PowerKeys: Manifestation Mastery

In the ancient past, only those who spent decades meditating and pursuing a life of spirituality ever developed the ability to manifest their visions into reality.  As time progressed, humans learned that following special practices gave them added abilities, and less time was required to become a master manifestor.

20 years ago, when I first started teaching people to develop their manifesting ability, we were still using consciously-directed processes, which worked, but were much slower than is possible today.  While there were some experimenting with hypnosis, the exact inner processes necessary to produce the required results weren’t clear.

Today, we’ve identified specific processes that can be done on a deep inner level to produce the required changes and transformations to allow someone to master the manifestation process, and when you use these processes, manifestation becomes a very simple and easy process where you just decide what you want and trust that it will happen.

This series of 6 hypnotic sessions guides you through these processes so you can develop the inner conditions necessary to become a master manifestor.  These sessions are …

  1. Unlock Your FULL Potential
  2. Leave Limitation Behind
  3. Activate Your Personal Power
  4. Connect to Source
  5. Master the Material Plane
  6. Walking in Wonder

Session Details

Each of the included hypnotic sessions are intended to be a “one and done” experience.  There’s no need to listen to a single recording every day for a month in order to see positive results, and you will start seeing positive results from from day 1.  And while it is possible to listen to all 6 sessions in a single day, I would recommend you only listen to 1 per day.  All 6 recordings can be used in the same week with great results.

Each recording is less than 30 minutes, averaging 27 minutes each.  If you’re unable to listen to these recordings daily for 6 days, that’s okay, and you can fit them in whenever it works for you.  If that means you only listen to 1 recording per week, that’s also fine, as the effects of each session will stay with you for the rest of your life.

And while it is feasibly possible to listen to these in any order, I highly recommend you listen to these in the order presented here, as each step is made more effective by the previous steps having already been done.

Unlocking Your FULL Potential

In this session, we guide you to make a deep inner connection to that part of your mind where manifestation happens.  While we’re at it, we also install a few key beliefs that will make the rest of the program much more effective.

Leaving Limitation Behind

This session is in 2 parts.  In part 1, I share a few key ideas with you, some of which you already know, but need to be reviewed and fresh in your mind to make part 2 more effective.  In part 2, I guide you through a process that will cause your subconscious mind to let go of all of the negativity from the past which causes you to hold back from expressing your full potential.

Activating Your Personal Power

With your full potential unlocked and limitations released, we can now activate your personal power, confidence, and motivation to take action where appropriate.  While there are many hypnotic recordings available online intended to help you become more confident, this session uses a 6-step process behind all therapy and inner change-work, and is the most effective process known today.

Connecting to Source

Manifestation happens on 2 levels, both physical and metaphysical.  Most people only use physical manifesting as taught in our public schools.  In order to use metaphysical manifesting (the prime area I’ve been teaching for years), we need to expand beyond what is normally accepted as our “human limitations” and embrace that part of us which is more than human.  When we fully believe in and trust our connection to a Higher Power (whatever you call it), miracles become possible.

Mastering the Material Plane

In this session, we bring together everything covered in the previous 4 sessions and expand on it so you fully EXPECT positive results from all of your manifesting efforts, both physical and metaphysical manifesting.

Walking in Wonder

In this final session, we make sure that you have plenty of practice USING your manifesting ability so it feels normal and natural, and you have complete confidence that it’s going to work for you.  And since you’ll be in a deep and powerful hypnotic state of mind, the things you focus on manifesting during this session will have even more Power than usual.

What You Can Expect

After listening to the first session in the series, you will already feel much calmer and more connected with yourself, leading to an increase in personal joy and confidence.  There are some who regularly pay professional hypnotherapists to guide them through such sessions because it just feels so good to enter into a deep and profound hypnotic trance and the incredibly relaxed focus state created.

After listening to the second session, you will feel much lighter and find it easier to be happy in any situation.  The process used here is a staple in most hypnotherapy practices, and has been used to alleviate PTSD and other trauma-related issues in mere minutes.

By the time you listen to the third session in this series, you will start to become truly unstoppable, with so much confidence and inner motivation, your energy jumps to a higher level and you start to feel compelled from inside to do something with all the personal power you feel.  Your increased feeling of confidence (with the massive reduction in inner limitations from the second session) means you automatically eliminate a lot of wasted effort hemming and hawing around what you should do or how you should do it.  When you find yourself just getting in there and doing it, you end up getting more done in less time, giving you more free time to spend however you’d like.

With the next two sessions, the effect is like multiplying yourself and delegating much of the work of manifesting your visions into reality and achieving your goals, so that your effectiveness grows exponentially. 

And in the last session, everything comes together so you feel completely comfortable and confident that your manifesting efforts will produce the results you want.  Once you’ve completed this 6-step process, you will KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will get the results you want from your manifestation efforts.  And this absolute confidence is what powers the manifestation process itself so you get great results every time.

Oh, what is the manifestation process, you ask?  Very simple.  Decide what you want, and trust that it will happen.  When you are this deeply connected to your Higher Power with a supreme level of confidence, this is all you need to do to get great results.

What is This Worth?

From a strictly practical viewpoint, it’s hard to place a value on the multiplication of results you will experience after using these recordings.  The transformations created within you could easily be considered priceless, and some would be more than willing to spend $1000 or more to experience these transformations.

So, let’s look at comparison values.

Hypnotherapy sessions (where the techniques used in these sessions came from) typically cost a MINIMUM of $100 per session.  Many high-end therapists charge $200 to $500 per session for their time.  If you set up private sessions with me, I charge $200 per session.

So, it’s fair to say that these 6 sessions would be worth $1200 if done privately.  At a minimum, $600.

But these are recordings and not in-person private sessions.  As recordings, you are free to listen to them as often as you want, repeating the sessions if desired.  With in-person sessions, this would be an added cost.

Most recordings tend to have about 80% of the effectiveness of in-person guided sessions.  Even if you only listen to each recording once, this gives them a value between $480 and $960.

Knowing this, when I tell you that I am happy selling these recordings for about $20 each, you know this is an incredible bargain, as it is just 10% of my private session fee.  And while this means a set of 6 recordings would be priced at about $120, I’m giving you a “bundle discount” and bringing it down to just $79.

So, for less than half the price of a single in-person private session, you can get all 6 sessions in a format you can use over and over again if you wish.

Money-Back Guarantee

While personal services rarely come with any guarantees (just ask your doctor or dentist if he/she guarantees their work), downloadable products usually do.

For many years, I’ve offered a full lifetime money-back guarantee on all downloadable products, and there have been so few folks ever ask for a refund, I’m perfectly confident in offering the same lifetime guarantee here as well.

If you don’t get enough results from this program for it to be worth the tiny price you paid for it, just let me know and I’ll process a full and instant refund on the spot.

Since this is just the first in a whole new line of products I will be creating, I want you to be completely satisfied with everything you purchase from me.


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