Open the gates to your inner POWER and get ready to RIDE!

Finally! A sure-fire, step by step approach
that guarantees that ANYONE can successfully use
the Unlimited Quantum Power within them
and live a life of fun and excitement!


Greetings my dear Truth Seeker,

As you look upon your life now, would you describe it as a fun and exciting “day at the park”, or is it a lot of hard work?  Do you tend to reach your goals easily, or do they seem to stay just out of reach, close enough to smell them, but never close enough to touch?  Can you count on getting the things you want, or are you constantly in a state of frustration?

Would you like to know how to reach your goals and live the “good life” without having to spend a lot of time slaving away and/or giving up the things you want?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have the life you want magically appear out of thin air?  Well, it may not be quite that easy, but it can be a lot easier than you might think!

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about something called “The Law of Attraction” and what it can do for you.  They tell you that you can attract money, relationships, good health, happiness, and peace of mind, all without the massively hard work that is usually required to create these things.  Yet the methods they teach only work for about 10% of those who use them.  Affirmations, visualizations, treasure maps, praying, and “wishing” work for some people, but not for everyone.

The problem is that the REAL ‘secrets’ to using Universal Power are not easily found.  Those who are teaching the common methods have not researched the field in enough depth to really KNOW what works.  Their methods depend on factors they don’t fully understand themselves and certainly can’t teach to others.  It’s not really their fault, they may very well be in the 10% of the population that are able to get such techniques to work.  Also, it takes a LOT of time and energy to uncover the truth.

I have been involved in this field for over 25 years and have studied with the best.  Yet I didn’t stop there and continued the research using scientific methods and extensive experimentation, both in my own life and in the lives of those close to me.  After 15 years of study and research, I began teaching others what I had learned to verify whether it worked for anyone and used honest feedback to further improve and refine the system.

In January of 2003, I decided it was time to release the Keys To Power system to the world and started my first website (  Since that time, over 1500 people have purchased my first book, the Keys To Power – Step by Stepcourse.  With a 97% satisfaction rate, it’s safe to assume that my methods work for practically ANYONE.

Thank you very much this is incredibly excellent materials and very powerful stuff. I think you deserve the Pulitzer award for this. I am very excited on your upcoming materials, thanks again. Your friend Alex
Dear Mr Tutt
I am got and still getting many benefits from your system.Some of it are detailed below:
1.Things I am looking for appear easily ( yes, I have to pay for it).For example I was looking for a book for some time and suddenly I found it in a most unlikely place.It was lying in a railway platform book store that to in a section which I do not usually look at.
2.The power release method is very useful to me.In business discussion whenever I feel that(my own awareness about my feeling has gone up) I am angry I apply the release.Now my discussions are much more meaningful.
3.In business negotiations now I come up with many alternetives which has rewarded me handsomely.
4.In fact I am using this system whenever I embark on any significant job like important report preparation, giving performance feed back to people etc.thanks
The Keys to Power course has been impacting from the very start. I have found the information to be simple, yet profound and written in a format that enables me to integrate the information a step at a time. Although most of the information is not new to me it is a very comprehensive course and easily meshes with my personal spiritual beliefs. I am always looking for ways to grow in my spiritual connection with the God Source and this course is a definite plus in assisting me on my path of awakening and enlightenment. Thanks for your initiative in investigating and compiling this inspiring work in one place. Many blessings to you Alan for your efforts in expanding consciousness and helping others to find there way.
Gary Morris

Your e-book The Keys to Power has helped me grow as a human being in numerous ways:

1. Spiritually, emotionally and positively,
2. Goals and visions have become clearer,
3. Things that use to upset me no longer do,
4. Manifested many positive things into my life, like people, places and material things that I’ve wanted for a long time but never received before.

Your Affirmative Prayers have helped me to overcome many hurdles that I have been experiencing to the point that I no longer react or respond negatively to people nor accept emotionally their negativity.  Additionally, I no longer take medication for my depression; instead I am working with the Power of G-d, that has made me understand this disease better without the aide of medicines, therapies etc. Just one great shot in the arm and a giant wake up call to better myself.

All has hoped me very much and I’ll continue to do the lessons and see what else this wonderful book can do for me and others (I say this because as I change the reactions of others have been positive feedback, circumstances and etc).

So thank you very much for writing this wonderful and precious book and any updates that my follow!

I purchased your Keys to Power e-book about 2 weeks ago and I must say I am very impressed with how you word things very clear and concise.  I am in the process of reading it and trying to do the exercises each night.  There is a lot of great information in the book which makes for good reading.  Also, thank you for the FREE tidbits of information that you have been sending frequently.

Best regards.

~ ~ Too many testimonials on file to include here. ~ ~

A World Of New Possibilities

Those who have studied the field of “Human Potential” understand that we have practically unlimited possibilities before us.  Scientific researchers have been hard pressed to find where we leave off and God begins.  Thousands of years worth of mystical and religious texts have promised that we are capable of performing miracles, to the point of being able to change physical reality with a mere word.

In fact, even in today’s modern scientific literature, the possibilities presented are tremendous!  Theories such as a holographic universe, a zero-point field,  and quantum realities suggest that the world we live in can be manipulated more freely than we once thought.  Science is finally starting to realize that things like ESP, clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, distant viewing, and even materializations are very real and do in fact happen daily.

And yet miracles such as abundant prosperity, harmonious relationships, peace of mind, emotional stability, or even improved health and vitality are much more readily attained by anyone willing to apply simple principles.

What will you do FIRST when you discover just
how easily these ‘miracles’ can be performed?

Core Principles

In all honesty, the basic principles behind the Power of Miracles are not secret.  Actually, they have been freely given to anyone who will listen.  The problem is that we have a tendency to disregard them because we don’t believe that it could be that simple.

The bottom line is that reality reflects your beliefs.  In the words of an old sage, “According to your faith is it done unto you.”

Notice that the sage didn’t say “According to the sum total of your thoughts”, but “According to your faith”.  It doesn’t matter how many times you sit and think about the things you want, if you don’t believe that you’ll get them, you won’t.  If you have very strong faith, you can change your world with a single decision to do so.

But there again, it’s not as simple as all that, as anyone who has firmly believed in one thing to see something else take place will tell you.  There are more factors to take into consideration, which are covered in depth in the KTP Mastery System.  Factors such as focus, emotional control, and a strong connection to the Source of Universal Power.

In general, however, what you believe will tend to create your life.

The question that most of us find ourselves asking is:

“How do I change what I believe?”

Affirmations, visualizations, treasure maps, and so on are tools that have been taught as a means of changing beliefs.  According to those who teach these methods, as long as you persist in repeating the process over and over again, your beliefs will eventually change and produce results.  That’s all fine and dandy, except that the methods only work about 10% of the time.  And even those who are able to get them to work spend hours and hours repeating the process over and over again to see results.

Why spend hours and hours “thinking” about what
you want when you can simply

Let me share a small sampling of what I’ve learned with you right now.  You’ve read this far, so you deserve to get something for free.  You see, the reason the above methods only work 10% of the time is because you have to believe in the process itself.

If you don’t believe that repeating affirmations will make any change in the world around you, then doing millions of affirmations will do nothing for you.

If you believe that visualization is a waste of time and has no connection to physical reality, nothing will change.

If you believe that you always get the opposite of what you want, doing any of the above techniques could very well backfire on you.

Thoughts will NOT change reality
unless YOU BELIEVE they will.

You have to believe in the techniques themselves in order for them to produce results.

So once again, we are faced with the question, “How do I change what I believe?”

A Process of Training

You have to learn how to walk before you can run.  And you have to learn how to stand before you can walk.  In all of life, there is a progression of skills, one supporting the next.  When it comes to learning how to change beliefs, we have to walk before we can run.

Beliefs are a sort of “automated thought process” that goes on subconsciously for most people.  In order to gain control over our beliefs, we have to gain control over our minds first.  We have to activate dormant areas of our mind, increase our mental capacity, and expand our consciousness  to the point where our minds respond to conscious choice.

Traditionally, this has been done through a very long process of meditation, or through a combination of fasting, celibacy, silence, meditation, prayer, and even pain.

Through my research, I was able to find a shortcut around the typical training process and discovered specific mental exercises that can be done anywhere by anyone and will produce the same result as the traditional approach.

The Keys To Power – Step by Step course

The Keys To Power – Step by Step course is a complete self-development course that starts off training your mind in a way that gives you direct control over your inner processes.  These training lessons work with perception, creativity, memory, and more to activate all areas of your mind.  From here, we move into working with beliefs and show you how to find out what you really believe deep down under the surface.  From here, we work on developing a system of workable beliefs that will help you attain your goals and create the life you desire.

Each lesson in the Keys To Power – Step by Step course builds upon previous lessons, with each component of the system working together with the other components to create a synergy-effect, which creates results that are completely out of proportion to the effort used.

The Keys To Power – Step by Step course is the only workable, proven system that will teach you how to gain access to Universal Power directly, and without giving up anything you value. You will not need to buy or make any strange outfits, ‘tools of power’, or sacred space. With the Keys To Power – Step by Step course, you will learn how to use Universal Power anywhere, any time, and for any purpose.

Here are the 5 Miracle Steps that you will take using the Keys To Power – Step by Step course:

Step 1: Preparation Keys – Mental Development
Learn how to increase your powers of concentration, perception, creativity,
memory, and more! Make everything you do more effective!

Step 2: Foundation Keys – Belief Systems
Learn how to find out what you really believe, and change it for Power!
This is critical – and left out of most other systems!

Step 3: Power Keys – Tapping Your Inner Power
Learn the simple steps to gain access to Universal Power!

Step 4: Control Keys – First Step To Using Power
Learn how to safely control Universal Power to perform at your command!
Your safety is important to me.

Step 5: Working Keys – Putting Power To Work
A complete collection of techniques to use in any situation!

Keys To Power: The Power of Intention Audio Program

There’s no reason you have to wait until you’re fully trained to use Universal Power before getting started improving your life.  With this audio program, you can start producing miracles in your life immediately!

In this 33 minute recording, I explain:

  • what Power is
  • the best way to think about Power in order to get results
  • how the Power of Intention compares to the Power of Belief
  • the key factors that make the Power of Intention work
  • how you can improve your ability to tap into the Power of Miracles
  • the exact process that directs Power to manifest your desires

I also guide you through a couple of exercises from the Step by Step course that train your mind and your spirit to tap into Power and then to direct that Power towards what you want to happen in your life.

Just by listening to this recording, you will find yourself automatically tapping into Universal Power and directing it towards manifesting a desired new reality.

Awaken Your Power Audio Program

This isn’t like any other ‘guided meditation’ recording that you may have experienced.  This recording uses several components to literally SHIFT you into a state where manifesting the things you want in life becomes EASY!

First, we tap into the essence of connection, which is felt as LOVE.  By evoking a powerful feeling of love, we automatically open our connection to the Infinite Power of the Universe.  And with a specially designed process, we amplify the Power of Love to create dramatic internal changes.

Second, the words in this recording use the science of conversational hypnosis to naturally implant the required suggestions into your inner mind so the connection with Universal Power is accepted, welcomed, and embraced.  Furthermore, the suggestions embedded within the recording will allow you to feel completely comfortable with the idea of taking ‘ownership’ of this Power and using it to get the things you want in life.  Without this feeling of ‘ownership’, many people subconsciously sabatoge their efforts to attract the things they want.

And lastly, the words and suggestions are powerfully supported with specially composed music.  (Composed, recorded, and copyrighted by Linda Missad.)

Together, the combined effect is truly remarkable!  In fact, I guarantee you will feel the effects immediately, even after your very first listening!

Sharpen Your Focus Audio Program

Everyone knows that a sharp knife cuts easier than a dull blade.  This is because the energy behind the knife is focused along a much thinner line, creating a very intense pressure that separates the fat from the meat quickly.  Abraham Lincoln is quoted to have said “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 4 hours sharpening the axe.”  He knew that you could get more done in less time by preparing your tools properly.

The most important tool you have is your mind.  In order to get the most out of life, you need to prepare your mind properly.  Schools are supposed to help us do that, but with the many different students they have to work with, they can only do so much.  Besides, they’re only required to get us up to a minimal standard, not to the highest possible degree of skill.  If you want to be the best, or just better than you have been, you have to take over your own development and polish your skills to the hilt.

The benefits of clear, sharp focus are many, and most of us are aware of some of them, like being able to:

  • be on top of things around you.  Always know what’s happening.
  • accomplish more in less time –  cut 2-3 hours off a typical 8 hour workday.
  • prevent others from taking advantage of you by being able to  catch them in their lies.
  • quickly size up opportunities and instantly know the details that are important.
  • discover hidden relationships and patterns amidst the many details.
  • develop greatly increased self-confidence, leading to  enhanced persuasiveness and social acceptance.

but do you also know that by developing your ability to focus, you can also

  • activate dormant areas of your mind.
  • increase your IQ , intelligence, and memory.
  • experience  greater peace of mind as the noise in your head diminishes.
  • think quicker – actually speed up your thinking process.
  • open up new levels of perception  (ESP).
  • tap into the Power of the Universe at a very deep and powerful level.
  • direct Spiritual Power to  attract and manifest desired experiences.

Developing mental abilities is much like developing physical abilities.  You have to practice with great intensity.  In order to build muscles, you have to lift heavy weights.  In order to run fast, you have to run as fast as you can long enough so your body adapts and grows into the new demands.

To develop your ability to focus, you have to focus your mind so intensely and for so long that your mind is literally FORCED to adapt to the new demands.  The “Sharpen Your Focus” audio program is designed to help you do exactly this.

As mentioned above, there are many more benefits to having laser-like focus than simply being able to keep track of the many tiny details that swarm around you on a daily basis.  As you continue to develop your ability to focus, you’ll find yourself becoming more confident and self-assured.  You’ll start to realize that you have an advantage over those who miss the little things and just skim through life.  You’ll see opportunities that others can’t.  And this new-found self-confidence natually leads to greater social acceptance and persuasiveness.

By working with this audio program, you’ll find that your increased mental capacity also includes being able to think quicker.  The resistance inside your head disappears and your thoughts move smoothly through your mind, resulting in increased intelligence, IQ, and memory.  You’ll find that you work more efficiently, getting done in 5 hours what used to take 7 or 8.  You can use the extra time for leisure activities, or maybe you want to use it to get ahead in life.  Now you have a choice.

Keys To Power Prosperity

Prosperity is about more than just being in the right business. We all know people who are in the same businesses as rich people, but aren’t getting much for their efforts. For every successful inventor, there are thousands more trying to get their inventions noticed. For every mega-successful author, there are tens of thousands of starving writers banging out words daily and never breaking into the big time. And for every real-estate tycoon, there are thousands of would-be investors being buried by their properties. No, it’s not about what business you’re in that counts.

Prosperity is about more than simply having the right attitude. How often have you listened to a motivational speaker say “It’s your attitude that determines your altitude”? If that were the case, then all you’d have to do is to think positively (they all stress Positive Mental Attitudes, right?) and you’ll attract lots of money. But you and I both know that’s not the case.

Prosperity is about more than being in the right place at the right time. If it were simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time, then it stands to reason that everyone would have an equal shot at making the big score. But wealthy people consistently score big, over and over again. Obviously, they know something that you don’t.

There are actually a number of secrets that go into true Power Prosperity. Secrets such as:

  • The secret Beliefs about Prosperity that automatically put you in the money!
  • How to bypass the years of negative programming your life has created.
  • Tapping into your inner mind to make everything you do 10 times more effective!
  • Power Affirmations that will magnetize your mind to attract unlimited prosperity.
  • A special technique that automatically attracts Prosperity to you.
  • How you can build unshakable self-confidence and courage.
  • Power Persuasion – How to get others to do whatever you ask them to do!

As you can see, rich people focus on far more than simple business mechanics or positive thinking. In a very real sense, rich people know how to command invisible forces to manifest prosperity at every turn. Keep reading and soon you’ll learn how to do this too. And when you do, watch out world!

Although it seems that rich people do very little, they are actually working far more efficiently than anyone else. It’s like the movements of a martial arts master. Quick, to the point, and very effective. Prosperous people never make the mistake of doing something that will have to be done over again, unless there is some other benefit to doing it. Wealthy people know which tasks to do now, and which ones to put off or delegate to others.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn from this exciting new book:

* – The 164 beliefs that automatically attract prosperity to you.

* – Why you’re worth as much as you care to claim.

* – How to build unshakable self-confidence.

* – The mechanics of faith, and how to use it to get anything you want!

* – 5 amazingly simple ways to trick your mind into attracting wealth.

* – How to create your own subliminal recordings to program your new prosperity beliefs into your inner mind.

* – How to use creative daydreaming for prosperous results.

* – How to put the creativity into your creative daydreaming.

* – The Keys To Power Persuasion, and how to get anyone to do whatever you want!

* – How to discover your personal pathway to prosperity. There are a million ways to make a million dollars. What’s your way?

* – How to get rich in a business you know nothing about! This is a HUGE secret that rich people almost never share.

* – The Immutable Laws of Prosperity – Helpful hints to assure that you’re working smarter.


Get the Whole Keys To Power Mastery System Today!

All of the above 5 products have been collected together to form the KTP Mastery System.  Each one is valuable in itself, and yet as a system, they are worth much more.  As a system, they support and reinforce each other to give you maximum results.

When you receive your package, you may look at the sheer volume of material and wonder, “Where do I start?”  Here’s my recommendation:

Start with the KTP: Power of Intention audio program first.  This one will give you a very quick overview of the Keys To Power system.  It will also give you specific things that you can do immediately that will produce results for you right away.

After you listen to the KTP: Power of Intention audio program, follow up by listening to the other 2 audio programs — first the Sharpen Your Focus audio program, and then the Awaken Your Power audio program.  You don’t have to listen to all of these at once.  In fact, you’ll get more out of them by separating them out and giving yourself at least an hour or even a day between audio programs.  The last 2 audio programs will lead you through the 2 most important exercises of the Keys To Power system.  By doing these, your mind becomes clearer, sharper, more in tune with the Power of the Universe.

After the audio programs, the next thing you’ll want to do is read the Keys To Power Prosperity ebook.  Of course, you can start here, but I recommend you at least listen to the KTP: Power of Intention audio program first.  With the Keys To Power Prosperity ebook, you’ll get a simple description of the principles behind the Keys To Power system and a good example of how to apply them to a specific purpose – in this case, attracting abundant prosperity.

Finally, and last on the list, I recommend you study the Keys To Power – Step by Step course.  The reason I recommend this last is because it is the most detailed and will take the longest to go through.  While you are studying this course, you can be using the techniques and principles of the other products to produce results, and your work with the Step by Step course will improve those results over time.


Click Here to Purchase the Keys to Power Mastery System Now

What is this worth to you?

Okay, as you expect, this is the time where we get down to brass tacks.  It’s time to make a decision to either grab the bull by the horns and order a copy of the KTP Mastery System for yourself, or pass it by and keep on living life the way you have been living up to this point.  So let me ask you, how badly do you want life to change?

How much have you spent over the last year on your personal development?  How much over the past 10 years?  And how different is your life now than it was before all that?  What if you KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the thing that will absolutely do it for you?  So far, over 1000 people have benefited from the materials in this package, and that many people can’t be wrong, can they?.

At one time, the Keys To Power – Step by Step course was sold for $49, just by itself.  A few years ago, I adjusted the price to $34.95 to give more people an opportunity to empower themselves.

The new 2nd Edition of this powerful development course is one I would be completely comfortable charging $97 for, and plan to do exactly that once I’ve finished a few other tasks I have on my ToDo list.

The Keys To Power Prosperity ebook has sold hundreds of copies at $29, and was available separately for $19.95 before it was added to this package.

The KTP: Power of Intention audio program sold for about $20, and the other 2 audio programs went for $15 each.

Even though the “real world” value of these products (as measured in real benefits and personal gains) is well over $10,000 (or at least could be if you use the materials), let’s use comparison figures instead.

  $34.95  Keys To Power – Step by Step course (Original)
+$97.00  Keys To Power – Step by Step course (2nd Edition)
+$19.95   Keys To Power Prosperity ebook
+$19.95   KTP: Power of Intention audio program
+$15.00  Awaken Your Power audio program
+$15.00  Sharpen Your Focus audio program
$201.85 This is a solid measure of value

But you know that as a package, the price is going to be lower, right.  That’s why, if you get this package today, you’ll ….

Get “instant access” downloads of ALL THIS for just $97!

That’s because downloads cost me nothing to deliver, and none of my time is required to get these materials to you.

Click Here to Purchase the Keys to Power Mastery System Now

Deluxe Package

Everything above is contained the the Essential Package.  If you want to take this even further, I have put together a Deluxe Package which will help you see results a whole lot faster.

The Deluxe Package contains everything listed above, and adds the following:

Magic & Miracles Module from the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System

The technology contained in my most expensive product, the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System, is the absolute BEST way to change what you believe to support your desired objectives.  For this new Deluxe Package of the Keys To Power Mastery System, I’m giving you the COMPLETE Magic & Miracles module.

You get all 3 ‘modes’ of recordings, Relaxation, Focus, and Sleep, containing 36 MP3 recordings to align your belief system to accept the reality of magic & miracles in your life.  As explained above, this is the first and most important step to attaining mastery over Universal Power.

When individual modules were available on this site, they sold for $97 each.

BWE Meditation Package

In addition, the Deluxe Package also includes 10 special BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) recordings to help you stay centered and in control during your meditation periods.  Contained in these 10 BWE sessions are 4 types of alpha meditations, using binaural, monaural, isochronic, and “Harmonic Box X” entrainment types.  You also get 3 types of theta sessions, and 2 sessions which mix theta and gamma modes for an intense “relaxed focus” experience.

When you use these recordings during your meditation periods, you’ll find that you’re more at ease with yourself, a lot more focused, and able to tap into a deeper level of reality.  In short, you’ll find that you can work with more Power, and get stronger results.

Higher Mind Functions BWE Package

Because controlling Universal Power depends on an increased use of your mental faculties, the Deluxe Package also includes 5 high-power BWE sessions designed to stimulate the dormant aspects of your brain.

I can tell you from personal experience, these sessions will give your brain a “tune up” which makes the thinking process go a LOT faster.  And what’s really amazing is the the effects can be felt MONTHS later!  Again, this helps you in so many ways, including your ability to work with Universal Power.

Complete BWE Collection

Actually, I’m feeling generous, so I’m going to include the full BWE Collection, which includes additional packages to increase your creativity and memory, improve your athletic performance, get better sleep, speed up healing and recovery, and help you reduce anxiety and depression.

Awaken the Avatar Within

In 2016, I created a new type of audio program that featured deep hypnosis to help the listener reach the deepest levels within to awaken the Divine Mind, or what some call the Avatar Within.  Very quickly, after using it myself, I found myself being led to create a series of recordings to replace the original, and the result was a new package called Awaken the Avatar Within.

This set of 9 hypnotic recordings has been responsible for helping more people perform miracles in their lives than practically anything else I’ve ever created, including the Keys To Power Mastery System described above.

The beautiful thing here is that these 2 packages complement each other perfectly.  The Keys To Power material described above gives you a solid foundation on which to build with the Awaken the Avatar Within recordings.

You can read all about these new recordings through THIS LINK HERE.

The important thing for you to understand is that the deeper you go within yourself, the closer you are to the Dvine Mind within, and the easier it is to perform miracles.  These new recordings help you do exactly that.

The full Awaken the Avatar Within package is priced at $197, yet if you get the Deluxe Keys To Power package today, I’ll give you the 9 main recordings of that package with everything described above for just $197.  It’s like getting one of these products for free!

Click Here to Purchase the Keys to Power Mastery System Now

Quick Review

The Essential Keys To Power Mastery System Package contains:

  1. Keys To Power – Step by Step course (Original)
  2. Keys To Power – Step by Step course (2nd Edition)
  3. Keys To Power Prosperity ebook
  4. KTP: Power of Intention audio program
  5. Awaken Your Power audio program
  6. Sharpen Your Focus audio program

Quite honestly, I can’t put a true value on any of these, since I firmly believe the wisdom contained within is priceless.  Suffice it to say that you’re getting a LOT MORE value than represented by the tiny $97 price tag.

The Deluxe Package contains the above and adds:

  1. Magic & Miracles module from the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System ($97 value)
  2. Complete BWE Collection ($97 value)
  3. The 9 key hypnotic recordings from the Awaken the Avatar Within program ($197 value)

These additions take much of the work out of using the Keys To Power Mastery System, giving you much more control over the world (and people) around you, and require a minimal increase in your investment.

Click Here to Purchase the Keys to Power Mastery System Now

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I wouldn’t sell anything I couldn’t back up with a guarantee.  I’ve had so few refund requests over the years that I know that anyone who even tries the material will see results. The only ones who don’t are those who think they already know everything. And those who think they can cheat the system will find karma to be a heavy burden.  So I can feel safe in offering you my strongest guarantee ever:

If you EVER feel the value of this package has not lived up to your expectations, I will cheerfully refund every penny you’ve spent.  No time limitations whatsoever.  If you come back to me 10 years from now and ask for a refund, I’ll do a quick check to verify your purchase and then process the refund right away.  No questions about what you didn’t like.  No “prove you’ve used the materials” questions.  No questions whatsoever.  (I’ll probably ask what I could have done better, but this is just so I can improve the package, not as a requirement to process a refund.)

Quite simply, there’s nothing for you to lose in giving my materials a try.

Click Here to Purchase the Keys to Power Mastery System Now