Custom Hypnosis Recording

Looking for something special, not currently available in the product list?

While I have planned over 100 new hypnotic recordings to be created over the next year, I understand that it’s not convenient to just wait for the recording you want to be created when I get to it.  I also understand that some folks may want something I haven’t thought of and may not think to create.

For both of these reasons, I’d like to offer you the option to request a custom recording made just for you.

After you place your order, just let me know what you’d like in your custom recording, including any and all details you care to specify, and I’ll put this at the top of my ToDo list.

You may ask for a special type of induction, specific visualizations to include, unique words and phrases that have special meaning for you, and even custom instructions for your subconscious mind to follow.  You can also ask for your custom recording to leave off the exit portion so you can drift directly into sleep, and optionally have a multi-hour (your choice of time) recording with a custom wake-up process at the end.

At this point, there’s no limit to what you may request, although we have to be realistic and recognize that there are some things that I may not be able to do, such as hire your favorite singer or celebrity to do the voice over for the recording.

While my normal 1-on-1 session fees are $200, I am pricing these custom recordings at only $100, even though it will take more of my time than a 1-to-1 session.  This is because I can take the basic idea of your session and create a more generic form to sell on the website, so the work I do for your session can be reused for the general public.

If all this sounds good to you, I’m happy to create your custom recording.

Oh, one last thing.  Because creating a custom recording does take my personal time, no refunds are available.  If the first recording doesn’t meet your needs, I’ll create a second modified version if necessary.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.