Powerful Willpower

Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to do something, and found yourself unable to follow through with it because something inside stopped you?

This is what happens when your subconscious mind has been programmed to pursue a particular direction and you’ve made a conscious decision to change course without giving your subconscious mind the right instructions to follow along.

In this hypnosis session, we change this in 2 ways.

First, you are guided through several examples of giving your subconscious mind the right kind of instructions so you will always know how to keep your deeper mind working FOR you instead of AGAINST you.  This makes willpower less important as you will never have to fight against yourself to get things done.

And second, we use this process to give your subconscious the right instructions for developing a powerful willpower that will give you the mental and emotional fortitude to stick with any decision you make all the way through to the end, no matter what may come up, although we do acknowledge that SOME situations do require flexibility, so you’re not locked in to something that may cause harm in any way.  This prepares you for any inconveniences created by forces outside of your direct control.

And before the session is over, you are guided through a few typical situations where willpower is required, so you leave the session fully equipped and prepared to handle those situations with ease.

In addition, before the actual hypnosis occurs, I give you several practical tips on developing and using willpower that makes everything so much easier than simply bulldozing your way through.

All together, this session serves as a catalyst to boost your ability to get things done, and can multiply your effectiveness.

And isn’t that worth 30 minutes of your time?



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