Revealed: Why 95% of people FAIL when trying to use the Law of Attraction.

Just like baking a cake,
there are a lot of wrong ways to do it,
but you get a sweet reward when you get it right.


From the desk of:  Alan Tutt
Regarding:  Cutting through the confusion

Dear Friend,

It always used to amaze me how anyone ever figured out how to bake a cake.  I mean the first cake to have ever been baked.  Right now, do you know how many eggs should go into a cake mix?  How much sugar?  How much flour, oil, or other ingredients?  Some people have trouble making a good cake EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE A RECIPE!

Imagine someone trying to bake a cake and only putting in half the ingredients.  Or setting the oven for the wrong temperature.  Or waiting an hour before checking to see if it’s done.  Probably wouldn’t turn out very well, would it?

Now, without looking it up, what’s the process for making wine?  Would you even know where to begin?  We both know that the process for making wine works, but can YOU make it work?  I doubt I could, at least not without GOOD instructions.

There are a lot of folks talking about the Law of Attraction and what it can do for you.  They say you can use it to get rich, enjoy vibrant health, and find your soul mate.  Yet, very few people really know what makes it work.  It’s kind of like talking about making wine without having a recipe to follow.

They say you need to visualize your goal, and ‘affirm’ the reality of what you want, and they may give you a few broad suggestions how this is done, but you’re left with more questions than you started with.  And they say you have to believe in the process, but they give you nothing to help you believe in something that’s never happened before.  In the end, you’re left wondering if you really understand the process at all.

Even when those teaching the Law of Attraction are able to make it work for themselves, that doesn’t mean they can TEACH it.  We all know how to walk, but can we teach this ability to someone else?

Remember when you learned to drive.  You had to pay attention to a TON of details.  Yet today, you do it almost without thinking.

In many ways, using the Law of Attraction is exactly the same.  When you’re learning how to do it, there are a TON of things to think about, but once you master it, it’s an incredibly easy process to perform.

The “Achilles’ Heel” of the Law of Attraction — Belief

Where most people go wrong in using the Law of Attraction is right in the heart of the process —  belief.  They just don’t really believe the process will work for them, or they don’t fully believe they will actually get the results they want.

Now, before I go any further, I want to make sure we both agree on what that means.  Here’s another place where most LOA teachers go wrong — they use words without adequately defining them.

To believe means to accept something as truth.  I believe that 2+2=4.  I also believe that the sun will come up again tomorrow morning.  Some people say these things aren’t a matter of BELIEF, but a matter of FACT.  I say they are both.  When you truly believe something will happen, you expect it, just like you expect the sun to come up again tomorrow morning.

A long, long time ago, people believed the sun revolved around the Earth.  To suggest otherwise was ludicrous, since everyone knew this to be a FACT, not a belief.  We may know better now, but that doesn’t change the fact that to the people back then, their BELIEF was considered a FACT.

Many of our FACTS today may not be as true as we believe them to be, so it’s better to keep an open mind about many things.

Why beliefs are more important than thoughts, feelings, or anything else

A lot of people teaching the Law of Attraction say that every thought which goes through your mind goes out into the Universe to create a portion of your future reality.  Others say it’s your emotions, and what you FEEL directs the course of events in your life.  I completely understand why they focus on these things, especially since I did so myself for a very long time.

But I was wrong, as are those who say your thoughts and/or your feelings are the central influences behind the Law of Attraction.

Here’s why.

You can ‘think’ success all day long, day after day after day, for YEARS and not become a success.  If you expect to fail, no amount of success thinking will fix it.  Obviously, beliefs trump thoughts.

You can ‘feel’ as happy and as loving as you want, but if you don’t believe you’ll actually have a fulfilling and satisfying love life, you won’t.  Clearly, beliefs are more powerful than emotions.

I’ve tested this many different times, in many different ways.  In fact, I’ve spent over 25 years of my life testing the thousands of different ways our minds can tap into Universal Power to direct events in the physical world.  Almost no one teaching Law of Attraction principles has put in as much time and effort as I have to discover the innermost truth behind these principles.  In fact, I know of one famous LOA teacher who started teaching the principles the same year he first heard about them!

So why do so many LOA teachers focus on thoughts and/or emotions?  Because when you believe these things make a difference, they do.  If you expect to see magic just because you say a string of words, it may very well work.  However, if your belief in affirmations isn’t strong, then doing millions of them won’t do anything for you.

The other reason so many folks focus on thoughts and emotions is because they are the tools we use to change beliefs.  Just realize that your beliefs are the most important part of the process.

How to REALLY believe in what you want

When all is said and done, the bottom line is that you’ll get rich when you believe you’ll get rich.  You’ll have joyous relationships when you truly expect to have them.  And you could live forever if you really believe you will.

The problem most of us have is that we don’t know how to believe in something we’ve never experienced, or worse yet, have been taught is impossible.

To give you enough information to teach you how to take full control over your beliefs would require a book.  Fortunately, I’ve taken the time to write one for you.  What’s more, I’m practically GIVING this book away for FREE!

Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams

In this book, I give you EVERYTHING you need to understand the Power of Belief and put it into ACTION in your life.  You’ll get hundreds of references to scientific studies which have PROVEN that our beliefs have a tremendous impact on the events in our lives.  You’ll also get a complete bibliography (list of other books) to get more information if you feel you need it.

I also explain, in minute detail, why the connection between our beliefs and reality is not as obvious as you’d think it should be.  I used to be very confused about this too, and once I discovered a concept I call the “Belief Hierarchy”, it all made sense.

Of course, understanding WHY the Power of Belief works is only part of the solution.  Knowing HOW to use it is where the real results begin.  You’ll learn about a remarkable way to actually MEASURE the strength of any belief you currently have, and several lists of questions to use to map out your current belief system.  Once you know where you are now, you’ll have an easy time figuring out how to get to where you want to be.

In fact, I show you 3 different ways to discover what you currently believe.  One way, a process I call “Belief Archeology”, will uncover hidden beliefs behind specific issues, and will show you exactly how to map out your transformation process.

From here, I give you over a dozen practical, easy to use, techniques to change any belief.  If you wanted, you could convince yourself that 2+2=6, but that probably wouldn’t be very useful.  Changing some of your beliefs may at first seem just as outlandish, such as believing that money can come out of nowhere, or that loving relationships “just happen”.

And to give you a COMPLETE system, I also show you how to get the most dramatic results with the least amount of time and effort.  In fact, as several of the case studies in the book show, you can change major beliefs with a simple decision to do so.  And yes, I show you HOW.

You could order a copy of this book below (along with 5 other items for less than $10), and this may be the best choice if you have limited funds.  However, I have more to offer you, and if you’re ready for change, I’ll give you a GREAT deal.  Keep reading for details.

Choose To Believe Audio Workshop #1

Some people learn best by reading, others learn best by listening.  After giving a number of live workshops, I recorded the workshop presentation onto a series of CDs.  7 hours of material in all, with 7 separate sessions, or ‘modules’ covering the various aspects of the Choose To Believe system.

Session 1 (about 80 minutes) covers the evidence proving that our beliefs are the cause of everything we experience in life.  This session is important because it gives us a REASON to believe in our dreams, and makes the rest of the process much more effective.

Here are the individual tracks contained in Session 1:


Session 2 (about 80 minutes) covers some of the other foundational material and starts getting into how to discover what you currently believe.  A list of 70 questions is presented for you to use in self-discovery using a belief scale.

Session 2 tracks include:


Session 3 (about 65 minutes) continues the discovery process and shows how to use my “Belief Archeology” process to dig deep into your belief system to uncover specific beliefs behind a specific issue.  2 examples are used to make sure this process is clearly understood.  I also show how to use this same process to find supporting beliefs that will help you reach your goals.

Tracks in Session 3 include:


Session 4 (about 72 minutes) covers the basic techniques for changing what you believe, and how to make sure you’re doing them correctly.  Visualization, affirmations, and hypnosis are covered, with examples and mistakes to avoid.

Included Tracks:


Session 5 (about 47 minutes) reveals some advanced techniques for changing what you believe.  Pacing and Leading Affirmations are explained, and a 2-minute example guides you in creating a belief that you are lucky, which can help improve every aspect of life.  Another example helps to build your belief that everything works out well for you.  The concept of “faith anchoring” is presented, which is something that can instantly change a belief.  A 3rd powerful technique is also revealed and explained.

Session 5 Tracks:


Session 6 (about 35 minutes) talks about what to do AFTER you change your beliefs.  How to watch for the manifestation of your desires.  How to speed up results.  How to handle resistance.  Building momentum, and more.

Tracks in Session 6:


Session 7 (about 50 minutes) is a bonus Q&A session in which I answer 14 common questions about the power of belief and creating change in your life.  Some of the questions answered include:

What if two people want opposite things? Is there any upper mind to decide?
How can I have abundance that is not at the expense of others or the Earth?
How do I make my desires manifest fast?
How do I keep doubt from entering my mind?
How can you banish negative thoughts permanently?
Why do we sabotage ourselves?
Can I influence in a positive way other people?

Workshop #2 (2011)

This workshop presentation is tighter, focusing on the most critical information you need to start changing what you believe right away.  Although it covers much the same information as the original recordings, the alternate focus of this version is sure to give you added insight into the nature of beliefs and the systems used to change them.

Also, new information has been included to reflect what I’ve learned in the intervening 2.5 years.  In fact, Session 5 describes a way to eliminate almost all of the work involved in changing what you believe to support a life filled with success and happiness.

Session 1: Why Beliefs Matter.  This 48-minute session covers the foundational information you need to understand before starting to work with your belief system.  In this version, I feel that the relationship between the various viewpoints has been better explained, and why it doesn’t matter whether the “Law of Attraction” is real or not.

Session 2: Discover Your Beliefs.  This 52-minute session provides you with all the tools you need to map out your belief system — uncovering both limiting beliefs and beliefs which will help you achieve your goals.  The Belief Archeology process has been updated to be much easier to use.

Session 3: Basic Belief Change Techniques.  This 68-minute session covers affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, and more.  Although the techniques taught in this session are the same as they were in the previous version, the descriptions make it easier to understand how these techniques work.

Session 4: Advanced Belief Change Techniques.  This 39-minute session describes “pacing and leading” affirmations, submodality modification, faith anchoring, and subliminal suggestion, and how to use each for quick and easy results.  Again, the descriptions used in this version make the relationship between these advanced techniques and traditional techniques easy to understand.

Session 5: EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System.  This 38-minute session describes a new option that did not exist when the original workshop recordings were produced.  This new option provides a way to eliminate all of the work involved in changing what you believe.  For many folks, the results produced with this new option are actually BETTER than what they could achieve on their own using the other techniques.

Session 6: Assisting the Manifestation Process.  This 41-minute session describes what you can do after you’ve changed what you believe to speed up the manifestation process.  This session also answers a series of questions which were submitted by recent workshop participants, to provide a wider view on the material.

Through these sessions, you’ll gain valuable insight into the nature of belief and the role it plays in your life.  Not only will you learn how to work with your beliefs, you’ll actually get practice doing it.  By the time we’re done with these sessions, you’ll be able to respond to any situation with poise and confidence.

More specifically, you’ll know how to evoke a strong feeling of self-confidence that not only helps you on a practical level, but also helps you reshape your beliefs for maximum results.  You’ll learn how to use this confidence to break free from invisible, but limiting chains of belief, and develop a lucky streak that never ends.

My goal here is to give you the tools and the training you’ll need to make any change you want in your life.  Beyond that, I also want to show you how to get instant feedback on your progress, which can be quite surprising.  In fact, by following along with the exercises I give you, you’ll see for yourself just how quickly you can make dramatic and lasting changes to your belief system.

In addition to learning how to change what you believe, and perhaps just as importantly, you’ll learn how to identify what beliefs you may need to change to support your desired objectives.  One of the biggest advantages to using the Choose To Believe system is that it’s very easy to identify which beliefs have the greatest impact on your life.  With this understanding, you’re always getting the most from your efforts and never wasting any time changing a belief that won’t do anything for you.

And the cherry on top of this tasty sundae is that I’ll also show you how to use the same discovery process to identify beliefs that are already in support of your goals.  When you see that you already have a number of beliefs helping you to attain your goal, you understand that you’ll have an easier time getting there and your motivation will go up tremendously.

With these audio programs, you will learn and understand the Choose To Believe system quicker than any other way.  In them, I hit the highlights from the book, giving you the tools and the training you need to get the maximum benefit from the material, and even included some new insights gained since the book was written.

Bottom line—this is the best way I know to help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

I’ve done all the hard work, all you have to do is listen, and follow the guidelines I give you.

28 Days to Effortless Success

After teaching this material for years, I found little ways to improve the way it was presented.  This new book gives you a step-by-step approach, taking just a few minutes a day for 28 days.

Here’s the day-by-day program:

Module 1: The Starting Point Of All Success

Day 1: Identifying Obstacles
Day 2: The REAL Reason Behind All Others
Day 3: The Practical Side of Beliefs
Day 4: Miraculous Beliefs
Day 5: Science to the Rescue
Day 6: Why Isn’t It Obvious?
Day 7: Consider this …

Module 2: Making Positive Changes Quickly

Day 8: Where Beliefs Come From
Day 9: A Technique We Used In School
Day 10: Accelerating Affirmations
Day 11: A New View On Beliefs
Day 12: A More Refined Approach
Day 13: Getting Past The Gatekeeper
Day 14: Putting It On Autopilot

Module 3: Eliminating Resistance

Day 15: Finding Hidden Obstacles
Day 16: Using Your Belief Scale
Day 17: Self-Image Beliefs Revealed
Day 18: Digging Deeper
Day 19: The Most Powerful Beliefs You Have
Day 20: Pinpointing SPECIFIC Beliefs Behind SPECIFIC Issues
Day 21: Putting It All Together

Module 4: Success to the Nth Degree

Day 22: Beliefs Shared By Successful People
Day 23: Variety For Greater “Endurance”
Day 24: Don’t Make A “Subliminal” Recording
Day 25: Ramping Up The Power
Day 26: Locking Your Mind Into The Perfect State
Day 27: Removing All Work From The Process
Day 28: Graduation Day

More tools to help you shift your beliefs

The books and workshop recordings described above comprise the essential package.  They give you all the information you need to start taking control over your belief system and start seeing positive results when using the Law of Attraction.  In fact, they give you 4 different presentations of the core information to make sure you fully understand it.

However, I’ve found that many folks simply do not have a strong enough belief in themselves to take action, even when they have all the information they need.  That’s why I’ve created a special “Deluxe” version of this package with additional tools to help you past this common sticking point.

In 2010, I created the most complete system ever to shift beliefs — the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System.  In order to help you get past any sticking points that may prevent you from taking advantage of the information in the books and audio programs above, I’m making the whole Self-Esteem module from the EmBRACES system available to you.

This module includes 36 MP3s — the equivalent of 12 full CDs.  To use these recordings, simply play them in the background while you do other things.  You can use them when you’re working, relaxing, or even sleeping.

Some recordings have a male voice (me) speaking to you.  Others have a female voice (Ginger Curry, a wonderful singer).  And still others have both voices speaking at once.  Some recordings have music, others do not.  All recordings have special entrainment tones to bring your mind into perfect alignment for quick and easy assimilation of the material.  There are other varieties within the recordings too, which make it much easier to absorb the material and shift your beliefs.

Symbolic Solutions

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas that can help people take control over their beliefs and manifest whatever they want into their lives.  Over the last year, I’ve started to produce some unique guided meditations, and I’ve included all of them in the Deluxe version of this package.

The main difference between these guided meditations and others you’ll find elsewhere is that these use mental symbols provided by your own deeper mind to act as catalysts to make sweeping changes involving many different beliefs at the same time.  The net effect is that you can make much more dramatic changes in much less time.

The other major advantage is that you don’t have to spend any time discovering your current beliefs in order to change them.  These meditations are based on the idea that your subconscious mind already knows what beliefs stand in your way, and simply needs to be instructed to change those beliefs on your behalf.

So far, I’ve created guided meditations to help improve your ability to relax, increase your self-esteem and confidence, shift your self-identity towards wealth, help you expand your consciousness for greater awareness, and give you absolute control over your beliefs and the world around you.  I’ve even created one that gives you the experience of taking a 2-week vacation in paradise in a short 15-minute session.

Each of these guided meditations is delivered as 5 or more separate recordings, each with a different background, such as ocean waves, forest sounds, Tibetan bowls, wind chimes, and complete silence.  This last option is great for those who want a completely neutral meditation experience, or want to add their own background.

In addition, I’ve included a set of videos from a workshop where I taught the attendees to use this symbolic process directly, so you can take the key ideas and use it for any purpose you can imagine.  One caveat though—the videos aren’t the highest quality, as the camera often went out of focus.  However, the sound—and the information—is rock-solid.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned above, there are 2 packages here, an essential version and a deluxe version.

In the essential version, you get:

  1. Main “Choose To Believe” book ($17.95 value)
  2. New “28 Days to Effortless Power” book ($14.95 value)
  3. Original 2008 workshop recordings ($49 value)
  4. Updated 2011 workshop recordings ($49 value)

If you were to purchase these items from your local bookstore, they would sell for the values listed above.  As such, the essential package has a real-world value of $130.90.

However, because this is a downloadable package, and electrons cost nothing to deliver, I can offer a lower price.  In this case, I’ll give you both ebooks and both sets of workshop recordings for

just $49! (Essential package)

The deluxe version includes all of the above, plus:

  1. Self-Esteem module from the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System ($97 value)
  2. 7 Symbolic Solutions guided meditations, each with 5 different backgrounds.
  3. 3 hours of workshop video explaining how to use the Symbolic Solutions process for any goal whatsoever.

The last time individual modules from the EmBRACES system were available (December 2011), they were priced at $97 each.  The Symbolic Solutions guided meditations sell for $19 each, although I currently offer a package with them and the workshop videos for $97.

As such, these 3 items by themselves are worth at least $196.   This makes the real-world value of the Deluxe version of this package a full $326.90.  Of course, your price is much lower.  In fact, you can get everything listed on this page for an incredibly low price of:

$97 (Deluxe package)

Click Here to Purchase a Choose To Believe Package Now

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I wouldn’t sell anything I couldn’t back up with a guarantee.  I’ve had so few refund requests over the years that I know that anyone who even tries the material will see results. The only ones who don’t are those who think they already know everything. And those who think they can cheat the system will find karma to be a heavy burden.  So I feel safe offering you my strongest guarantee ever:

If you EVER feel the value of this package has not lived up to your expectations, I will cheerfully refund every penny you’ve spent.  No time limitations whatsoever.  If you come back to me 10 years from now and ask for a refund, I’ll do a quick check to verify your purchase and then process the refund right away.  No questions about what you didn’t like.  No “prove you’ve used the materials” questions.  No questions whatsoever.  (I’ll probably ask what I could have done better, but this is just so I can improve the package, not as a requirement to process a refund.)

Quite simply, there’s nothing for you to lose in giving my materials a try.

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