Simple 5-Minute 3-Step Indulgent Process Programs Your “Success GPS” So You Can Stop Wasting Time and Take the Lazy Person’s Path to Success

Become the fully-realized individual
you always knew you could be,
without willpower, struggle, or unpleasant work.


Every successful person does it.

In most cases, they do it without thinking.  Without realizing what they’re doing.  It’s so natural to them that it’s just a part of who they are.  Like breathing.  Or sleeping.

They tap into a deep inner resource we all have, and they do something with it that starts a chain reaction that ultimately leads them to getting exactly what they wanted.

Like promotions, raises, bonuses, the most attractive lovers, and the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it.

You feel it in your gut, don’t you?

That feeling that says that YOUR life is quite different.  That while you may dream about such things, they’ll never actually happen.

Guess what?  That’s your internal GPS system guiding you to failure, just as it has been doing your whole life.  It’s stopping you from taking action that could lead to a life of fulfillment and happiness.  A life of joy and freedom.  A life that surpasses your wildest imagination.

What you need is a way to reprogram it so it guides you to a new destination.  A destination where YOU are the star of the show.  A destination where YOU get the rewards.   A destination where YOU get to live it up any way you want.

But how do you do that?

Simple, and it can be done in only a few minutes.  Let me show you.

In a nutshell, here’s how to program your “Success GPS”.

The core ingredients are simple, yet there is a depth to them which may not be immediately apparent.

In its simplest form, the process has 3 key steps:

  1. Relax as completely as you can.
  2. Imagine what you want in vivid detail.
  3. Trust that it will manifest, so much so that you actually EXPECT it.

If you can do these 3 things, and do them correctly, you can manifest anything you desire.

The trick is to do them correctly.  In other words, take your time and put your whole being into each step.  You’ve got to be 100% fully committed to do the best job you can in order to get the best results from the process.

Step 1: How to Relax

This first step is critical.  This is what makes the connection between your conscious mind and your deeper mind, that part of your mind which acts as a GPS to guide you to your destination.

Relaxing is a highly important part of the process and not to be skipped or taken lightly.

The best way to relax is to imagine your body literally shutting down, as if you’re going to sleep.  Imagine your body relaxing completely until you actually feel it doing so.  But that’s only the first step.

You also have to relax your mind.  You have to turn off the flow of random thoughts, the frustrations and doubts, and you have to clear your mental space for the process to really work.

When you’ve relaxed correctly, your brain shifts out of the waking consciousness of the beta state, and shifts into the inner levels of alpha and/or theta.  This is the level of meditation and hypnosis.

In fact, the deeper you go, the closer you are to what many call the Divine Mind within.  This is the level of mind that psychologists call the Superconscious Mind, and is responsible for ESP and all things “magical,” like prayer, “mind over matter”, and the Law of Attraction.  Whereas many have produced good results by “going to alpha” as in the Silva Method, if you could go deeper (theta—a.k.a. hypnosis), you’d get even better results.

One thing that helps a great deal with relaxing is to use BrainWave Entrainment (BWE) audios to help shift your mind into the lower alpha-theta states.  There are many places online where you can get these at low cost or even for free.

BTW – I have a number of such audios on this website available through THIS LINK.  The Meditation Package is the most useful one for manifestation.

Step 2: How to Imagine Your Desired Results

There are various schools of thought on this.  One says that you need to visualize your desired outcome with every detail, and the other says that as long as you imagine the main points, you’ll be okay.

In my experience, you don’t need EVERY detail, but you do need to imagine your desired objective as if it were physically in front of you.  In other words, you don’t need to imagine the engine or tires of your new car, but you need to see and feel the car as if you were driving it.

Let’s say that you want to attract a new romantic relationship into your life.  Imagine that you are with your “ideal lover” and that you’re spending time together doing the types of things you’d like in a real relationship.  This could be going to movies, eating in fine restaurants, dancing, skydiving, and/or making love.  Allow yourself to daydream about the experience, and feel it in your mind as if it were physically happening.  Allow yourself to feel the emotions you would feel in that situation.

Go ahead and indulge yourself.  The more you make the experience seem real, the better it will work to manifest the results you want.

If you want to manifest more money into your life, imagine that you’re physically handling a pile of money, gold coins, jewelry, and other valuables.  Imagine people handing you these things and thanking you for whatever you’ve done in return.  Imagine yourself walking into the lottery office and signing the paperwork and receiving a big check.  Imagine getting checks in the mail, and watching your bank balance go up and up and up.  Imagine the people in your life congratulating you and expressing their appreciation of your newfound wealth.  Imagine the good feelings you would have in the situation.

If you want more vibrant health, imagine yourself doing the types of things you couldn’t do unless you had that level of health.  Imagine yourself feeling energetic, with an overflowing abundance of zest and joy.  Imagine yourself competing with kids half your age and beating them, or looking in the mirror and seeing a young, attractive figure in the glass.

As you imagine the things you want, let the images, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells fill your mind to the point where you lose track of your physical surroundings.  The more real you can make it, the better.

When you can relax completely and imagine what you want in vivid detail, you give your deeper mind an experience that naturally leads to increased belief (the 3rd step in the process) and makes your manifestations happen quicker.

And since I’ve met many folks who claim they can’t visualize, here’s the secret to developing that ability.

Exercise to Develop Your Ability to Visualize

Start by picking a small item, such as a book, cup, or piece of jewelry.  Put your whole attention on this item and really look at it.  Notice every detail you can see.  Memorize it.

Now, close your eyes and recall the image you just saw.  Notice the colors, the shapes, the lines, and any other detail you can remember.

Next, open your eyes again and really look at this item and notice everything about it.  Close your eyes again and recall what you just saw.

Repeat this over and over again, and you will eventually reach a point where the image you see in your mind is just as clear and vivid as the image you saw with your physical eyes.

Next, repeat the process with your other senses (hearing, touch, taste, smell) and you will have trained yourself to imagine in clear, vivid detail.

Relax, pay attention, focus, and believe you can do it.

Step 3: How to Trust That It Will Work

Ultimately, trust (or if you prefer, belief) is the most important element of this process.  In fact, if your belief is strong enough, the other 2 steps aren’t needed.  However, they do serve to make up for a less-than-perfect belief in the process.

As mentioned above, the level of belief required is much more than “I think it COULD happen”, but closer to “I know it’s going to happen, because there’s nothing that could stop it.”

This is where most folks get tripped up.  If you’ve been poor all your life, how do you EXPECT to suddenly become rich?  If you’re used to people rejecting you, how can you EXPECT to suddenly be accepted for being yourself, exactly as you are now?  And if you’ve suffered from health issues for years, how do you EXPECT to suddenly be healed?

The beautiful thing about this process I’m sharing with you now is that you really don’t have to.  All you need to believe is that there is a process, a series of steps you can take that will produce the desired results, and your deeper mind has enough information to guide you through those steps.

Remember, we can only consciously access about 10% of our mind’s capacity, and our subconscious mind filters out much of what we see and hear throughout our lives.  There’s a TON of information stored away inside your mind that can help you, and all you need is this process to cause your subconscious mind to give you that information.

In my book, “Choose To Believe“, I devoted a whole chapter to the power of your mind, including some rather startling evidence from scientific research which proves that our minds have a direct and measurable influence on the physical world around us.

What I’ve Been Able to Do With This Process

While I cannot promise that you’ll be able to duplicate my results, I think it’s fair to describe what I’ve been able to do with this process.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to do even better.

Very early on, I was able to influence the weather using this simple 3-step process.  If it was raining and I didn’t want rain, about 5 to 10 minutes was all that was necessary to stop the rain.  I have since refined this so that if I have an outdoor photography job to do, I can ask for a few small clouds to help improve the lighting.

One time, when I was living in Kansas City, the TV news reported that a tornado was headed directly for the area I was living in, and my girlfriend at the time was starting to gather her pets to go down to the basement.  I told her to give me a few minutes, in which I sat down, relaxed as much as I could, and imagined that the tornado had dissipated.  5 minutes later, the news reported that there was no more tornado.

Another time, that same girlfriend planted a garden and casually mentioned that it would be nice if it would rain a little bit each day to water it.  A few minutes of relaxing and visualizing (and trusting the process) was all it took.  That summer, we had small bursts of rain practically every day.

Later that fall, after we had split up, I was walking and wishing it didn’t rain so often when I realized that I had caused the daily rain, so I took a few more minutes to change that pattern.  Clear skies ahead.

Of course, weather wasn’t the only thing I was able to influence.  It’s just the thing that proves a non-physical level of control.  A level of influence that very few are able to claim.

Relationships came and went often, until I decided it was time to find the love of my life and settle down.  This time, I spent a lot more time in my relaxed visualization sessions.  Every evening for a couple of months, I spent 20 to 30 minutes relaxing and imagining myself with a life partner, doing many different things, such as going to concerts, going to theater shows, travelling, doing many different recreational activities, and of course, making love.

During this time, I was on the lookout for where I would meet this woman of my dreams, all the time EXPECTING to run into her at any time.  Maybe she was at the grocery store.  Maybe around the next corner.  Maybe I would meet her while doing this thing.  Maybe when I went to that event.

One Wednesday, while meditating, I got the feeling that I wanted to find a group for guided meditations, and pulled out the Yellow Pages.  (This was before the Internet made such books obsolete.)  I found a listing for a Unity Church that had Wednesday night meditations, so I decided to give them a call.  The meditation group didn’t meet any more, but they had a class going and I was welcome to join them.  I did.

A couple of weeks of going to this new church, and one day as I was getting my coat, someone taps me on the shoulder and says “Hi”.  I turned around, and IMMEDIATELY, I knew she was the one.

We chatted a while, I invited her to lunch, and it all just flowed so easy.  We’re now married, and we’ve been together nearly 20 years.

For most of my life, I had been poor or very nearly so.  For whatever reason, money seemed to be the hardest thing to manifest.  Mostly because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life.

At one time, I worked as a day-laborer for a die-cutting shop.  This is a place that takes paper and cardboard printed by a print shop, and cuts it to make folders, boxes, and other materials.

I had been relaxing and visualizing that I could set a conscious intention and have it manifest, and that manifested as an ability to decide how many hours I wanted to work each week, and getting within a half-hour of whatever number I specified.

For example, one week I would say I wanted 42 hours, and I got between 41.5 and 42.5 hour.  The next week I decided to get 48 hours, and at the end of the week, my time card would be between 47.5 and 48.5.  That went on for a couple of months.

One day I was talking to one of the press operators about this, and mentioned that I was going for 48 hours that week.  His reaction was that there wasn’t enough work in the shop for 40 hours.  That same night (we worked 2nd shift) I shared the conversation with the other press operator, and he thought it was an interesting idea.

Half-way through the week, a job came in that could only be done on one of the presses, and I got my 48 hours.

The next week, we were all talking about this again, and the 2nd press operator said that he had a number of bills due, and asked what would happen if we asked for “maximum overtime”.  It sounded interesting, so I set an intention for maximum overtime.  (Remember, I had been relaxing and visualizing that I could set a conscious intention and have it manifest.)

Maximum overtime came when the client for the rush job sent so much our way that we were working 60 hour weeks for 3 months straight!  I had to set a new intention to get out of that one.

When I finally decided that I wanted to be a photographer, I used this same process to relax and imagine myself as a busy photographer.  At that time, I assumed that if I was busy, I must be making lots of money.  Wrong.

I ended up getting a job as a school photographer with the national company, Lifetouch.  Boy, was I busy, doing the regular school portraits, sports portraits, and homecoming and prom dance photos.  The only problem was that I wasn’t making very much money.  So I used this process again to imagine myself with lots of money.

Not long after, I realized that I could do the same type of photography for conventions, fundraisers, and other events, and did some jobs that brought in the equivalent of $1000 per hour.  I continue to do photography because I enjoy it.  At this time, I focus on doing commercial headshots because it’s easy work and highly valuable for my clients, which means I get paid very well for the time I spend doing it, and my schedule can be more flexible.  You can check out my photography website at

And of course, I eventually started to share what I had learned in books and audio programs, many of which are listed on this website.  (You’ll see them listed in the footer of this page.)  While my intention wasn’t to make money, my income has improved significantly as more and more people find my materials and tell others about them.

Here again, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to duplicate my results.  You may do better or worse.  It depends on you.

Why This Works

The principles which make this process work are fairly simple.

By relaxing, you bring your conscious mind closer to your subconscious mind, which is that part of your mind which causes you to want certain things, to prefer one thing over another, and to value certain types of actions.  The more you relax, the closer you are to your subconscious, and the easier it is to get your message across.

Without the relaxation step, it’s like you’re trying to talk to someone across the Grand Canyon, and they just don’t get the message.  Without relaxing, you could repeat affirmations 1000s of times each without getting any results, and your visualizations would simply be a waste of time.  Any other manifestation technique you use would also be similarly ineffective because you need a deep level of relaxation to make any of them work.

The step of imagining what you want is the most direct way to communicate your desired result to the subconscious mind.  Sure, it can understand words, but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.  A full daydream, with pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, and so on is worth even more, because there are many levels of details and nuances that simply cannot be expressed in mere words.

And of course, trusting the process is essential, because as my book, Choose To Believe, points out, when we believe something will happen, there’s something at work to make it happen.

Different schools of thought have different explanations of why this happens, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter WHY it happens, just that it DOES happen.  And this is the first belief you need to build within yourself if you want this to work for you.

In fact, there are 2 beliefs you need here:

  1. There is a source of guidance within me that is never wrong.
  2. This process activates and programs that source to guide me to my desired objectives.

If you want to go further, you can also build up a belief in the statement, “Manifesting my desires is easy.  All I have to do is decide what I want and I get it.”  It can also be helpful to have a belief that says, “As I relax and try new things, I get better results.”

There are many tools available to help you change your beliefs and thus manifest your desires.  Affirmations, visualization, and subliminal suggestions in a background audio recording all work to shift your beliefs.

I even came up with a few innovations in my book, “Choose To Believe” which added some NLP components to both affirmations and visualizations, making them much more effective than normal.

It’s also possible to simply decide to believe that your goals will manifest, and refuse to allow yourself to doubt the process, reaffirming your new belief whenever necessary, but this takes a LOT of willpower.  That is, unless a very specific and rare set of conditions exist.  I’ll explain this further down the page.

However, all of the above tools pale in comparison to the power of hypnosis.

You see, affirmations, visualization, and all the others must filter through your conscious mind before they can get to your subconscious mind and influence your beliefs, and your conscious mind is the “guard at the door” which compares all new information with what you already believe.

This slows down the process of changing your beliefs.  To make dramatic changes quickly, you need to get the conscious mind out of the way, which is what hypnosis is all about.

Here again, the more you can relax and go within yourself, the better hypnosis works.  However, there’s more to it than that.

It’s also important that the hypnotist believes what they’re telling you when you’re in the trance state.  If the hypnotist doesn’t believe it, their disbelief will come through in their intonation and phrasing of the suggestions.

The biggest problem with using hypnosis is that it’s almost impossible to truly hypnotize yourself.  Hypnosis works by shutting down your conscious mind and giving suggestions directly to your subconscious mind.  When you try self-hypnosis, you’re limited in how far “under” you can put yourself because once your conscious mind is asleep, there’s nothing left to give suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Plus, there’s also the issue of the hypnotist already believing the suggestions he or she gives the client.  If you’re trying to hypnotize yourself, then the hypnotist is no further ahead than the client, which is an obstacle even if you record a session to play back later.

This is why most people need to either hire a professional hypnotist for a series of 1-on-1 sessions, or purchase recordings designed to replace the hypnotist.  Well, there is a 3rd option—spend YEARS meditating on developing the ability to manifest your conscious intentions, which is what I did.

The ideal approach is to hire a professional who believes in the manifesting process and understands the role beliefs play in the process.  Those who can afford this option, and can find such a hypnotist in their local area should pursue this approach.

Those who cannot afford to spend $1,000 or more for a series of sessions, and/or cannot find such a hypnotist in their local area, must find a source of professionally-created recordings if they want to quickly restructure their belief systems to a point where they can truly EXPECT positive results when manifesting their desires.

If this describes you, then I’ve got something you may be interested in.

New Audio Program— Awaken the Avatar Within

Obviously, I’m someone who believes in the process of manifesting your desires, and I completely understand the role beliefs play in the process.  I’ve demonstrated an ability to manifest my own desires, and have helped thousands manifest their desires as well.

If you’re in the West Michigan area, you may want to contact me for a series of 1-on-1 sessions, but for everyone else, I’ve produced a recording to serve as a reasonable substitute.

This recording has been carefully scripted to guide you into a very deep and enjoyable state of hypnosis, touch on all the important beliefs required to manifest your desires, and then lead you through the manifestation process at the deepest level possible, where you’ll get the best results.

It also contains gentle BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) pulses to automatically shift your brain into a deep alpha/theta state of mind, where the material will be absorbed into your subconscious quickly and easily.

While in this special level of mind, you are also guided to set up the conditions required to easily manifest things from the outer conscious level in order to make future goals easier to manifest.

This includes a firm belief in your connection with the Universal Divine Mind which extends to the rest of the physical universe, the immense Power available to you through this connection, your ability to communicate with it using your conscious mind, and the reliability of manifesting with this process.

I’ve even made it so you can get new insights from it each and every time you use it.  This is useful even for those who already have an extensive background in this area.

This is also good because you’ll want to use this recording over and over again to build up the strength of your connection to the Universal Divine Mind and thus increase your ability to manifest bigger and more dramatic results, even from the outer conscious level of mind.

You see, unlike in Hollywood movies, which portray hypnosis as being a “once and done” thing, you get the best results when you repeat the hypnotic programming several times.  Sure, some folks may get great results from a single session, but most folks will probably need 5, 10, even 20 sessions to get the most out of the program.

In short, I’ve designed this program to help you unlock your inner Power and use it to make your life a long series of happy events, one right after another.

Click Here to Purchase my Awaken the Avatar Within Program

How to Use This Program

This is an hour-long hypnosis session, which is required to guide you into the deepest levels of mind and cover all the points necessary to “rewire” your belief system to support your use of Universal Divine Power to manifest your desires.

As such, you’ll need to find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour so you can relax completely and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Yes, it’s a big investment of time, but once you manifest your desires, it will have been worth it, right?  And once you know HOW enjoyable the process can be, you may find yourself choosing this over other forms of recreation.

You can listen to the program with or without headphones.  Your choice.

You also have a choice whether to have a pen and paper available to take notes afterwards to record the insights you gain during each session.

I know that the insights I get from this program are some of the best I’ve ever received through any other process.  In fact, I used an earlier version of this recording to help me finalize the script and production, making the version you get much, MUCH better than I could have produced on my own.

After listening to the program, there’s not much else you HAVE to do.  The program is meant to help you develop new habits from the inside out, and your subconscious mind is responsible for doing the work for you.

I do recommend you listen to the program daily for at least 3 weeks so you can experience a more complete and lasting transformation.

Again, I know this is asking a lot from you, but there really isn’t any other way to guarantee that you’ll be able to perform miracles within the next month.

(Disclaimer: while I fully believe you’ll be able to perform “minor miracles” within a month, it will probably take more time to develop the ability to change lead into gold or other “major miracles”.)

And what’s one month out of your life?  Really.
A year from now, you’ll be glad you did it.

After all, I’m not suggesting you to give up your entire life.  Just an hour a day.

You can do that much, can’t you?
Especially if it means the manifestation of all your desires?

I knew you could. 😉
Trust me, you’re going to enjoy the process.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

While there are some general guidelines, it really depends on 3 things:

  1. how deeply you were able to relax in the manifestation process,
  2. how vividly did you imagine what you want, and
  3. how strong is your expectation of positive results.

Some things happen instantly, within seconds, whereas others take days, weeks, months, or even years.

The more you can relax, the more clearly you can imagine your goal, and the more confident you can feel about the end results, the quicker you’ll get the results you want.

The whole point of the new Awaken the Avatar Within recording is to help you relax as deeply as you can, help you imagine your goal in intensely vivid detail, and help you feel absolutely confident that you’ll get the results you want.

With this recording, you get the results you want a LOT quicker than you could on your own.

BTW – I’m starting to get reports from the early adopters that they’re already getting positive results.  One person has already manifested a new home for herself, and another has been given a whole plan for a new project that promises to eclipse his previous business!

What Level of Investment is Required?

I thought long and hard about what would be a fair price for a program that takes all the work out of manifesting your desires, and can produce positive results within days or weeks of starting to use it.

When you really think about it, the value of a program depends on what you can do with it, as well as how easily and quickly it gets done, right?

And if you use this program to win the lottery, or extend your life by a few years, it’s worth a great deal, isn’t it?

But even though it might be worth tens of millions, I wouldn’t feel right charging anywhere near that much.

Imagine that I told you where to find a stash of $10,000 in cash.  You would be willing to share at least 10% of it with me, wouldn’t you?  (Guess what?  When you tap into your deeper mind, you can ask it to guide you to find such hidden treasures.)  But $1000 still seems a little high, although it’s well worth more than that.

On the other hand, giving away such a powerful tool for just $10 or $20 wouldn’t be fair to me, would it?

Win-win deals are the best kind, don’t you agree?

So I decided that $197 would be the lowest price I could set and still respect myself.  Incidentally, this is roughly what you’d have to pay for a single session with a good professional hypnotist.

Actually, I seriously considered pricing it at $495, and I may eventually raise the price at some point, but for now, $149 seems like a good win-win position.

And since I know I’m going to get a few emails from folks saying that they can’t afford this price, my answer is that you can work with the information I’ve given freely on this page to get started.  You can also get a variety of effective materials in my PKP Sampler Pack for just $9.99, including TWO full books and HOURS of recorded material to help you shift your beliefs to support a more successful life experience.  (BTW – my sampler pack is included with any purchase you make on the website, including the packages described on this page.)

You can get positive results with nothing more than what I’ve shared on this page.
You’ll just have to do a lot more work to start manifesting your desires.

You have to decide for yourself what your time is worth.  Personally, I feel that if you make more than $7/hour, you’ll be better off investing in this program than trying to do it yourself.

Click Here to Purchase my Awaken the Avatar Within Program

My Standard Money-Back Guarantee

I am completely confident that this program will do wonders for you, especially if you follow my recommendations and use it daily for 3 weeks or more.

However, if for any reason you don’t see dramatic and exciting changes taking place in your life after those 3 weeks, you’re welcome to contact me for a full refund.

There’s no time limit either.  If you contact me in a year, in 5 years, or even 10 years from now and can honestly say the program wasn’t worth what you paid, I’ll promptly process a refund of your original purchase price.

You either get the results you want, or you get your money back.
It’s that simple.

I know I can offer such an amazing guarantee because I’ve done it for years and almost everyone gets the results they want.  I’ve been helping people through the internet since 2003, and in that time I’ve processed over 8800 orders, and only 159 refund requests have come in, resulting in a “refund rate” of only about 1.8%.

My materials WORK!

Click Here to Purchase my Awaken the Avatar Within Program

Get 2 For the Price of 1

Although the BrainWave Entrainment (BWE) pulses in this recording are gentle, it is theoretically possible they may affect some folks adversely.

Because of this, you’ll get a 2nd recording without the BWE component.

If you have (or are prone to have) any of the following conditions, you will probably want to use the non-BWE version:

  • Stroke  (due to increased blood flow in the brain caused by BWE)
  • Brain Injury
  • Brain Surgery
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures of any kind
  • Neurological and psychiatric disorders
  • Migraines
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Surgery  (especially if you wear a pacemaker)
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Pregnant women are also cautioned to avoid BWE

Click Here to Purchase my Awaken the Avatar Within Program

Even More!

After working with the original version of this recording, I found my deeper mind making suggestions on how the recording itself could be improved.  In working with these suggestions, several new recordings were produced, as described below.

First, we now have a short 20-minute version that could be used at any time to help guide your mind to manifest your desires.  This turned out to be an improved version of a “Manifestation Meditation” I had produced a year before.  And just like the original recording, both BWE and non-BWE versions have been produced.

Although there is much evidence that this short recording can work very well on it’s own, its full potential is actualized when you use it in conjunction with the longer programming session described next.

The second new recording produced takes additional steps to help you reach deeper levels of mind, where you can make profound and sweeping changes.  Once in a super-deep level of mind, your subconscious mind is conditioned to open to Divine Power and taught how best to use this Power.  This recording is also about an hour long, just like the original.  The good news is that it works even better than before.

Based on feedback received from early users of the program, I also developed a version that can be played while you are sleeping, so you can get the benefits of the programming session without taking so much time out of your day.

Each of the 3 new sessions have versions with and without BWE (BrainWave Entrainment).  The sleep session also has a version without any background material at all, and is just my voice talking to your subconscious mind.

In total, there are 7 new recordings that have been added to the package to give you the best results possible.

Click Here to Purchase my Awaken the Avatar Within Program

Symbolic Solutions

After creating the main program and alternate version recordings described above, I’ve continued to develop new guided meditation recordings based on the same idea, and I’ve included all of them into this already substantial package at no extra cost.

The main difference between the main program above and these newer recordings is that these newer recordings are much shorter, and use mental symbols provided by your own deeper mind to act as catalysts to make sweeping changes involving many different beliefs at the same time.  The net effect is that they have 80 to 90% of the same effect in only about 20% of the time.

So far, I’ve created guided meditations to help improve your ability to relax, increase your self-esteem and confidence, program your internal GPS for wealth, help you expand your consciousness for greater awareness, and give you absolute control over your beliefs and the world around you.  I’ve even created one that gives you the experience of taking a 2-week vacation in paradise in a short 15-minute session.  This last one is also available as part of the PKP Sampler.

Each of these guided meditations is delivered as 5 or more separate recordings, each with a different background, such as ocean waves, forest sounds, Tibetan bowls, wind chimes, and complete silence.  This last option is great for those who want a completely neutral meditation experience, or want to add their own background.

These new guided meditations are included in the Awaken the Avatar Within program, and also available as a separate package (Symbolic Solutions 1.0 Collection), which is available for a lower price, in case you simply cannot afford the full package.  They are also available as separate downloads, at just $19.95 each.

This Symbolic Solutions 1.0 package also includes a number of guided meditations I created for other programs, which help you make a stronger contact with the Divine Mind within.

While these newer Symbolic Solutions guided meditations won’t take you as far into yourself as the main Awaken the Avatar Within program, they do create some interesting and powerful results on their own.

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Your Future is in Your Hands

By now, you know what it takes to manifest your desires.  You know the simple 3-step process that works every time when you do it correctly, and you know what each step requires in order to make the whole process effective.

You also know that the key behind all of it is your belief system.  Once you have a firm belief in the Power within you and what it can do for you, you’ll be able to manifest anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

Furthermore, you know that making dramatic changes quickly requires that you get your conscious mind out of the way so you can work directly with your belief system, and the only way to make this happen is through hypnosis.

You know that trying to hypnotize yourself is pointless, and the only way to really get the results you want is to either hire a professional hypnotist for a series of 1-on-1 sessions, or purchase a quality hypnosis recording produced by someone who fully believes in manifestation and understands the role beliefs play in the process.

And finally, you know that this new Awaken the Avatar Within program meets all of these criteria and will help you get the best results in the shortest period of time possible.

At this time, you have a choice.

Do you back away and accept life as it is now, or do you take charge and do something that will make a real difference in your life?

Either way, your future is in your hands.

Be blessed, my friend.

— Alan Tutt

By ordering today, you get the following:

  1. Main 60-minute hypnosis program (original)
  2. Alternate non-BWE program (original)
  3. 7 NEW Recordings
    1. 60-min Programming Session w/ BWE
    2. 60-min Programming Session w/o BWE
    3. 20-min Manifestation Session w/ BWE
    4. 20-min Manifestation Session w/o BWE
    5. 60-min Sleep Recording w/ BWE (Delta-level)
    6. 60-min Sleep Recording w/o BWE (but with music)
    7. 60-min Sleep Recording w/ voice only
  4. 10 Symbolic Solutions guided meditations
    1. Symbolic Solution for Deep Relaxation
    2. Symbolic Solution for Self-Esteem
    3. Symbolic Solution for Expanded Consciousness
    4. Symbolic Solution for Wealth Identity #1
    5. Symbolic Solution for Wealth Identity #2
    6. Symbolic Solution for Divine Faith
    7. Symbolic Solution for Divine Love
    8. Symbolic Solution for Divine Power
    9. Symbolic Solution for Divine Wisdom
    10. Symbolic Solution for Absolute Control
  5. MP3 Download links for everything
    (instant access & no shipping fees!)
  6. Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Get all of this now for just $149.

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