Harmonious Reunions

Are there ever times when you feel nervous about meeting up with someone you know.  Maybe there have been difficulties in the past with this person, and you expect that the reunion with them could bring up uneasy feelings because of your past history with this person.

If you’ve ever felt this way, this hypnotic recording is for you.

This 24-minute hypnosis session uses effective hypnotherapy techniques to bring you into a deep and powerful hypnotic trance, where you can clear out a lot of the old baggage so it no longer bothers you in the present.  You will also hear instructions that will cause your deeper mind, that part of you responsible for feelings, to see that person from your past in a new way, giving you greater perspective and a fresh sense of power in the current relationship.

While this recording is not meant to replace professional hypnotherapy, it will give you a significant relief from the past, helping you cope with today with greater ease and serenity.

With repeated use, you may also find that you just feel lighter in general, giving you a sense of being free and unlimited in every area of life, helping you achieve more with less effort, which is always a good thing.


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