Mastering Manifestation Once and For All

We’ve all experienced manifestation on one level or another, yet most of us feel it is unpredictable and maybe even a little fickle, choosing to work or not work according to a mysterious set of conditions.

In this workshop, manifestation expert Alan Tutt explains how manifesting works, what you need to do to get consistent results you can be proud of, and then leads you through a series of guided experiences that will activate your innate ability to manifest your visions into reality, consistently and reliably.

By the end, you’ll be a true master manifestor, living a life of ease with an abundance of all good things.

This workshop was presented over 4 days for the 2024 Great Lakes Retreat at Glen Oaks College in Centreville, MI.

Session 1: Leaving Limitation Behind.  In this session, we go over the foundations of manifesting and how limiting beliefs can hinder your manifesting results.  Alan and students all share stories of successful manifesting experiences, helping everyone increase their belief in the use of manifesting.  There is also a guided session where Alan leads everyone through a process that will allow you to release and let go of all the negative limitations of the past.

Session 2: Opening to Divine Power.  In this session, we expand our understanding of manifesting and why it works, leading to the highlight of the session, a guided experience where everyone can connect more deeply with the Divine aspect of your true nature.

Session 3: Becoming a Co-Creator.  This session explores the many ways we can customize the manifestation process to more completely resonate with our true natures.  Using this information, you’ll finally understand WHY there are so many different techniques for manifesting, and how to pick the right one for you.  This session also includes a guided experience where you get to play with the ideas and let your deeper wisdom show you the perfect manifestation technique for you.

Session 4: Manifesting as a Way of Life.  Now that you know how to manifest your desires, and have ready access to the Divine Power to make them a reality, what’s the best way to go about manifesting anything and everything you want?  As Alan explains, it’s probably not a great idea to try to do it all at once, unless you find the secret pattern behind it all.  The guided session here helps you manifest a life of abundant joy and blessings, and caps it all off with a special graduation ceremony as you are certified as a Master Manifestor.

Total running time of the videos is 7.5 hours.

As usual, this product comes with a full lifetime money-back guarantee.  If you EVER feel it wasn’t worth the small price paid, just let me know and I’ll refund the full amount.


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