You hear it everywhere. All we need is love. Love is the answer. Love is the greatest force in the Universe. It’s certainly a nice sentiment, but what does it really mean?

On an outer conscious level, love is the feeling we have when something or someone thrills our senses. We love chocolate chip cookies because of the way they melt in our mouths. We love dancing because it makes our hearts pump faster, giving us a strong feeling of being alive. We love that person who makes our bodies go all tingly inside when we kiss. This is what many call “human love.”

“Sacred Love,” on the other hand, is something else entirely.

On one level, Sacred Love is what happens on an inner conscious level when we experience the emotion we generally call love. When we feel loving, our inner spirits tend to open up, expand, and reach out to make a connection with the thing or person our minds are focusing upon.

In making this spiritual connection, we are essentially joining with the object of our love, becoming one. A unity of spirits which transcends the limitations of physical reality.

But there’s more.

When our spirits open up and expand, we are also opening ourselves up to the Universe on a grander scale. The Life Force, which is usually replenished during sleep, flows into our being without obstruction. This tends to improve our physical health and well-being, among other things.

The healing which results from this influx of Life Force doesn’t stop with our physical bodies. This power activates changes in all areas of life, including our relationships, our finances, and the world at large. The reason for this is simple. On a spiritual level, all things (and people) are interconnected, and what helps one, helps all.

All of this happens whenever we experience the emotion of love. It happens even more when we focus on the process and consciously intensify the feeling of love within us, directing it towards the Universe at large. Whenever we sit in meditation and “love the Universe”, we are raising the spiritual vibrations of ourselves and the world around us.

What’s really great about this is that by focusing on love, and in particular this Sacred Love for all things and all people, the Power of the Universe is able to flow through our minds, picking up images of our needs and desires, and can therefore go out into the world to manifest those things for us. It’s as if by loving the Universe, the Universe responds with love, and showers blessings upon us.

Of course, these blessings fall on many others as well. Again, on the spiritual level, what helps one person helps everyone. Along a similar line, the more people who consciously choose to focus on Sacred Love, the more blessings fall upon all of us.

This is why many evangelical religions encourage their followers to do everything they can to “spread the word.” By enlisting everyone you can to this process, we can accomplish so much more than any of us can do on our own.

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Alan Tutt, author of “Choose To Believe” and “Harmonic Prayer“, runs the PowerKeys Publishing website, where you can learn all you want to know about manifesting miracles into your life and the lives of others.[affiliate_id]/

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