First, let me say a big “THANK YOU” 
for choosing to join our community.

The content you’ll find here is the result of many years of work.  Not only the 40-ish years of research and experimentation, but also nearly 20 years of teaching the concepts to folks just like you.  (Yes, many of these years overlap.  I’m not THAT old!  😆  About 40 years in total.  I started when I was 15.)

In time, I plan to make this website about much more than just the content.  My vision for this site is to create a community where members have a chance to learn from each other as much as they learn from me.

For now, here are my recommendations for getting the most from your membership here.

Step 1:  Introduce yourself on the new Community Discussion Forums.  I’ll be hanging out on the forums regularly, so come by and introduce yourself.  The more I know about you, including your background, your values, your preferences, and your goals, the better I can help you reach those goals.  It is also my intention that the discussion forums become a place where all members assist each other, so you’ll get a LOT of help when you need it.  (For those who need help with this, click the “Add topic” button when you get to the page linked above, then with the form that appears, type in a title for your post and your introduction, then click the “Add topic” link below the form when you’re done.  Fairly simple, actually.  The only reason it may sound complicated is because I’m spelling out the detailed steps.  You’d be amazed at how complicated a similar description of standing up would be.)

Step 2:  Start going through the new Divine Dynamics course.  This new course combines the best of everything, and gets you up to speed as quickly as possible.  This starts with a 5-hour video workshop, which I recommend you go through in a single day if possible.  Since this is intended to be a 13-week course (The Quick-Start workshop contains everything you need to know.  Following lessons are just to help you MASTER what you learn in the workshop), you’ll want to get through this as quickly as possible so you have time to go through some of the other great materials in the members’ area.  (Unless you’ve signed up for a Lifetime Membership, in which case you have all the time you’ll ever need to go through everything.)

Step 3:  Choose your next step, based on your past experience and preferences.

Symbolic Solution for Renewal

Many folks have extended themselves to incredible levels, to a point where they feel tired and powerless to do even the simplest things, like go through excellent courses and programs like the ones contained in the members’ area here.

If you’re one of these folks, I have something for you.  It’s a short guided meditation that can help restore you on a deep inner level and give you a sense of starting over again with all of the energy and enthusiasm you felt as a child.

Feel free to use this guided meditation at any time.  Eventually, you’ll master the internal skills involved and you will be able to restore yourself within moments even without the guided session.

Until that time, I’m here to help.

You’ll also find this recording on the Symbolic Solutions 1.0 page.

Other Courses Available (Optional)

One thing to keep in mind is that the various courses in the members’ area are like the equipment at a fitness center.  There’s no reason you have to do all of it.  Just pick and choose the things you think will help you.

If you’ve experienced repeated failures, especially in the area of manifesting, then I recommend you go through the 30 Days to Divine Power course.  This was written specifically to help folks in your position to ease into the principles that work, and to develop a degree of trust and belief necessary to get positive results from your manifesting efforts.  (NOTE: The new Divine Dynamics course eliminates much of the need for this older course, as the new one follows a gentler pathway and bypasses much of the old limited programming many of us picked up along the way.)

If you resonate with the idea of prayer, I would direct you to the Harmonic Prayer course, AFTER the 30 Days to Divine Power course if you need that one.  (Trying to shortcut the process too much is the leading cause of failure in this field.)  This course was written to provide the shortest path to positive results, even for folks who have little experience with manifesting.  To be completely honest, though, this course has been superseded by the new Divine Dynamics course, and the Quick-Start workshop, which I recommend as a starting point for all new members.

If you could be described as a “science nerd” (something that definitely describes me), then you may want to go through the Choose To Believe course, which lays a solid foundation for the primary element in manifesting —the power of belief.  While this course describes a wide variety of tools and techniques for identifying and changing beliefs, I only recommend these for folks who have a resistance to using the techniques described in my other courses.  The main reason for this is because the processes described in this course generally take much more time, and there are faster ways to manifest your desires.

If you’re the type who likes the feeling of getting “hands on”, go through the Awaken the Avatar Within course.  This is for those who want to do everything on a conscious level of mind, without submitting to hypnosis and meditation recordings.  Not as fast, but you can still reach just as far if you’re dedicated enough to stick with it.  There is a short mini-course based on the same ideas, called the 7-Day Kickstart.

And if you’re curious where all this started, you can go through the original Keys to Power – Step by Step course.  This was written in 2003, and represented the best I knew at that time.  Every so often, I read through this and find myself recognizing hints of discoveries I THOUGHT I made after that course was written.  In short, everything is there.  It just may not have been explained as well as the newer courses.

There are other courses available, such as the Changing Lives for Fun & Profit business development course, the Treasure Map to Online Riches mini-course,  the Prosperity From the Inside Out course, and the Keys To Power Persuasion course.  As you can tell, most of these are focused on manifesting prosperity directly, although the last one can be used to manifest relationships as well.

Community Discussion Forums

In late 2021, I set up a collection of community discussion forums.

While they are getting a slow start, it is my intention that these forums grow over time to become a vast resource for all members.

Support Systems

These are guided meditations and hypnosis sessions, created to guide you through various processes to shift internal states, beliefs, and skills to improve your ability to manifest your desires.

The Harmonic Prayer support system was clearly created to go along with the Harmonic Prayer course.  However, the guided meditations in this package may be used by anyone going through any of the courses.  You are free to use any of the recordings at any time.  There is no prescribed sequence to go through.

The Symbolic Solutions 1.0 package is a collection of individual guided meditations, each having a specific purpose.  Feel free to use these in any order at any time to supplement your work with the courses.

The Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package is a little different.  First, the 6 recordings in this package are full-on hypnosis sessions intended to help train your subconscious to activate resourceful states on conscious command.  Secondly, these are intended to be used in sequence, repeating a single recording for multiple days before moving on to the next.  If you want a self-contained all-inclusive support system, this is the one I recommend the most.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

New for 2022!  Symbolic Solutions 2.1 contains a set of brand-new recordings to go with the new Divine Dynamics course.  Most of these are focused on developing manifestation skills, although there will also be some recordings to manifest specific things as well.

And finally, the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System is a set of background audios including a wide variety of belief statements, which may be heard if you sit and listen closely, but act as subliminal recordings when you’re busy with other things.  This system was originally intended to help those who simply did not have time to go through the courses and develop the skills of manifesting positive results.  While many in our test group of 185 folks reported many positive effects (including one person who claimed he didn’t, but later realized he had quit smoking during the test period), the general consensus from users of the program over the years has shown that these recordings have minor effect unless the user is also working consciously to develop their manifesting skills.  It’s here because it does help when used in conjunction with the courses.

Member Points System

In my continuing efforts to assist my members to reach higher levels of achievement, I’ve added a point system to the website as a motivational tool to encourage everyone to continue taking positive action towards mastery of the skills involved in manifesting.

Your Current Points Tally:  0 Points

At the current time, you can earn points by …

  • Signing up for a membership, or continuing with a recurring membership.  (1 point per $ spent)
  • Spending time on the website (1 point for each day you visit)
  • Completing a course (100 points per course completed, limited to 1 per week)
  • Completing a lesson within a course (10 points per lesson, limited to 3 per hour)
  • Completing a sub-lesson, also called a “topic” (10 points per topic, limited to 3 per hour)
  • Passing a quiz (20 points per quiz, limited to 3 per day)
  • Participating in the community discussion forums (various points for different things, including Liking and Disliking posts)

Failing a quiz results in 10 points being deducted from your account, so make sure you know the material before taking a quiz.  Also, you can lose point by making posts in the discussion forums that get negative reactions from other members, so make sure your posts are helpful and friendly.

The limits are in place to dissuade members from rushing through the material.  Take your time and really master the lessons before moving forward.

In time, I will find various ways to cash in your points for other benefits.  Currently, I’m considering offering custom recordings and/or coaching sessions to those who earn the most points in a particular time period, such as “per month”.