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No doubt, you’ve spent a good amount of time exploring the wide variety of products available on this website.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are focused on helping you get maximum results with minimum effort.

When I set up a test group to determine the best format in which to deliver the “not so subliminal” suggestions in what became the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System, I found that those who tested the most varieties of formats got better results than those who stuck to their preferred format.

That got me thinking.  Perhaps one of the reasons why I mastered these concepts to a much higher level than most was because I never stopped learning and trying out new ideas.  Maybe the best way I can help others to tap their inner Power and manifest the things they want is to produce a wide variety of systems that all do a similar thing, but in different ways.

And that’s the main reason we have so many different products on this website.  While I’ve received many positive reports from folks using one or another system, the most successful are the ones who have used several of my systems.

Think of it like this.

If all you wanted was to lose a little weight and build a little muscle, you could go to any gym and work out.

But if you had ambitions for going to the Olympics as a competitor and coming home with a gold medal, you’d need to approach it like a full-time job.  You wouldn’t stop with just a few exercises here and there, and you wouldn’t limit yourself to just one training program.

Manifesting is like athletics.  You can get ‘okay’ results with almost any system.  You can get truly professional-level results with any of the systems I’ve produced.  But if you want to become an Olympic-level manifestor, I highly recommend you throw out all the stops and dive in head first with all the training you can accumulate.

And right here, you have an opportunity to dive in with the best manifesting training programs available anywhere.

If you were to purchase everything I currently offer, you’d spend close to $1400, and that’s at the reduced prices, not the full value of each item.

On the other hand, by purchasing a Platinum Membership, you can get access to everything I offer, now and in the future, for a ….

One-time payment of just $795.

Considering that I’m continuing to develop new products,
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Bottom line: the Platinum Membership gives you maximum results for minimum effort AND minimum price.

And although I’m sure my wife will have something to say about it, I’m also going to give you my “standard” LIFETIME money-back guarantee on the ENTIRE collection.  If you EVER feel this massive library of materials wasn’t worth the tiny price you paid, just let me know and I’ll process a quick and complete refund.

I’m not going to twist your arm.  You’ll know if this is for you or not.

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