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The following links may be used to promote our various courses, support systems, and packages. You may replace the standard referral code (your username) with a custom referral code set on your account page here.

These links are not clickable due to a bug in our software.  To select a link, triple-click it, then copy it to use as you wish.

Link to Home Page

(Introduces new visitors to a full range of what we have to offer.)

Free Offer: How to Control the Uncontrollable (Helps to promote new package below.)
(Best place to send referrals!  We do the followup.  50 cents per opt-in, plus sales commissions.)

New Package: Avatar Power System
(Direct link to the sales video.  No warm-up.  No followup.  Currently $97.50/sale)

Other Links

7-Day Kickstart Course
(Free offer.  50 cents per opt-in, plus sales commissions.)

Harmonic Prayer Course ($4.98/sale)

Choose To Believe Course ($8.98/sale)

30 Days to Divine Power Course ($14.50/sale)

Keys To Power – Step by Step Course ($14.50/sale)

Awaken the Avatar Within Course ($24.50/sale)

Harmonic Prayer Support System ($24.50/sale)

Symbolic Solutions 1.0 Support System ($24.50/sale)

Symbolic Solutions 2.0 Support System ($48.50/sale)

EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System ($97.50/sale)

Link to any page

It’s also possible to browse to any page on this website and click the “Get Referral Link” option in the “FlashBar” at the top of the page when you’re logged in as a promotional partner.  This tool helps you create custom referral links to any page you wish to promote.

Essentially, you just need to add the tracking code at the end, such as ?ref=, and you’re good to go.  As mentioned above, you can replace your username with a custom referral code defined in your account.

Campaign Additions for More Advanced Marketers

In addition to the basic links above, you can also add campaign codes for tracking purposes.

For instance, if you want to see if you get better conversions from a banner or an email, create separate links for each as:

Banner link:

Email link:

Using the above campaign codes in your links (or any campaign codes you prefer to use), you can track referrals from each source separately and find out which is more effective. You’ll find the report on your partner account page, which may be found under the More Info menu at the top of the page listed as the Partner Program. The direct link is:

You’ll need to define campaign codes in your account before you can use them. Here’s the direct link to the page where you can do that:

There’s also a link generator that will help you with this. Just enter the destination URL, pick a campaign code, and indicate if you want to use your custom referral code or username, and the system will generate a properly-formed referral link.

An even more advanced approach would be to track different ads placed in different media. For this, you would create campaign codes for each combination (i.e. – Ad1Media1, Ad1Media2, Ad1Media3, Ad2Media1, Ad2Media2, Ad2Media3).

This way, you can see if Ad1 or Ad2 performs better, and at the same time, whether you get better results from Media1, Media2, or Media3. You might even find that one ad performs better in one media and another ad performs better in a different media.

This can be extended to track as many variables as you want, and you can give each campaign code whatever name you want, as long as you use basic letters and numbers without spaces or special characters. As long as you have the “?ref=(your username or custom referral code)” and the “&cmp=(your chosen campaign code already defined in your account)“, then the links should work perfectly.

Again, we have a link generator that will help you with this.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with any of this.