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A True Avatar Doesn't Do Affirmations,
Visualization, or any LOA Technique.

A True Avatar Commands the Universe,
and Expects Instant Results.

Think about it.  When have you ever heard of a true Avatar sitting down to repeat a bunch of affirmations?  It doesn't happen.

After being in this field for over 30 years—as a student, an experimenter, and a teacher—I've discovered that true Power depends on 3 things: Belief, willpower, and imagination.

When you have these 3 factors working for you, you can simply imagine what you want, and 'will' it into reality.  Manifesting your desires takes no time whatsoever!

I am currently putting the final touches on a new personal development course called "Awaken the Avatar Within".  This course has been in development for 2 full years, and is nearing completion.

It combines all 3 of the key elements mentioned above, and shows you some fun and easy ways to develop your willpower, increase your belief, and expand your imagination.

Believe it or not, playing video games can help you develop your willpower.  There's also a drop-dead easy way to immediately create a "history of success" that skyrockets your self-confidence.  And there's a very easy way to develop your imagination so what you see inside your mind is just as real as what you see with your physical eyes.

To give you a free sample of what the new course offers, I'm putting together a 7-day kickstart program that covers all of the above. 

This kickstart program takes just 15 minutes for each of 7 days, and walks you through a series of exercises that develop your willpower, belief, and imagination so you can tap into Universal Power and direct it to manifest the things you want in life.

By itself, this 7-day kickstart program will help you get better results from all of your manifestation efforts.  In fact, you COULD use what you get in this program as a complete system for manifesting your desires.  Nothing else is required.

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