Peace Ambassador

Imagine that you are casually minding your own business when an argument breaks out nearby.  Instinctively, you focus your mind within, call up a feeling of peace and tranquility, and somehow, the argument calms down peacefully.

There are several reasons why this happens.  From a purely physical level, it can be explained through subconscious / subliminal signals, where your expressions and body language subtly communicate to those around you a feeling of peace, utilizing what neuro-scientists call “mirror neurons”.

Those with a more metaphysical temperament will say that you project an energy through your aura, and this energy affects everyone in your vicinity, calming them down because the strength of your tranquility is greater than the strength of their conflict.

However it happens, it’s uncanny how well it works when you can truly focus clearly on this feeling within yourself with the intention to create change in the world around you.

This 16-minute hypnosis session guides you into a deep and profound hypnotic trance where you have full access to the unlimited power of your entire mind, and then guides you through a few simple steps to call up a powerful feeling of peace and serenity, then practice controlling it so it can be projected at will.

While a single listening of this program will do incredible things, repeated exposure will increase the effect.


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