you deserve, and living a life full of purpose and meaning, a true influencer in the world?

As you now know, it’s completely unrealistic to expect significant results without significant effort.

If the topic of manifesting is just a casual interest, and you really don’t care how well it works, then there are plenty of books and courses available that will entertain you for a few hours.

I myself have written a number of books and courses that may be purchased at a low price, and these are perhaps your best choice if you just want the basics and a decent guide to how to develop your manifesting skills on your own.

But if you’re serious about learning how to manifest miracles, reaching a level of proficiency that few humans ever realize, then you need to commit to a more involved training program.

A Special Offer

Luckily, there is such a training program that makes the process as easy as possible.

I call it the Avatar Power System.

This program is based on my 35 years of experience, and has been tightly organized according to the Pareto Principle, focusing on the critical 20% that gives you 80% of maximum results. And then we hammer hard on that 20% over and over again to give you UNLIMITED RESULTS.

This program works if you’re completely new to manifesting, and even if you’ve failed to get results with every other program available. It works if you feel you have NO skills in visualization, willpower, or ability to trust. It also works if you’re completely comfortable using a different system and simply want to improve the results you get with that other system.

This system is based not only on my own experience, but also on my work with THOUSANDS of people around the world since 2003.

Together, we have tested every possible concept, method, combination, and sequence imaginable.

The final result is the absolute best you can possibly get.

What This Isn’t

Now, before we go any further, I need to tell you what this Avatar Power System is not.

It’s not some “5 minutes a day” program too weak to do anything. More time will be required, however, I guarantee your time will be richly rewarded many times over.

It’s also not a program where you need to believe in the process in order for it to work. While belief is one of the key elements to manifesting, this program is designed to help you shift your beliefs as necessary using the most effective means possible.

This program does not reference any particular set of religious beliefs. You can follow any religion you choose, or no religion at all. Doesn’t matter. You’ll get the same results either way.

This program will not ask you to accept anything simply because “I said so.” You’ll have plenty of opportunity to test out the ideas for yourself and make up your own mind.

This program is also not set in stone. Even now, I continue to refine the program to get even better results for my students. As long as you’re a member of my community, you’ll continue to get all new improvements as they are added to the system.

What it is

Quite simply, this Avatar Power System eliminates all the BS you find in other systems, and focuses completely on helping you get maximum results with minimum effort.

This program is for you if you want to manifest miracles into your life and the lives of others, if you want to do your absolute best to protect your home and family, finally get the respect and love you deserve, and achieve something of significance in your life, and also if you’re tired of settling for second-best and want to live a life of luxury and meaning.

With the skills you’ll develop in the Avatar Power System training program, all of these will become a natural expression of living as your true self.

Think of it this way. Someone who has developed a strong and powerful body doesn’t have to struggle to lift a 50 pound weight. It’s so easy, they don’t even have to think about it. When you develop strong and powerful manifesting muscles, manifesting miracles isn’t the monumental task mere mortals believe it to be. Coincidences become the norm, and blessings follow you everywhere you go.

What You Get

So, what is contained within the Avatar Power System? What do you get?

Inside this system, you’ll get a written course explaining everything you need to know about manifesting and developing the key skills required to do it well. This course is neatly organized so you can find exactly what you need at any moment. You get the overview, the theory, the practical application, developmental exercises, and a complete description of everything you need.

I’ve been writing developmental courses since 2003, and my students frequently comment that my courses are the most well-written ones they had ever seen.

You’ll also get a host of support materials to guide you through various exercises designed to maximize your skill development.

These support materials include sessions that many would call guided meditations, although these are a lot more powerful, since they focus on specific tasks and incorporate elements from NLP, which maximizes the impact of the materials on your subconscious mind.

You get a guided session that gives you the experience of a 2-week vacation in paradise in just 15 minutes. This session is presented in such a way that every time you go through it, you get a different experience. There’s also a session to help you relax to an incredibly deep level, where you can connect directly to the source of Divine Power. There are also sessions for increased self-esteem, confidence, expanding your consciousness, and establishing a belief of absolute control, which leads to some amazing experiences. There are also 2 different sessions to help you identify with wealth so you can more easily manifest this into your life.

In addition, there’s a set of guided sessions to help you shift your internal state to resonate with the Divine, with Divine Power, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Faith.

You’ll also get a set of 6 hypnosis programs to train your subconscious mind directly. These focus on the key skills required to manifest, including deep relaxation, confidence and trust, vivid imagination and creativity, enhancing your natural genius, power and accomplishment, and total life mastery.

This one set of hypnosis programs alone can radically change the way you handle life, since they rewire your subconscious to respond to events differently without even having to think about it.

In addition, there is a complete library (120 full CD’s worth of content) of what may be called subliminal recordings, except if you stop and listen to them, you’ll actually hear the statements being used. My research proved that this type of background recording is much more effective.

This library of “not-so-subliminal” recordings addresses the most important beliefs required for success in 10 different areas of life, addressing everything from basic self-esteem and self-sufficiency through motivation, productivity, self-mastery, relationships, personal prosperity, business success, and even direct manifestation using nothing more than the power of your mind.

And if all this isn’t enough to turn you into a walking Avatar of the Divine, performing miracles on a regular basis, you’ll also have access to me through email all along the way. I typically charge $200/hour for personal coaching, so this could be the most valuable aspect of this package.

I’m including this direct email support because I’ve found that less than 2% ever ask for help, and I’d rather donate my time rather than see you fail. Your questions also help me improve the program for everyone, so it’s a massive win-win.

This way, there are NO EXCUSES that could lead to failure. If anything doesn’t make sense, or you find yourself getting stuck at any point, I’ll work with you directly to help you get past the obstacle and back on the royal road to success.

Without any question, this Avatar Power System is the best training program ever created to help you develop the skills required to manifest miracles reliably and consistently into your life and the lives of others.

There is no other program ANYWHERE that can help you get results nearly as powerful, as quickly, and as reliably as the Avatar Power System.

It’s the quickest pathway to professional-level manifesting results, and what’s even better is that I’ve designed the program to be immensely enjoyable, fun, and fulfilling in every way possible.

You read that right. Not only is this the most effective program ever, it’s also the most enjoyable program as well. I found that when we’re having fun and enjoying ourselves, there’s a part inside us that opens up and embraces the work we’re doing, and that makes it even more effective.

Practical results from an enjoyable process. What more could you want?


Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering how much all this is going to cost.

If I priced this program according to what you could do with it, I’d have to charge somewhere in the millions, because honestly, what is one good miracle worth?

Just one of the miracles I’ve produced was the manifestation of $20,000, and for that, I didn’t do anything more than sit on my couch, go through the manifestation process, and a few weeks later, that money was given to me.  Over the years, I’m manifested quite a bit of money, however, right now we’re looking at single-instance results.

Some people have manifested winning lottery tickets, and for them, a single miracle was worth millions.

When I dispersed a tornado, that potentially saved my home from being destroyed. Quite valuable indeed.

Manifesting good health is something we all know to be extremely valuable. It’s been over 25 years since I’ve had a cold or a headache, and yes, this has been incredibly valuable, as I never have to waste time recovering from sickness.

And for some folks, manifesting a soul mate is also worth quite a bit.

What will YOU manifest into your life once you’ve developed the right skills?

For most folks, a program like this priced at $5,000 would be a really good bargain.

Especially when you consider that you can finally start living up to your full potential, accomplish goals you could only dream about before this, and really take charge of your life in a way that few ever do.

The level of confidence and self-respect you get from having these skills is something you’ll always have with you for the rest of your life. And the admiration and respect you get from others is pretty nice too.

So be real with me. How much is this worth to you? How much is it worth to know that no matter what happens, you can turn any situation into a blessing for yourself and your loved ones?

Personally, I KNOW this system is worth at least $5,000. However, I also know that I could help a lot more people if I priced it lower.

On the other hand, if I just gave it away, that wouldn’t work either. I’ve found that there is truth in the statement that we only value those things that require a significant investment to acquire.

If I drop the price down to $2,500, that would be better, although I’m sure I could help even more if I drop it down even further, let’s say $1,000.

That feels like a good number, doesn’t it? Well below what most spend taking music lessons.

If all you do with your newfound manifesting powers is manifest a lousy $5/hour raise at your job, that’s worth $10,000 the first year. Investing 10% to make that happen is a drop in the bucket, right?

Why so low?

As you can tell, I’m not in this for the money. I’m much more focused on helping as many folks as I can reach the highest levels of personal mastery.

And with the recent pandemic leaving so many in dire straits, I’m willing to stretch a bit if you are.

Okay, I probably shouldn’t do this, but for a limited time, I’ll let you get into this amazing program for just $397.

I know, dirt cheap, right? Especially when you find out that those who qualify for PayPal’s credit program can spread this out over 6 months with no interest.

Of course, I know there will be some folks who are so cheap they’ll claim they can’t afford this, so I’ll stretch a little further and let you get access to this incredible package for just $195.

Essentially, I’m giving you an option to “rent” the materials instead of purchasing them outright. This will give you a full year to work with the course, the meditations, the hypnosis sessions, and the “not-so-subliminal” background recordings, as well as take advantage of my personal assistance if needed.

Honestly, if you’re not willing to invest a measly $195 to master the art and science of manifesting, you’re simply not interested in growing as a human being. Again, especially with PayPal’s credit option to spread the payments out over 6 months. That’s just $32.50/month. And a year is more than enough time to go through the program and develop your manifesting skills to a point where money will never be an issue for you.

Now, this offer won’t be around for long.  I can really only give my personal assistance to so many, and when I reach my limit, I’ll pull this offer.

Again, ask yourself, what is one good miracle worth? Compare that to the tiny price I’m asking, and you’ll easily see just how great a bargain this really is.

Just click here to join now, and take advantage of this great offer while you can.

Money-Back Guarantee

As a man of integrity, I fully stand behind the products I sell. That’s why this program comes with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Sign up today, browse the materials, work with them, ask me any questions you may have, and if anytime in the first 2 months you feel this isn’t for you, no problem. Just let me know, and I’ll process a full refund for you on the spot.

So, this is where you have a choice to make. Do you continue living life as you have, with all it’s frustration, pain, and disappointments, or do you step up, claim your power, and take charge of your fate.

No one else is going to it for you. You have to do it for yourself. Make the right choice today, and begin a new life of power and mastery.

Now, after you click here to join now, you’ll be taken to the checkout page, where you need to fill out the details like your name, email address, what username and password you want to use on this website, and that sort of thing.

Once you’re done with that, just click the Place Order button, and you’ll be taken to the PayPal website, where you can enter your payment information. Once everything is taken care of, you’ll be guided to your member account profile page, which will have links to all of the materials—the written course, the support materials, and so on.

Feel free to browse through everything so you can find anything you want at any moment. As you’re doing that, the system will also send you an email so you can get back to the important pages quickly whenever you want.

As you’ll discover, the audio programs may be played directly from the website, so there’s no need to download anything, UNZIP files, or worry about where things got downloaded onto your computer.

This also means that you can access the materials from your phone while on the go.

I’ve made this as easy for you as I possibly could.

Of course, once you go through the training, Life itself will get easier and easier as you start to live as a true Avatar of the Divine, manifesting your every desire reliably and consistently, whenever it suits you.

If you haven’t already, click here to join now, and get ready to join our inner circle of powerful manifestors.

If you’re not yet ready, ask yourself what beliefs are standing in your way.  Remember, your beliefs create your reality.  If you believe you are limited or that life is hard, your beliefs will cause you to pass up opportunities that would change your reality.

Choose to believe in yourself. 
Choose to believe in miracles. 
Choose to join our community.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • If all you got out of this was greater control over your own mind, would it be worth it?
  • If all you got out of this was the confidence to stand up for yourself, would it be worth it?
  • If all you got out of this was a 10% raise at your job, would it be worth it?
    (If you’re currently making $20,000/year, a 10% raise is worth $2,000 in just the first year.)
  • If all you got out of this was more harmonious relationships, would it be worth it?
  • If all you got out of this was more vibrant health, would it be worth it?
  • If all you got out of this was a small $5,000 windfall, would it be worth it?

Remember, it’s only $195 to get in.

If you’re finally ready to get started, click here to join now,

I’ll see you on the inside.

Thank you.

Q & A

Still here? I guess you have one or more questions that haven’t been answered. Let’s see if I can address those for you.

How do you know that manifesting works?

I know because I’ve experienced it, over and over again, to the point where the idea that it’s all coincidence stopped being a logical answer many years ago. Look at it this way, if you flip a light switch and the same light goes on and off each time, how long do you need to keep flipping it before you realize that the switch you’re flipping controls that light?

Why are there so many people who claim that manifesting doesn’t work?

One of the key aspects of manifesting is that your results tend to match your expectations. This is both a blessing and a curse, because if you don’t expect positive results, you probably won’t see any. This is why the Avatar Power System focuses on helping you shift your beliefs to a point where you truly EXPECT positive results.

What if I go through this program and can’t make it work?

To be honest, the only way that could happen is if you don’t put in the work. If you do the work, you’ll see positive results. Having said that, if you go through the first 60 days of this program and feel it’s not for you, just ask for a refund and I’ll process it right away. There’s nothing to lose, and a world of new possibilities to gain.

How much time will this program require?

As little as possible. In general, I recommend setting aside 30 to 60 minutes each day to go through the exercises. Less than 7 hours each week. That’s only about 4% of your week (a week has 168 hours), so it should be relatively easy to fit in to your schedule.

Of course, how much time you invest in yourself is completely up to you. If you invest little, you’ll see little results. If you invest more, you’ll see bigger results.

Personally, my feeling is that if you’re not willing to invest 30 minutes a day in your future, then this is not the right program for you.

Will this program help me win the lottery?

Help, yes. Can I guarantee it? No. There are a lot of variables that go into any specific manifestation, including how many others are attempting to manifest a different outcome. When you have thousands of people all trying to win the same lottery, you have to be REALLY good at manifesting to make it happen. Of course, there’s a bit of luck involved too, and I’ll show you how to improve your overall luck in this program.

I’d like to think this over. Can you save a spot for me?

No. For two reasons. First, I prefer to work with people who see the incredible value of what I’m offering, and second, I can only offer personalized assistance to a limited number of people. If I deny someone else the opportunity, to save you a spot, and you decide not to join, then we’ve both hurt another person. I don’t want the negative karma on my hands.

Of course, you’re welcome to think it over and come back later. However, I can’t guarantee the same offer will be available, and if it is, I can’t guarantee it will be available at the same price.

So those are the main questions I think you might have. If you have a different question, feel free to use the contact form on this website and ask me whatever you might be thinking.

Again, thank you for reading this page.

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