All members get access to the new community discussion forums, where you can ask questions about any of the courses, talk about any aspect of manifesting and personal development, or just hang out with other like-minded individuals.  I will do my best to answer all questions asked on the forums, and also will encourage others who have studied the materials to help as well.

In addition, members also get access to the guided meditations, hypnosis sessions, and background “not-so-subliminal” recordings listed below.

Clicking on each image below will take you to a page with the associated materials. All recordings may be played directly on the website, so there’s no need to download anything to your computer or device.

All of these system are collections of audio recordings that will either guide you through a process to improve your manifesting ability, or reinforce various beliefs required. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

This package includes 4 guided meditations to help you resonate in harmony with the Divine.

  1. Divine Faith
  2. Divine Love
  3. Divine Power
  4. Divine Wisdom

There are also a series of 4 BWE-enhanced background recordings to help you enter a deep mental state in which prayers are more effective, as well as a set of guided meditations to help you clear and focus your mind.

Also included are a number of recordings from my EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System to help you increase your faith in magic & miracles.

Symbolic Solutions 1.0

This is a collection of 8 guided meditations utilizing NLP techniques to make significant shifts in your deeper subconscious mind.

  1. 15-Minute Vacation
  2. Symbolic Solution for Deep Relaxation
  3. Symbolic Solution for Self-Esteem
  4. Symbolic Solution for Confidence
  5. Symbolic Solution for Wealth Identity (#1)
  6. Symbolic Solution for Wealth Identity (#2)
  7. Symbolic Solution for Absolute Control
  8. Symbolic Solution for Expanded Consciousness

Each guided meditation is provided with a variety of different backgrounds.

Symbolic Solutions 2.0 is a series of 6 hypnotic sessions, which take you deeper into yourself than the guided meditations in the 1.0 package. These sessions include:

  1. Deep Relaxation
  2. Confidence & Trust
  3. Vivid Imagination & Creative Problem Solving
  4. Natural Genius
  5. Power & Accomplishment
  6. Life Mastery

These sessions were intended to train your deeper mind on the skills required for successful manifesting.

This set of hypnotic recordings were the precursor to the Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package. Originally intended to be a single-session, direct replacement of the Awaken the Avatar Within course, the set grew to include several sessions. These sessions include:

  1. Original Recording, with and without a BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) track, and with 5 different backgrounds. 
  2. Updated versions of the original recording, with and without a BWE track.
  3. A short version easier to fit into a busy schedule, both with and without BWE.
  4. A version that may be played while sleeping.  A full version, a version without BWE, and a version without BWE or music.

These sessions were intended to train your deeper mind to respond on command to your conscious mind, thus improving your results when manifesting.

Perhaps the most comprehensive set of recordings ever produced. A collection of 360 recordings divided into 10 modules, each addressing a different area of interest, including:

  1. Beliefs in magic & miracles
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Self-Sufficiency (freedom from depression, anxiety, and dependency)
  4. Self-Confidence
  5. Motivation & Direction
  6. Productivity
  7. Self-Mastery
  8. Relationships
  9. Personal Prosperity
  10. Business Success

Within each module, there are recordings with a female voice, recordings with a male voice, and recordings with both voices. There are also recordings with belief statements phrased as 1st-person (‘I’ statements) and 2nd-person (‘you’ statements). There are recordings with music and BWE tones, and recordings with just BWE tones.

Each module also contains 3 sub-modules, with recordings to help you stay alert and focused, recordings to help you relax, and recordings that may be played while you sleep. This way, you can have positive belief reinforcement going 24/7.

Research has shown that this wide variety prevents the deeper mind from becoming desensitized to the material, and continuous improvement is possible.

Separate from the packages above, and not included in the various memberships, is personal one-on-one coaching. If you would like to get on a phone call or Zoom meeting with me and have me help you on a more personal level, you can sign up for one of my coaching packages, which range from a single session to a full 6-month, 25-session package.

Once I understand what you would like to accomplish and a little about your background (which may be submitted as an email prior to your session), I can propose a custom process to help you get there.  It’s also very possible that I’ll be able to identify exactly what’s holding you back, which is often something you take for granted and haven’t even considered.  The objective with these sessions is to help you get on track, stay on track, and reach your goals much faster than you could on your own.

The value of coaching generally falls into one or more of these categories:

  • I can see things you may have missed
  • I can help you customize my teachings to your unique situation
  • I can suggest a way of working that may not have been described in the teachings (new discoveries)
  • I can lead you through a guided meditation / hypnosis session for a deeper impact
  • I can serve as an accountability partner to motivate you to follow through on a plan of action

Please note that coaching is not intended to be a replacement for the development courses available on this website. Rather, it is intended to be a supplement to them.

Click here to select a coaching package.