Private Sessions with Alan

    Not included in memberships: Get private 1-on-1 access via Zoom to Alan Tutt for coaching, hypnosis sessions, or just to talk about manifesting, personal development, or anything else on your mind.  As a coach, I can help you find sticking point you didn’t see, and as a hypnotist, I can help you get your subconscious mind on board to work WITH your conscious mind to make your dreams a reality.  Multi-session packages available.

    Custom Hypnosis Recording

    Not included in memberships. Looking for a special recording that doesn’t yet exist?  Let me create one for you!  You may ask for a special type of induction, specific visualizations to include, unique words and phrases that have special meaning for you, and even custom instructions for your subconscious mind to follow.  You can even ask for your custom recording to leave off the exit portion so you can drift directly into sleep, and optionally have a multi-hour (your choice of time) recording with a custom wake-up process at the end. Place your order, then contact me with your request details.