Whenever we talk about the Law of Attraction, the power of prayer, the power of belief, or even magick, what we’re really talking about is manifesting a specific outcome.

Sometimes it’s not always clear what it really takes to manifest a specific outcome.

Let’s see if I can clarify this.

The core manifesting process depends on 3 key factors, which are belief, willpower, and imagination.

You have to believe that you can manifest your desire, and that it will actually come to fruition.

You also have to focus clearly on the end result you desire as you set a strong intention for it to manifest.

And finally, you have to imagine the end result as if it’s actually happening in the physical space around you, right here, right now, including the emotions you would feel in that situation.

When you can do these 3 things well, Universal Divine Power is set in motion, and everything works.

What I may not have made clear enough, is that these factors are skills which usually need to be developed.

It’s not enough to HOPE that your desire will manifest.
It’s also not enough to believe that it COULD manifest.
You have to come to the conclusion that it WILL manifest.

The same is true in the use of willpower.

It’s not enough to form a hazy, vague idea of what you want.
It’s also not enough to think, “If it’s good for me, then it will manifest.”

You have to be clear and make a DEFINITE DECISION that your desire WILL manifest, no matter what, because you have the ultimate authority to make such a command upon the universe.

Manifesting is a lot like dancing or playing sports.

Anyone can do it, but only those who spend hours and hours practicing ever get GOOD at it.

And I can tell you from personal experience, it’s time well spent, because the rewards / benefits / pay-offs are HUGE.

I recently created a video that explain this in more detail.

You can watch it here:
How to Manifest Your Desires Reliably and Consistently

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