One of the biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that if you want something bad enough, or if you THINK about it often enough, it will manifest.

Sorry, but that’s not quite it.

Thinking about getting rich won’t attract a dime.

Wanting a new lover in your life won’t get you laid.

Not even if you spend HOURS and HOURS repeating those carefully-worded affirmations the “experts” suggest you use.

And here’s why.

It’s not WHAT you think that creates your reality.

It’s HOW you think about it.

I know several folks who would spend HOURS and HOURS each and every day repeating affirmations and visualizing about the things they wanted.

Days went by.  Then weeks.  Months.

Without much of any results to speak of.

Not until they combined affirmations with something else.

That something else being hypnosis, or at least some form of deep relaxation, like meditation.

Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing, who is a true master of manifestation, says the core process of manifesting is 3 simple steps.

Relax, imagine, and trust.

Relax to the point of going into an alpha or theta level of mind. (meditation or hypnosis)

Imagine what you want as if it’s actually happening, in rich, vivid detail.

And TRUST the process to manifest it for you.

Without deep relaxation and trusting the process, all the thinking and wanting in the world won’t manifest a darn thing for you.

But when you have the right conditions, and train yourself to think of what you want THE RIGHT WAY, then you can manifest with a simple intention.

No more time-wasting affirmations.

Alan has posted a video that goes into the manifesting process in great depth, to the point where you’ll KNOW what to do to manifest anything without wasting time with affirmations, visualization, or any of the hundreds of other false suggestions people want you to believe.

Everything is revealed here:

Wishing you the best of all good things.


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