Prosperity From the Inside Out

In order to HAVE, you must first BE.

A brand new book, which includes the best information from my Choose To Believe book, my Keys To Power Prosperity book, my Keys To Power Persuasion course, and a lot more.

This book represents the best information I know on how to attract abundant prosperity into your life.  In fact, if you were to hire me as a life coach to help you create more prosperity in your life, this is exactly where we’d start, and you’d pay me $100 per hour (for many hours) to share it with you.

Prosperity From the Inside Out” hits the ground running, addressing the primary source of problems for most people – their belief system.

You see, your belief system, in a very clear and direct manner, determines EVERYTHING that happens to you.  For instance, no one ever tries to do something they believe to be impossible, and the only people who try to get rich are those who believe it’s possible.

In a similar way, your beliefs about yourself as a person will also determine whether or not you go after the things you want.  In fact, I’ve seen many people who will consciously sabotage their own success just because they don’t want to be disappointed in the future!  How crazy is that?

Even without the conscious self-sabotage, our feelings and “intuition” are usually the result of our belief system and an internal guidance system, which direct us to create life as we believe it should be.  As an example, poor people often get “a feeling” that any good opportunity has something wrong with it.  This keeps them poor, and missing out on the rich bounty that could easily be gained.

Section 1 of this powerful book starts out by showing you how easily you can increase your self-worth and your self-confidence.  By the time you’re done reading this, you will have absolutely no problem saying “I am worth a million dollars!” and completely believe it.  How much would it be worth to you to feel that good about yourself?  Guess what, this is only the beginning!

From here, I show you just how powerful beliefs are, and why you want to address any problems in this area first BEFORE you take action to attract greater wealth.  Of course, I also show you how to find limiting beliefs and how to change them to more empowering beliefs.


But here’s what’s REALLY special about this book

I give you a list of 207 of the most empowering beliefs regarding money and prosperity.  This list of beliefs has been distilled from my many years of research and coaching, and is worth many thousands of dollars by itself.  It’s like having a treasure map showing you EXACTLY where to dig and find gold, jewels, and a magic machine that will produce all you’d ever want.

By using the techniques given to program these 207 beliefs into your mind, you will have an automatic wealth-attracting machine inside your head guiding you to do and say the right things at the right times so prosperity becomes an EFFORTLESS process.  Once you have a prosperous belief system, all you have to do is go with your gut and follow your natural impulses.

And this is just the first section!

Section 2 shows you how to take conscious action to create prosperity in personal matters.  Money may be great, but it’s not the only thing worth having.  Here is where you learn how to be happy every day no matter what may be happening around you, how to eliminate stress, and turn anger into joy.  It’s been said that many wealthy people would gladly give all their money away just to be happy.  And right here, you get the answers they would spent their fortunes to discover.

Section 3 continues this outward progression and describes what I call “Power Persuasion”.  This comes from the science of NLP and conversational hypnosis, as well as traditional sources.  In fact, this section was pulled right out of my $97 Keys To Power Persuasion course, and forms the entire backbone of that material.

One key principle behind wealth is that the money you want has to come from other people, and when you know how to communicate persuasively, you can get anything you want.  Money, love, respect, and more are easily gained when you know Power Persuasion.  I can tell you from my own experience that this knowledge is indeed priceless.  Once I learned how to communicate effectively, all my relationships became a whole lot nicer and more enjoyable.

Section 4 is where “Prosperity From the Inside Out” provides you with step by step action plans to increase your wealth.  Starting with an almost magical formula for turning debt into wealth, I also show you how to thrive in any economy, whether you have your own business or work for someone else.

And I don’t stop there.  In fact, you’ll discover 23 key principles behind all business success.  I also share with you a ‘never-fail’ business opportunity, and the lessons I learned from it.  You’ll learn how ANYONE can make BIG BUCKS on the Internet, and the secret formula behind Frank Kern’s popular “Mass Control” marketing course.


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