Stress Liquidation System

The first in a whole new series of PowerKey hypnotic recordings.  This set is guaranteed to help ANYONE reduce, eliminate, and prevent stress from affecting your life.  Recorded out in nature, you get a feeling of being out in the world, where the changes and transformations have the greatest impact.

Stress has more to do with how we respond to what happens than it does with what is actually happening.  Folks who have mastered the art of stress avoidance are able to remain calm and even joyful in the midst of some rather disturbing situations.  Interestingly, these folks also have a tendency to be able to turn all situations into a blessing in some way, and often find luck is on their side.

In this series of recordings, I help guide you to relax, let go, and get in touch with that inner part of yourself that resonates with pure joy, peace, and bliss, and then use these natural feelings to serve as a shield, protecting you from all negativity before it can affect you.

If it’s been far too long since you’ve allowed yourself to take a break and just have fun, this series of recordings will give you what you need.

Session 1 is intended for those who may have allowed stress to build up to a critical point, and will help you knock it down to at least a manageable level within just 30 minutes.  Any stress that may be left over after this session can be easily taken care of with Session 2, which is a much more gentle and relaxed process.

Session 3 is for those who have eliminated stress from their lives, and will help you prevent any stress from re-occuring ever again.

As always, if after using these sessions, you feel they weren’t worth the small price you’ve paid for them, I will gladly refund your money.

Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $24.95.

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